Brave men and wild dogs, stood in two parties, walls depicted by Rich the Immortal King.

Speaking out of the blue, it used an audience packed outside the Land of the Immortal King, and judged them both by their number of endorsements.

And he sent the golden golden Dalai to the brave men, and the stone statues of the wild dogs, twice their length, down upon their heads.

Zepuros gangimalized by Tarai in his brain.

A different type of star popped up than the usual wink, and he groaned at that first severe pain.


And next, I care what happened to my face.

But I couldn't check with the public.

Because he used to do this all the time.

"What? If it's that beautiful, I wonder if I can see it in the mirror? No, I've never seen it from myself, even if it happens in the mirror. Beautiful people don't always have to do it. Think about it, have you ever seen the sun or the moon care about mirrors?

So he used the rolling docile to check his face with a hand mirror that was planted in the armored cage (gauntlet).

There, you bleed yourself out of your mouth like you had a terrible tooth abscess.

I was taken with my front teeth and lost my teeth like a missing one...!

The 'beauty', which was always provided as a matter of course, had no fine dust there either.

To my first humiliation, brave man moaning even harder.

"Ngu!? Ngu!? Fugu!? Guuuuuuuuuuuuu!?!?

As he crawls, he gathers his incisors, flying somewhere, to death and madness, and tries to get back to normal.

That's in hindsight, and although it was the big picture that was avoided......

I'm all over Halbury, and it reached his fans without a scratch.

Instead, the wild dog, who was in a big picture, took the stone statue alone, which would be many times heavier than Golden Dalai...

He held the Grand Virgin in his chest firmly guarded him.

That's like a scene in a movie where a hero has defended his heroine.

The audience's Chick Three Musketeers are thrilled.

And just start calling on the fans of Brave Side.

"Yay! Yay, yay, yay, yay! Sasu Gol...... Do-kun! Everybody saw it!? I'm Gold, the mascot character of the Knights of Wow! You're not the same brave man as a rat!

"If you're coming this way, it's ours now. A fan is an age type. The longer the history, the better. If you want your palm back, please hurry."

"Mi, come with me and support Gordo over here!"

But this solicitation ends unanswered.

Because Zepuros, who rose back to normal, did this.

"Ladies, are you okay? Avoiding Tarai was never a creation, but this Zepuros took it to protect the ladies around him."

"Wow, it's great to sacrifice ourselves to protect party members! Master Zepuros, you banzai!

The loud audience also rode as Janjan Bali shouted around on stage to erase the bad mood.

"Yes! I knew it! Master Zepuros had spotted Tarai, but he dared to take it!

"Yes, yes! No one cares more about fans than Master Zepuros! That's why I'm a fan, too!

"There was only one wild dog to protect, but Master Zepuros protected thirty! I knew it wouldn't even be a battle!

"Plus, that wild dog must have abandoned him if he wasn't the Grand Virgin!

"I'm sure you do! But Master Zepuros wouldn't do that! Yeah, it's more proof than anything that I did to protect all thirty of them!

"I can't believe you don't even know what it's like to be such a Zepuros, you disqualify fan! But she's not in here, is she?

"It's not natural! Come on, let's all join together and honor Master Zepuros for his splendor! Let's go!

"Cahhhhhhhhh! Dear Zepuros, Ahhhhhhhhh!

By the way, they are gorgeous smart staff, pretending to be fans and getting mixed up in the audience.

Personnel to contain public opinion riots and guide them back to normal in the event of unexpected trouble at last.

Negative images are not enough for moderators and staff to fix, but placement in anticipation of equal size fans speaking up is more effective.

Fans' minds were moving away only slightly because of Zepuros' exposure to ugliness.

But with a united follow-up of staff, the loyalty of the fans is once again to the strong......!

"Ah, nice! I can't believe you even protect normal fans like us!

"Really, really great! Master Zepuros. Ahhhhhhh!

"We swear for the rest of our lives that we will follow Master Zepuros. Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.

In their hearts, however, dark clouds were rising without sunshine.

And behind the scenes, it's already soggy......!

"Whoa! Open the iron wall blocking the entrance! Send the staff inside and let them recheck the trick from here on out!

"Yes! But I've been activating the trick for a while now, and it's not working. Shh!

"Why not?!? You didn't have a problem with anything when you were in rehab!

"I don't know! All of a sudden the trick broke down or something...!

"I can't help it! It'll take a while, but use the emergency exit for evacuation guidance!

"Yes, we've already turned people around!

"... that was no good!

"What's up!?

"The emergency passage is down and I can't get through!

"What the fuck!? There must be four emergency exits east, west, north and south!?

"Yes, but all four places, they were down! At the time of the final check, I had no problems anywhere......!

"Damn! What makes a downfall happen at a time like this?!? Is there any other way to get inside?!?

"Yes, when the emergency exit doesn't work, there's more...!

"That means... whoa!? I thought you said Master Zepuros was really locked up!

"Oh, I will! The only other means of rescue is to destroy the iron wall or remove the fall, the way......!

"How long does that take!?

"In two days, I can handle it!

"Late!? The tour will be over before then. Yikes!?

"Yes, that's why we ask Master Giangianbari to call us from the outside, and Master Zepuros, to stay on the spot! Because if you don't move, you won't even get caught in an unexpected trap!

"If you do that, the event will be a mess - huh!

"But that's the only way to save Master Zepuros...!

"Ugh......! Check with Genocide Lower at HQ with her voice! I'm left with some judgment, but I just can't do it arbitrarily!

... and the decisions made by the main management,

Continuous/Row (Go-Ahead)............!

"The rescue of Zepuros means the failure of the event at that point. But if we continue, the chances of success remain. You won't even have to think about which is best."

He never hesitated.

Everything was necessary or not, that's all.

We need to develop products that fit our needs,

care for the clerks who are subordinates because they need to,

Because you need it, you fly your father to the end,

Crush Slumdog Mart because you need it.

And it's because we need it......

I put the life of a brave man on the scale and made a judgment that could be considered ruthless...!

"If we continue, Zepuros will be exposed to crisis? Phew...... is that something you need to consider for 'success'?


I didn't even put it on the scale......!