Zepuros strikes and falls down more and more, along with a scream of creeping.

Zepuros is so long that he carried all the damage of Golden Dalai by himself.

The women who were obsessed were no-damage, but too stiff to shocking visuals.

That's not just the girls in the sandy seat.

The 1,000 people in the arena and the hundreds of thousands who watched the broadcast on Gorgeous Smart were solidified.

Except for three, the girls.

"Ha, ha, ha! I just saw it!? You look like you drank tomato juice and tabasco by mistake!

"That was a reaction when I took the poison."

"When I was getting ready to leave this morning, I remembered the trunk I left on the tans falling over my head ~!"

And behind the scenes was noisy.

A temporary exit from the stage, Djangian Bali, stuffs the staff.

"Hey, hey, hey! What the hell is this? For Master Zepuros, the Judgment Trap wasn't supposed to be activated!? Even if you had a wild dog supporter, you were supposed to end up underdeveloped by saying that the goddess of luck was on your side or something!?

"Ha, ha! To Master Zepuros, I didn't set the trap itself in the first place to prevent it from accidentally activating......!? After the final check, only that someone set the trap......!

"I don't care about that now! Cut the transmission faster than that! What, I can't!? What the hell!?

"Propaganda magic is a technology in development, so we don't have the formula yet to interrupt it! We have to wait for the magic to expire......!

"Then we should just temporarily shut off the magic supply with 'Anti-Magic'!?

"You can't do that right away either! It's for military use, so regular anti-magic won't work! We need to bring in a high-ranking operator...!

"Ngah!? Now, switch the footage to Wild Dog (Teleco) and make Master Zepuros smaller! Better than the wild dog justice that's going to be handed down, you'll manage to delude yourself!

"Well...... then you can do it right away!

"Well, let's do it!

After a quick meeting, Djangian Bali flies out to the stage again.

"Sa... Sa! Next time, the judgment on wild dogs. Ahhhhh! Sa, with three endorsements, Kim Dalai means that if it's more than 1,000 endorsements, it's going to be outrageous. Ahhh!

At the same time as his incitement, the footage of Zepuros whirling around turns into a wipe.

Wild dog side shown to a large extent instead.


"I can't believe it's a judgment, hey, hey, hey!

Screaming, there's a reincarnation that brings and rushes...!

As Osama turned his back to be played, he shouted at the approaching Grand Virgin.

"You can't, Mother! Don't move...!

At that moment, the Grand Virgin had seen it.

I always stuck my hands up and tried to stop him from making contact......

I thought I'd open my arms to this and give you a moment to try to welcome me in...!

"Gol...... dhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

She had never cried since she was carefree.

Because I had sworn from one time to another that I would never stop smiling.

So Liglas, her mother, was laughing with a troubled face, even when she was alone with herself.

... maybe that's why nobody noticed.

Even if the grains born from her deep-sea eyes are still scattered...

No one would have thought it was just a pearl accessory detached from the garment.

Tears didn't suit her so well by then, and by then those tears were beautiful...!

At the same time as accepting her with her chest, the wild dog's body sinks into her by pressure from directly above.

...... Zzz!! Dowwwwwwwwwwww!!!

At the moment of impact, from the foot of the wearer, the sand smoke rose violently.


A scream like the hedge of enemies and allies has been removed sweeps the world.

Beyond the dust, which is about to rise, there is a silhouette that cannot be slightly moved.

"Ohh... uncle... gold-kun!?

"Gordo, what a big deal!?

"Hey, Gordo!?

"Oh, Gordo......!?

What the fellows who rushed over saw, it...!

With one arm over his head, take the fallen statue of Zepuros...!

With his other arm, he was a great wild dog, holding and defending the Grand Virgin firmly...!

The way it looks, like a dragon lamp ghost that lights up front of Buddha, Rin...!

So magnificent that even the stomping of the Four Heavens seems to bounce back...!

With so much protection, even if the iron mass poured down, you wouldn't even be able to wear one scratch......!

Mother was at first to the joy of being embraced, but eventually when she raised her face, she breathed so much that her heart seemed to stop.

Because there was so much pressure on my beloved's head that it wasn't weird when she was squashed.

"Ooh, Gold......!? It's okay!? Whatever you want! Keep what you want!

"I'm nothing, so I don't need healing. Is Mother better off than that?

"Ugh, ugh! Oh, I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Gordo! My mom just popped up and this is what...!

"I don't care. Now unload the stone statue, so stay away"

Normally, even if they say so, she was as inseparable as a suction cup attached, but all at this time, she obeys very manly.

Gordo leaned slightly on the arm he was supporting when he made sure his people were away to a safe place,

...... Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

Turn the statue upside down on the ground where no one else is.

On the screen, the capitalized statue of the brave reflected a moment of shattering and scattering.

And in that corner......

"Ngu!? Ngu!? Fugu!? Guuuuuuuuuuuuu!?!?

Groaning and crawling, I pick up the incisors that fell to the ground, the figure of the biological brave......

Everywhere was small, it was there.