Even on the side of the wild dog, the floor was similarly turned into a steep gradient.

Osama, who was first on the lead, followed by Shaomao slips off.

The two primulas and reincarnation and Big Bang Love followed, so they never got dragged down the slope.

"Ahhh!? Gordo!? Mr. Shaomao!?

"No, ahhh!? Wait, hey, hey, hey!?

"Hey, Mother!? If you chase him, he says it's dangerous!

"Calm down, Mother"

One line watches the end of Gordo and Shaomao as they seize the mother who will be semi-frequent.

Gordon flipped his body on the way down the ramp and swooped on four legs.


Along with the earthen smoke, the brake is applied.

This is a convenient feature of the special version of Become Gold...

"Non-slip meatballs"......!


Next to it, Shaomao rolls down.

on the verge of a small body being thrown into the void in a few moments,

...... Gashy......!!

Gold, just reach out one hand and catch his arm gutted......!


Shaomao, who hung around in the universe, was falling into front and rear unconsciousness and blinking his eyes.

Ahead of looking up to figure out what the hell happened......

He's holding out his hand with a stubborn face, a wild dog wearing a mushroom...!

"Oh, Gordo!? You saved my life about Shaomao!?

Big head moves "naturally" vertically.

"Oh, thank you! Let me grab it on the edge, Shaomao, myself...!

A big head moves sideways saying "I can't do that".

"At the same time the floor has tilted, the oil is staining out of the gaps in the floor. That's a trick to make sure you drop it in the hole. If you grab it with your bare hands, you'll slip."

Gold felt a slight nudity, even in the garbage.

"But... but if Shaomao is here, so is Gordo...!

And Gold-kun's body, though slightly, was creeping down the slope.

The oil and grabbing the Shaomao have halved the effect of the 'Non-Slip Meatballs'.

Slowly sinking, Gold Kun and Shaomao, as if to heart in a bottomless swamp.

The women on the hill panic.

Exactly to this, many viewers were sipping solidly as well.

Anyway, the camera was overlooking from the ceiling, reflecting the abyss that was still about to swallow the wild dog and the boy.

At the bottom of a big mouth like a whale, what a......!

Like an army ant, a bunch of skeletons...!

If it stays like this, if it falls...

It is obvious that the damage of the fall and the lynching by them leaves no flesh pieces and turns them into stains on the floor.

Just imagine it, and your hair is waiting for a happy ending.

The fear was best conveyed to the audience watching on the arena's big screen.

"... why don't you let go?

Two, someone blurted out.

"Get your hands off that kid, Gordo is supposed to help...?

"Why? Why aren't you trying to get your hands off me?

That was a voice from the outside, so it couldn't have reached Osama, who was skinned by a wild dog in an underground labyrinth (dungeon).

But Osama says to Shaomao, as if to answer that question.

"Mr. Shaomao, no matter what happens, I will not abandon you. And I will never let you die."

"Duh, why!? Shaomao just bought herbs at Slumdog Mart!? And yet how did you get so far...!

"Whatever it is, you are a fine customer more than you have used Slumdog Mart. And now, he's my irreplaceable companion."

Gold pulls up Shaomao vigorously, just saying no more questions are useless.

Grabbing her thin hips like a girl and hugging her,

"I won't let you go anymore...!

Hiccup, hug...!

The voice was supposed to be out of tune, like a dog barking a lot.

The face was supposed to be a wild dog's face, stuck like a clown.

The body was supposed to be a light, dull body, far from beauty.

And that's...

He was supposed to hate enemies, avenging the brave ones.

But make sure... that you grab every heart you see...

He was stubborn, and he definitely put a crack in it...!

"Heh... cool, good...!

Someone accidentally uttered it, the word......

It was obvious that it was not against the brave men crawling in wipes.

Like the climax in the movie, empathy for the two people who hug each other.

A tribute to beauty and the beast, finally tied together through ordeal.

The contents are Boy and Osama, but I don't care about that......!

But it couldn't be about endroll as it was.

Gold-kun stomps off his feet as he slips on the clap he hugs.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, wild dog! Here at last, I'm falling off!

Waiting for this time, Djangian Bali shouted as he put his hand on the scoreboard.

Trying to swap the "6" number and replace it with "4"...!

"Gordo! Meatballs! It's meatballs!

The scream poured down from the sky, sounding like a goddess' revelation.

And the camera was capturing.

Exactly now, a wild dog was about to stick his whole body into Naruto, reaching out......

Towards the abyss, hands...

No, I pounded the meatballs vigorously, moments...!

...... bah, shhhhhhhhhhh!!

Then what do you think?

Didn't something like a hook claw pop out of a wild dog's fingertips as big as a glove......!


In the meantime, make it a convenient feature of the special version of Become Gold...

The people inside weren't even informed, secret features......!

"Jump Out Surprise Claws" eh......!!

Situation, reverse all at once......!

Back from the abyss of hell, the hero begins to climb the slope.

If it's iron claws that wear stone floors, it can't even be an oil or other problem.

Repeat scratching (grappling), crawling up (climbing), scratching (grappling), crawling up (climbing) ….

The heroines who waited at the top and hugging (hugging)......!

... This was originally the end planned on the side of the brave.

And the wild dog side was supposed to give birth to two shepherds......


It was hanging on the scoreboard, a jaunty burly descending regrettably the "4" panel.


There, it takes a while to quiet down.

"Sayid the Brave came out with one shepherd. We need to rewrite the score."

"Oh, speaking of which, yes! Hey! That's not how you tried to delude me!

"Damn, we're gonna do it right and fair. Come on!

Thirty brave men on the team.

06 Wild Dog Team Dust

In a protest by the Wow Knights, the scoreboard was rewritten without any sound effects.