The second chamber of judgment was situated on the eastern tip of the whole 'kingdom of the immortal king'.

The mural of the Immortal King Rich, lighted up by Shining Stone, has a creepy yet pop pattern of enjoying a vacation in a sea of blood.

And more creepy than that was a statue of a human form, pompous in the middle of the room.

It glowed black. It was just the size of a human being, and his right hand stood with a bloody stone sword, and his left hand with a stone's neck raised, majestically and creepy.

Countless stone snakes clutter around the body as if it were a sacred garment.

Such a disastrous aura that you can tell by the statue of the evil god with one eye.

... This world is supposedly governed by four subordinate gods, including the goddess Renalilis.

But it is only man, the so-called world of the table.

In the world behind monsters, gods called evil gods are worshipped.

"Krunsax," the Lord God of darkness and source of power for the monsters.

Goddess of All Harm and Chaos, "Trasortheotr".

Goddess of Killing and Plague, "Parnugorne".

Goddess of Destruction and Disaster, "Chaoturtect".

Goddess of Confusion and Wisdom, "Chauchiltrik".

As for the direction, it was the statue of Trasortheotr that commanded the east, and now it is exactly there.

Rich, the immortal king, sounded like a window-clicking storm.

"Something alive! Here again, it will be my pleasure! No, sacrifices and such might be more right......! Phew, phew, phew...! Even then, the fate is entrusted to the thousand people out there...! And from here on in earnest, the judgment will be delivered...!

At the same time as the words are finished, the eyes of the statue gleam suspiciously.

"Come on, brave men and wild dogs! Don't be afraid to hold Lady Trasortheotle there......! And wait for the hour of judgment...!

"Okay," said Gordo, walking toward Stasta and the statue.

I don't know much about it, "Huh!?" and the women of Yangtian.

"Ohh uncle...... golden huh!? I can't believe you're holding a stone statue!?

"Heh? Not really. What does that mean? Pritchy?

"Ki... I said it in the sense that it was too dangerous! Anyway, if it's a normal statue, I can't believe it's an evil statue! We have a trap!

"Right, Gold! You can't go! If you want to go, go with this Shaomao!

"Rich!? What are you going to do to Gordo!? If you do something terrible, Mom, I won't forgive you. Yikes!?

Shaomao and Mother tried to rush out at the same time,

'Don't move there!!

and they get drunk, and they can't move like they got skewered.

"The Great Virgin to the Little One! In the way of my entertainment, wild dogs will be immediately out of breath, so refrain from doing anything awkward! And whether it hurts or not depends on those out there......! Then at best it will be hard to keep it ready for prayer......! Phew, phew, phew...!

Shaomao biting his lips in a cool way. Meh and upbeat mother.

It was a rather pressing situation, but Gordo said in a tense voice, looking back with a pungent face.

"Please calm down, Mr. Shaomao, Mother. I don't care what happens. I won't leave you all to die first until this tour is over. So don't worry, keep an eye on it without moving from there. Is that good?

Mother still had something to say, but since there was something about the last judgment, she obeys "Yes... Gold..."

When the Grand Virgin retreats, she must do as Shaomao and the others say.

The statue of the evil god was so ominous and creepy shaped that it seemed cursed just to see it.

But Gold-kun packs the distance in unpretentious strides.

He was hugging his arms around the statue to envelop him, without any cowardice as it was.

At that moment, you think someone didn't say, "I wish..." or something?

The wild dog side is ready.

The Brave Side says......

"... Um, can I have a minute"

The person in question was speaking against the wall.

I didn't go crazy because of my fear.

It's the law balls embedded in the walls, so to speak, appealing to the camera for the last time.

"There's no doubt that what's out there right now is the lady who's gathered for this Zepuros. But I'd like to hear it again. Everybody loves this Zepuros, don't they?

When Zepuros asks that,

"Love me. Awwwwww!!!!

The voice returns from behind at a rate that sounds if you hit it.

So it was him who usually seemed satisfied, but all this time, he looked back with an unpleasant look on his face.

"Thank you, ladies. But now I'm asking the ladies outside, not the ladies with Zepuros. I just want you to be quiet for a little while."

Once again he turned to the ball of law,

"This is the time, I want you to listen to me... I love Zepuros...!

Passionate words, spun again.

And now don't miss out on listening, give your ears up sassy on the wall.

"... of course, love me... su..."

A creeping cheer came through, as if I were listening in the water.

His complexion, which was slightly worse, makes him feel just a little better.

"You're a good girl, kittens...... That's why we can't leave Zepuros any longer. You got it, right?

I kicked a patch and a wink.

... The point is, I didn't want to lose any more supporters.

If it were meant to be, even if there were a renegade to the wild dog side, the trial would end undeveloped,

"I didn't know anything was going to happen... Apparently, this Zepuros has captivated the Dark Goddess without even knowing it."

and so on.

But in the first judgment, I don't know what the difference is, but Moro has brought me to justice.

And in that next activated ramp trap, no magic magnet was set that should have been planned.

Zepuros has grown wary of the gorgeous smart staff no longer wanting to wipe away.

The inner part was a desperate appeal to reduce the number of whims at all.

"... like? Don't move from the front of the Zepuros sign, okay? Then Zepuros can love the ladies even more. You can't move, okay? Let's just take it easy on the whims, okay? You got it, right?

The brave man pushed again and again, as if he had taken a hot bath in front of him, before... heading to the statue of the evil god.