"Let the First Judgment be so far! Come on, let's get you into the country, you living people! And on the road in between, do good deeds! I'll wait for the rest between the next trials...! Huhahahahahahahahahahaha! '

... gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogo

A mural that sinks to the floor, along with the high laughter of the Immortal King.

The last thing he left out, 'good deeds'......

The criteria were clear.

Perhaps there will be a 'judgment' after this, at the discretion of the audience as well.

If so, what is' good deed 'here......

The act of grasping the hearts of an audience of 1,000...!

At the moment, however, the wild dog side is at an overwhelming disadvantage.

What's out there are those who are coming to watch the brave Zepuros.

That, too, trickled through the terrible multiplier to get admission tickets, fiends......!

Among fans, he is a fanatic, also known as the 'Zepurist'.

Brave men and women, united by strong bonds, like parents and children.

Is there room for wild dogs in there, etc., fulfilled......!?

But Gold knows or doesn't know about that desperate situation.

"I thought it was the end of the line. The wall moved and you started to move on. Shall we go then?"

There was a plain opposite of the women.


and reincarnation to reply softly whenever.

How awkward, he's poking his finger in front of his chest.

I'm just reflecting on my misdemeanor behavior, which has put Gordon in danger.

"Because of my mom, I almost hurt Gold...... Mom, you shouldn't... Mom, Mom disqualifies......"

"You don't have to worry about it, Mother. I'm glad Mother is safer than that. But be careful and behave carefully next time."

"Mom... if Gold meets me, I can reflect more and be a better mom... If Gold meshes me, I'm sure...... And if I could protect you, if you were a good girl, you could be a better mom..."

"The doorway has passed, so there may be monster ambushes or something from here on out. So let's line up. Take me first, Mr. Shaomao from a short distance, then…"

"Mm, ignore it!?

Just one man through the words of the Grand Virgin.

He was pale, directing his companions in order.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"The Land of the Immortal King" was undergoing a major renovation by Gorgeous Smart for this event, and all the divisions and more were blocked.

The reason is that the tour needs to proceed according to the script, and to create the targeted painting (eh).

In particular, it would be smoother to arrive at two parties simultaneously at the checkpoint, "Between Judgments".

So the wild dog route, which would proceed with caution, was shorter, and the brave route, which layered rehearsals and was familiar with the structure, had a longer stroke designed.

Zepuros was getting some distrust for his staff in the earlier "Between Judgments," as he received a judgment that wasn't in the script.

I just remembered that there would be some mistakes, and I would still go ahead and go down the aisle.

"Around here, it's about time..." he thinks as he walks,

...... Gakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!

The floor I was walking on suddenly slanted......!

Looks like it's on a variety show, it's gone down hill suddenly......!

"Apparently, it's a trap."

Zepuros slips away as he wiggles a slight grin at the subsequent ladies.

Beyond that, deep pitfalls......!

"Cahhhhhhhhhh!?!? Zepuros sama aahhhhhhhhh!?!?

A scream chases me from behind him.

The trap is that the passage suddenly becomes a ramp.

It was activated on the rehearsal street, in Dompisha.

This is the sequence of farce.

First, the aisle suddenly becomes a ramp, and only Zepuros, who was walking in the lead, slips off.

Audience Harassment.

But halfway along the ramp, Zepuros' boots are embedded with magic magnets… something like an electromagnet, so to speak, so that it can be stopped by adsorption.

Zepuros posing and stationary with a great trunk, even though it is a sharp slope.

The audience applauds.

But one companion watching at the top of the ramp slips his leg and rolls down the ramp.

That is hugged by Zepuros, who is staying on the way down the ramp.

Having weighed in for two, Zepuros begins to creep down the slopes.

As it is, we are both upside down......!

Audience panic.

Some of those who watch say, "If you abandon that child, it will help! Dear Zepuros!" some will cry out.

But this is how Zepuros cries out to heaven.

This is your way, immortal king!

But I'm sorry to hear that!

This Zepuros, even if it falls like this and your men who have been waiting, will tear the five organs apart...

This lady is the only one who never lets go!

Because I received my soul from a lady named Goddess and was given my body by a lady named Mother, this Zepuros......!

So that fish born in the sea can die in the sea......!

Human beings born of ladies die for ladies......!

Because Zepuros thinks that's what people are supposed to be!

Even if Zepuros can kill on this occasion now, I won't let this lady just kill him......!

Even the Immortal King reminds his liver that there is a life he cannot freely live!

And look at it!

This is it... this is it...!

Dear Ride Boy Zepuros, Awwwwww!

The Immortal King is struck by the strong thoughts of the brave.

Congratulations on reverting the sloped ramp...!

Viewers get wrapped up in the emotion of crying things......!

It was supposed to be a famous scene in history, that

But what was actually unfolding was:

"Ma......!? The magic magnet is nowhere!?

Instead of making decision poses on the way down the ramp, you look like a jittery and leg-moving brave......!

Zepuros was dyeing his whitened face with turmoil (Dolan) even more blue-white, trying hard to stop.

But there's no catch anywhere.

The hole keeps coming.

And at last,


He crawls to the leaning ground and tries to crawl up the ramp with a washer on four legs.

It was cockroach whispering, but if it fell, there would be no ex or child.

A brave man who desperately escapes the suction of a vacuum cleaner, becoming like a pest.

And now,


One of the witches slipped off...!

Even though there are no magic magnets (safety), this is the only thing (happening) that I plan to do...!

But Zepuros can't afford anyone else anymore.

Because at the time I received her more than the Magnets were embedded anywhere else, the Immediate Shoot was obvious.

But, Shit......!

...... Gashy......!!

More importantly, she squeezed Zepuros' ankle...!?

... dogahhhh...!!

No, I hid in the cape of Zepuros, and I didn't really see if I was able to grab it.

Anyway, I could only hear something like a blunt striking sound.

Keep it up, Wizard, to the bottom of Nara, upside down...!


Leave screaming like falling while pulling off the silk, forever......!

For a moment, I didn't know what happened.

The companions who watched on the slopes and those who watched on the gorgeous smart......

And the audience in the arena......

I didn't know what had happened, and I was silent.

Just some, glance at the girls......!

"Hey, I just saw it!? He kicked the woman who asked for help. Yikes!?

"I was so reluctant to throw away my used nasal paper."


The footage capitalized on the wild dog side, as if it were no longer commonplace.