Gold was being mocked by his buddies, like a hero who hit a reverse home run and went back on the bench.

"Oh well!? Wow, great. Wow, Gold! Mom, I'm gonna goo! I'm gonna be cha-chu!

"I was wondering what would happen for a while...! I'm so glad!

"Yeah, hey, hey!? Seriously, seriously, no!? Who's Magigold?!?

"Huh, you do it"

"This was also given to me by my mother, thanks to the hook nails"

Goldwolf talked about it all the time, according to his position as a dresser, but his biological parent, Mother, does a little bit of crap.

"Ugh, I made it while watching Pine's" Grapevine "and it said when I pressed the meatballs, I would get my nails out, so I thought it was funny to put them in!

"Mother, when you press the meatballs, it's the cat who gets the nails."

"Oh, well, are you, Bri? Mom, I was going to look at your page..."

"Ma Ma, whatever! That saved my life, motherfucker!

"Mom, great? Mom, are you smart? Ugh."

"Sister, stick around so much again...... Uncle... I'm sorry to bother you."

"That's good, Primla. Shaomao, stay with me."

So the same attention gathers in Shaomao.

He kept his body in Gold-kun's chest and left his bristles grabbed with small hands.

His face is as hot as he had a cold, his eyes melting with Tron.

"Hey, Mao, what are you doing?

"Are you sure you don't want to add or subtract? If that's the case, let me pray..."

"Yeah, maybe Shaomao loved Gol...... D's breasts. You know, just hang out with your mom."

Speaking of public popularity, I guess her sole is more overwhelming......

Anyway, Shaomao was struck by Osama's powerful words, will, and embrace.

And here's one too.

"If it's Gordo's chest, so am I... Oh, yes, no! Nothing!

Primla snaps like a solitaire, then suddenly hacks and repairs that she did.

After I finally made my face red-hot, I turned my back on the momentum of my long hair just getting horizontal.

"I am… I am the lowest person…"

And he hit his head with a goth on the wall, and somehow he was in self-loathing.

That, the reason for one play was in Shaomao.

She blames herself in her heart.

... that Mr. Shaomao is in danger, but I worry about your uncle all the time in my heart...!

In proportion, at about 6: 4......

No, is it 7: 3......


If I say more, 8: 2......!

I can't believe we're separating ourselves from caring for people... as Virgin...

No, disqualified as a human......!

Besides... if that's all, maybe not yet...

I envied Mr. Shaomao...!

Uncle said, "I won't let you go anymore...!" I can't believe you said that...!

I can't believe you said the third place in my diary, "The Word I Want Your Uncle to Speak"...!

I don't think, like your sister, I almost jumped out......!

Ah, Master Lunarillis.

I am, I am filthy.

Jealous of your sister...

Jealous of Dr. Glasparine and Mr. Charloonlot...

Finally, I can't believe you're jealous of Shaomao, the boy...!

In such a way, being a fine mother, like a mother or sister, is another dream of dreams......

Gentle and probable persona in everything......

And, you know, a beautiful smile that forgives everything...

My body and mind are dirty, very different from this me......!

Oh, at least, at least...

Lord......! Dear Lunarillis......

May I have mercy on your breasts, too...?

Just for a moment...!

Pray against the wall, Holy Girl Primla.

As if the wish had been heard, a shadow covered his back.

"Oh, well, what's wrong, Primura?

"What's the matter, Pritch, you suddenly messing with me? Oh, yeah, I'm gonna be fine. I'm gonna be fine, okay?

"Well, Barr, how do you do that?

"I usually give you a brisket."

Burning Love says it's early but when he pulls Primla's body off the wall and turns both arms to the back of Primla's head,

"... Huh? Mr. Burning Love? What!? What!?... Mugguuuuuu!?

Ignore the bewilderment of a pretty girl and force her into a proud munchkin bust......!

"Do it, I'm full of power! This, Brittle told me, uh, my boobs, they smell like peaches and calm down!

"I didn't tell you that," a grumpy voice flies from afar.

Mother, as she was given a great idea, just broadened her hands,

"Oh well, Pine once told me that my mom's tits smell like vanilla essence used to make sweets, too. Bye, Mom, too, Gyu!

"Puha, whoa, even your sister!?...... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!?

Pinched by the Big & Super Big, like someone exposed to waves, glistening and priming.

And scream in your heart alone.


Lord......! Dear Lunarillis...!

What I am looking for is not this......!


This is a heavenly punishment for me greedy......!?

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

And here too, there were those who repented to God.

He was screaming as he moved around a room in the underground labyrinth (dungeon) all by himself like an opera stage.

While exploring only where the law balls are embedded and showing on the monitor with the best shot.

... Oh, Zepuros couldn't save the lady...!

Even though Zepuros did reach out to the lady who stepped off her feet and fell down the ramp...

Just a little, just a little, it didn't arrive...!

So Zepuros tried to jump into the hole to save her......!

But the unseen hands of the goddesses held down Zepuros' body and did not let him...!

Oh, it's the goddess Renalilis!

Your jealousy has brought one life to you…!

I suppose it would be that you would turn down life now and go after it, but you wouldn't let me do that either!?

If only, at least for her, you Zepuros......!

Carve her name on the tomb marker in your heart...!

Forever, ever...!

This was one stage to make up for the loss that I accidentally kicked off.

It also adds to the jaunt bursts and followers, and manages to regain the support of the audience.

"Oh, my God!? Master Zepuros is trying to help the girl who stepped off her feet, not even her own life!!

"Yes! I knew it! It's impossible that Master Zepuros abandons his fans!

"Yes, yes! No one cares more about fans than Master Zepuros! That's why I'm a fan, too!

"It wasn't the little kid the wild dog helped! But Master Zepuros tried to help a grown woman! I knew it wouldn't even be a battle!

"Plus that wild dog must have abandoned if the Grand Virgin hadn't seen it!

"I'm sure you do! But Master Zepuros wouldn't do that! Whoever wasn't watching must have been helping!

"I can't believe you don't even know what it's like to be such a Zepuros, you disqualify fan! But she's not in here, is she?

"It's not natural! Come on, let's all join together and honor Master Zepuros for his splendor! Let's go!

"Cahhhhhhhhh! Dear Zepuros, Ahhhhhhhhh!

I attacked the brave party and the wild dog party at the same time, a trap to Nara......

Even without trying to make this series of troubles, it was an appeal time to the audience for both parties.

Then, once again, I get stuck in front of a line (like this) where I resume the tour.

The painted, great mural of the Immortal King......!