Although one of the fans was stuffy, more than ten virgins and healers (healers) determine the most important treatment for the brave.

Zepuros didn't want to be seen on his face until he healed, so he couldn't really get away from the wall, so the treatment was done to his back.

The prayer of the Virgin is increased in effect by chorus if it is dedicated to the same subject.

But they started out trying to show Zepuros a good place, so they fell apart.

Besides, every time Zepuros was healed, he was doing something mossomoso, keeping his face hidden between walls.

He checked his face with a hand mirror every time until he returned to beauty enough to come out in public.

Because of the multiple overlaps in each person's thoughts, the treatment took a considerable amount of time.

But whatever it is, the brave Zepuros regains his usual beauty.

The peeled skin has healed, and the crushed nose manages to return to its original shape.

I wiped away the blood that was stuck to my face, and I managed to restore the broken makeup with a makeup set that was planted on the chest of the armor (chest).

The teeth, which were in total annihilation, were picked up, and the missing portion was compensated with spare teeth.

The women were worried that the brave man's beautiful face would never be seen again.

But Zepuros was already regaining his usual confidence.

- When I was hit by a wall, I wondered what would happen, but I managed.

I've never seen such pain and humiliation before in my life.

Nevertheless, I'm glad I've always had the habit of making out so I can't be seen around.

I never thought my experience with idols would be useful in places like this.

Thanks to Zepuros ugliness shouldn't even be on the law balls, as opposed to the ladies around......!

But only the gorgeous smart staff, I'll never forgive you, Sa!

I should have stacked so many meetings and rehearsals, but this kind of thing. Shh!

Without Zepuros driving and charisma, things would have been tough by now, Sa!

When I get home, I'll have Genocide Lower pay me plenty. Shh!


Double the gala...... no, let's multiply it by ten. Shh!

I have as much proof of Yarace this time, so if I threaten to tear it apart, he'll have to pay for it. Shh...!

Beautiful people say they don't have money and power, but Zepuros has power, sa!

Bottomed up with prosthetics (arc gear), great power sassy!

Then later, just the money sa!

As long as we have the money, this Zepuros is no longer completely indestructible!

Plus on this tour, if you get the Holly Doll family Virgins too, you'll be absolutely invincible!

Top of the Ride Boy......

"Ride Boy Longinus"

"Ride Boy Triana"

"Ride Boy Amenosacahoko"

"Ride Boy Trishura"

Beyond them, it's no longer a dream.

Yeah, that's why I'm putting the two Big Bang Loves in Harlem, too, Sa.

I was just thinking about replacing the lady in charge of making her lick her shoes, Sa.


Wild dog, watch there but good sa!

Where the women you fished for gold crawled and licked Zepuros' shoes. Shh!



... Whoa, I'm so excited.

If you laugh too much in your heart, you're going to laugh out loud.

That's all we have to avoid.

"Smiles disgust me," he said, dying, not to waste my mom's death.

Even if I laugh, everything's fine.

First, we need to reassure the women around us.

From now on, in order to make Zepuros exhaust himself.

It's just as natural for a woman to shred herself for Zepuros as for a pig to become meat.

Now, I've checked the key face with my hand mirror many times.

It brought back Zepuros of perfect beauty, not even a millimeter crazy.

If you wiggle your usual smile with this beauty, the female pigs are a strawberry sa!

Fire or water again, you'll be happy to jump in. Shh!

Sissy, sissy, sissy!

"... Ladies, don't worry."

With that said, he cuts off his ideas and rises gracefully like a flower of medicine.

"The beauty of Zepuros is indestructible forever...!

Turn around like a peony flower, and,

"Look, Ne...!

Turn around and give it a special Zepuros smile, like a lily blossom.

He imagined.

"Cahhhhhhhhh! Dear Zepuros, Ahhhhhhhhh!

That's the usual squeal.

I didn't even know they were shredding meat, but the faces of the female pigs with their eyes as hearts.

But I was showered by the

"Blah... blah blah blah!? Why, Master Zepuros?!?

A grand callout, like a mixture of surprise and laughter......!

The reason for this was quickly apparent to Zepuros as well.

I was trying to get my hair up at the same time as I smiled, but for not being responsive.

"... haha!?

I don't think so, Zepuros, who gives a dumb voice.

And I finally realize.

Giant swing of the statue of the evil god, for having my hair ripped off......!

In my little hand mirror, I just cared about my face and totally forgot about my hair......!

Zepuros, no way, Sukkaska......!?

Warrior Rideboy Zepuros had as many charm points as a star.

Blonde hair like a golden wheat field, likely to appear in a commercial of beer, is one of them.

Glossy, glossy, golden winged, glossy, supple hair.

It was so admirable that everyone envied it, and at least those who dyed their hair just in colour followed.

And at any given time, it had the same beauty.

Whether disturbed by song or dance, or shaken in battle, just snap it up, magically back to normal.

The modus operandi, also known as' Zepurospaws', was an endless symbol of longing, as those who imitated it followed.

... but hey!?

Now it's not there...!


No, inevitably......!!

A golden field of wheat, said to have been rich for 10,000 years...

Like an immortal bird, said to be immutable, a golden wing......!

It's as if they were roughed up by the barbarians who attacked the village, mowed down unbroken......

He was shot with an iron gun by a hunter, as if he had been plucked off his wings, mercilessly......!

The skin is so worn out that I can see it, Succuska......!

Inconsistent ground hair like squeeze cusp just remains to the extent of my apologies......!

That's like someone whose rashes have been uneven by the wind, someone whose barcode has been stripped off by the wind...

The laughter of the rebellious class was swinging all over the country...!