"Hih... Hih!? Hino, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!?!?!?!?!?"

Write brave, "brave"......

Screaming as if that were some mistake and the face of a brave man distorted by fear.

And that's the moment you burn in the brains of all the women in this country...!


The women shouted sadly, as they did about me.

What an evil statue grabbed the brave man's hair and started swinging...!

Hair Hug Giant Swing......!

The women who were around them were bounced, thrust, and knocked down.

Having been chess knocked down, they manage to look up while folding.

And what I saw was what...!


He was a pathetic brave figure, thrown out of a screaming machine and just stuck in his hair by chance, like he was barely dancing through the universe......!

That was no longer dusty enough to be called a "move" that a person hung on a person.

It's like people treat things they don't need...!

It's like a machine flirting with people without adding or subtracting force, carelessly......!

The statue of the evil god is lightly, as if wielding chained copper...!

I was bungling the brave over my head...!

"What, Zepuros sama aahhhhhhhhh!?!?

The women scream at the sight of so much shock, filled with fear and bewilderment.

I can't even get close if I want to. I can't even try to help you.

Just grate, ladies just watching.

Because I've never seen a monster attack like this before......!

Putting your body up and stopping is close to committing suicide.

If you attack the statue, you may be able to stop it, but you may even get caught up in the brave.

I don't know what to do......!

This situation would confuse even veteran adventurers.

The same was true of those who were there, and of those who were in the arena, and of those who were in front of the projection catalyst.

Just turn your face as you rotate.

Like a cat who was shaken by it, even.

And finally, the limit has arrived.

... Butch...!

The limits of Zepuros' hair...!

Even the opposite sex is jealous, the envy sole......!

Though temporarily disturbed in Tarai, it soon came back to normal, with a sole that should be beauty indestructible......!

...... buti buti buti...!!

Along with the unpleasant sound of being peeled off every raw skin......!

... Butchyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

Dragged (Tear Off)............!!

And brave Zepuros, while leaving a doppler effect like an ambulance.


Fly (Take Off)...... Huh!!

Like a spawn and a soap, a flying brave man.

His, turned into a human rocket, of course the end of the line......



Bih...... tahhhhhhh!

Zepuros' moment of clash.

It was a brilliant big letter, like a cartoon cartoon.

Silence, as if there had been no more air from this world, engulfed the whole of Halbury, the kingdom of the Immortal King, around the brave.

Shiru, Ri......

The only thing I could hear was the sound of being slammed against the wall and the squeaky tomatoes dripping off.


The walls look like scabs, scraping the crumbling tomatoes down roughly.

The sole collapses to the ground while leaving traces of rotten colored pulp and fruit juice.

For the eyes of men it was no longer but sole.

It is not a being worded and decorated with great words, such as' brave man ', it is just a sole (●) …….

It rots, only enough to throw it into depression, useless sole (●)...!

Still, the silence continued, but I can hear the fuzz leaking.

"Boo......! Ugh...! Ha, help......!

A voice that sounded like he was about to drown.

Hardly did it leave the face of Reiki.

People are happy that Sole was not Sole, but a brave man.

With a breathtaking voice, silence was broken.

"Yeahhhhhhhh!? Dear Zepuros, uhhhhhhhh!?!?

The audience in the arena had restrained themselves, but the guests watching this pattern on the gorgeous smart became so fussy that they accidentally burst into the projection catalyst (monitor).

The women who had accompanied Zepuros had gathered around him and cried down as if their beloved had been hit by a dump truck.

"No ahhh!? Master Zepuros!? Master Zepuros!?

"Don't die, don't die!

"If Master Zepuros is dead, we can't live either!

"Oh my God, I'll be right behind you!

"Yes, good, from... quick, heal, to..."

The breath was constantly said, and the women turned to me.

"Oh, yeah! Say your prayers to Master Zepuros!

"Holy Virgins, what are you boggling about! Hurry up! What if Master Zepuros is dead!?

"Oh, you're not a healer!? Quick, heal magic to Master Zepuros!

"Okay! I'll do it now. Get out of the way!

"Hey, I guess you're not going to touch Master Zepuros' body with that!?

"It's ten years early for a shallow lower end of fan history like you to touch Master Zepuros!

"No!? Even though I can't treat you without getting close!?

"All lies! I knew you were going to touch this kid, Master Zepuros, confused by the dosa of treatment!

"Fuck, ladies, fuck, stop fighting... you can touch it, hurry, heal...!

The women returned to me again with a voice clinging to the abyss of death.