There was intense noise in the projection catalyst (monitor) that reflected the tour and the ugliness of the brave.

Goddamn audiences.

"What!? What happened!?

"It suddenly stopped showing!?

"For a moment, but Master Zepuros' hair, like he didn't...?

"Meh, you're an illusion of the eye!

"Oh well...?

"Oh, you're so determined! I can't believe you don't have Zepuros hair...!

The followers in the audience are in unexpected trouble.

I'll chase you all the way here, Wow Knights.

"No, you were wielded by the statue of the evil god and your hair was ripped off!

"I was scattering baldness by the time I was brilliant."

"Hey, it was kind of like corn ~!"

"Yes, yes! That's a good thing, Member Three! She really looked like a corn with her hair ripped off!

"Corn hair is correctly called 'silk thread'. Silk threads grow in the same number as corn grains because they are mesh threads."

"" Heh. ""

I admire the bean knowledge presented by Midnight Sugar and the Knights' hand in pursuit flashes.

Shouted for Janjan Baribali to take back the lead.

"Ahhhh!? Sudden propaganda trouble!? I'm sending you a wild dog side until it's fixed! Judgment on wild dogs is backed by over 1,000 people......! If so, I'm sorry about the hair. Bye!

Once again, the wipes of the projection catalyst (monitor) are replaced.

As if waiting for that timing, the evil god statue on the side of the wild dog moved out.


It wasn't the hair that grabbed the wild dog.

Oh, my God, ears......!

And just like in the days of the brave, the statue of the evil god began to wield the bodies of wild dogs.

Overhead, lightly......!

Ear Hug Giant Swing Huh......!


Oh my god......!

I can't believe you grabbed my ears, not my hair...!

A mundane judgment worthy of the support of a thousand...!

His companions scream half a weep.


Like a plane ride in an amusement park, Gordo swings around wondering if this is still the case.

But our voice was flat.

"I want to. But I'm fine. Don't move from there."

Since no one inside is supposed to be there, I am raising my voice like I am in pain all the time.

but incredibly radish......!

I don't think I once put a con artist on a reverse con with a famous act......!

This time it took place, a second judgment.

There are 1,000 brave supporters and 30 wild dog supporters.

As opposed to the difference of thirty times, they let me down because I grabbed my hair and swung it, and I grabbed my ear and swung it...

It would indeed be equivalent to thirty times more, an inequality of pain.

Even if I get ripped off with that, it's even harder......!

And then, visit mercilessly.

...... buti buti buti...!!

Along with the dry sound, like the sewing thread peels off......!

... Butchyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

Dragged (Tear Off)............!!

And Gordo the Wild Dog, in a bar reading full of kindergarten paper plays,

"Oh, I'd love to"

Fly (Take Off)...... Huh!!

A wild dog that flies away, like a spawn and a soap.

His, turned into a human rocket, of course the end of the line......


But just before the clash, he flicks his body like a cat falling from height, kicking the wall.

And if it was a new gymnastics, it would continue at 10.00, kicking off a brilliant landing pose.

... stah...!

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!?!?

Shortly afterwards, a round of applause boils around him.

No, it was happening outside the underground labyrinth (dungeon) and all over this country.

"Yikes, you just saw it!?

"Ugh! I thought I could slap you on the wall and I took your passive!?

"Wow, wow! You looked so light-hearted, Gordo!

"In comparison, Master Zepuros..."

"What's wrong with Master Zepuros?

"Oh, no, anything..."

"Master Zepuros had his hair pulled!? There's no way they can pull my hair off and take me for a living!

"Yes, I want! Don't pull my hair!

"How's that!? As hair is life for ladies, so is life for Zepuros, as Master Zepuros would have said!? If they put their lives this way, everyone would be!?

"Wow, okay! Okay, so stop it! Please!"

Between the fans, cracks were creeping in.

And the treatment of Zepuros took a considerable amount of time, but the repair of the wild dog was momentary.

Primla, Mother and Burning Love gathered around Gold Kun, who sat at the front.

The sawing set I was carrying quickly fixed my broken ears back to normal.

But when it was over, they didn't leave Gold.

"Ugh. Gold's sitting on the floor, so you're in just the right position. Gordo's face, I'm gonna call you Gyu."

"... you know, Mother. Are you sure you don't want to finish your repairs?

"Yeah, not yet. So just sit tight, Gyu."

"Um, Mother. Do not block your nose"

"So cum, Gold. You smell like vanilla essence, don't you?

"Oh, wow! Speaking of which, you'd have been a dog if you'd golden up! Then try sniffing my tits! Smells like a peach!?

"Oh, you two, don't be so sure..."

"Yikes, prick! What do you smell like prickly tits? Because of this, so why don't you give Goldie a sniff?

"What!? Oh, shit!? Mr. Burning Love!?

"Oh, well. Make sure you do, Primla! I'll help you, too. Yes, Gyu!

"What!? And even your sister!? What? What!? Yeah eh!?...... ahhhhhhh!?!?

Three girls around Gordo, crumbling loose.

Grasping both arms by Mother and Burning Love, Primla was stuffing by pressing her chest against the dressing goose.

Just a short distance away from that, one boy looking proud.

The girl in the mint colour robe crushed, watching cool next to him.

"Hmm, etsy."