Be it judged or not, a soothing wild dog camp.

Once upon a time, when the noise was finally clear, there was so much disturbing air that you could see the projection catalyst (monitor).

Although it was an instant, the hair that was like a yakitori is not there.

There are surroundings with a slightly stiff expression, mainly Zepuros, who hit rich blondes.

Girl at the far end of the line, like a spikesman.

She would be the most fashionable, wearing a lovely beret like a macaroon in her eyes and leaking a whimper.

"Looks like we had a little trouble. But it's okay now. The resumption of a fun tour"

Zepuros with thin laughs, like other personnel.

He is proud of his own hair and gently strokes it.

The enthusiastic fans in the special arena boiled down at once to the resurrection of the brave men we've been waiting for.

"Cahhhhhhhhh! Dear Zepuros, Ahhhhhhhhh!

"Ahhh! Master Zepuros is back!

"That smile is the same as always! That hair is amazing!

"I can't believe you're not losing that beauty even when you're judged by an evil god...!

"I knew Master Zepuros' beauty would be indestructible forever!

"Yes, yes! Because it's real, you don't get molested by evil gods!

The "Zepurists" hustle and bustle all the time here.

And the spearhead is also pointed at the rival side.

"Who!? What did you say Master Zepuros was bald!?

"Yes, yes! It just seemed a little messy with the propaganda, but like I took a ghost's neck!

"Sounds like you want to denigrate Master Zepuros by even lying! I knew it was just wild dogs, shallow!

Being thrown a critical gaze, Charles Lunlot, a leader presence on the Wild Dog Side, was roaring like a mad dog.

It was going to jump right now, but the Midnight Sugar next door blocks it with his hands and instead leaves one step forward.

"Master Zepuros took the hair of one of the people around him and turned it into his own wig."

Quiet accusations.

The joyful brave side blurring begins to take on a surprising colour.

"Heh... what!? Say the right thing again!

"Let's not! I can't believe I'm saying bad things about Master Zepuros until I lay my lies on top of it!

"If that's all you have to say, show me proof!

In return for more than triple, he said, "Hi-no...!?" and frightened glasspaleen.

But the Midnight Sugar of the day doesn't work.

Passionate bright red squirts, and this is how you disprove with your emotionless eyes pointed, the opposite of a wild dog mask that has wandered.

"When the propaganda came back to normal, Master Zepuros always did, he didn't do anything to lift his hair. Besides, that sobbing spikesman... Until the noise came in, there were three blonde braids under the beret. But now I'm losing my gift."

In one word, the gaze of the passenger seats concentrated on a huge three-sided monitor.

He followed me and looked up at Janjang Bali as well.

The spikesman turned his back and sat on the floor sobbing.

The back of his head is exposed because he was wearing a hat deep in his eyes.

There's worn out hair, like I was forced to pull it off, as if to corroborate the testimony of the wild dog side......!

"Um, out-of-town brave man! I can't forgive you for taking a girl's hair!

"Terrible, terrible!"

Midnight Sugar hits harder with his yelling, grieving companions on his back.

"The moment I found out Master Zepuros was bald, there was noise in the propaganda. If the propaganda was blacked out, we're managing this magic facility, an internal intervention by the operational staff. But noise is likely to have intervened from the outside. Perhaps Absolute Magic Defense was used. Master Zepuros attacked the spirits in the meantime."

Cut that tongue off and start the hustle!

"Well... I'm not saying all the right things. Yikes!

"Ah, an absolute magic defense, Absolute Anti-Magic. What a high defense you can't use in such a flash!

It's possible with an amulet.

"Why... Master Zepuros says that hair is life for ladies, so is life for Zepuros... that's what you're saying! Master Zepuros, who cares more about his fans than anyone else, doesn't imitate the way he takes his life!

"That's why Zepuros took it. And the spirited soldier who was taken will now be destroyed for the sake of sealing his mouth."

"Heh... after you take my hair, I'm going to kill you!? Bullshit... this is ridiculous! Not everyone's role model, the brave man, and more beautiful and noble than everyone else, Master Zepuros, would do something like that to such an evil man!

"... oh, what do you want, lady"

Secondly, the voice pours from the height.

It was a projection catalyst (monitor), the gentle voice of the brave.

"You had too much fun touring with Zepuros, and you accidentally cried, didn't you? Wouldn't you?

Smiling, you're looking down at the controversial Spirit Man girl.

"Hih......!? Ugh... Gu! Hiku! Ooh... Ooh! Phew, Wonder, Lar Boncos! I'm so happy to be with you, Master Zepuros...!

"I can't help it. It's just as natural to tear up Zepuros as to cut onions and weep. But if you cry so much, the lady is ruined."

The brave man crouches on his knees and offers his hand to the girl sitting on the ground, Lar.

And held it up.

"What...!? Hiha!?

"Look, this is not even a goodbye to tear cum"

"Hiya!? Ooh, ooh!?

The girl was forced to put a pulled smile on her bloody face.

Instead of goodbye, tear cum is overflowing with more of a waterfall-like momentum.

"Lady looks like a spikesman. Then why don't we stay with Zepuros, cut ahead and lead the other ladies? This is a special gift from Zepuros."

The brave man laughs at his mouth alone.

... If it was meant to be, at this time, there should have been a scream of envy and booming going on from the arena.

"I was hugged by a princess, too, and I'm with you. Uh-huh!" And the smothering ones, they should have continued.

But now who is silent......!

Usually, there's the smile of a brave man with a heart...

I wonder why, because I couldn't wait to be creepy.

And to the crying girl, jealous, because I felt sympathy......!

A chilling girl's, chilling word, fun live tour footage is a turnaround.

But the killer released it, and it was transforming into a murder video (Snuff Film)...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"... it's time for you to meet when the second judgment is over. What's going on with the tail?

"Yes, there was a madness of plans, but the number of endorsements was overwhelmingly dominated by Master Zepuros..."

"Phew, your thoughts are good. Just report the numbers."

"Also, sorry! We have 1,000 Zepuros endorsements and 30 Wild Dog endorsements!

"Phew...... What is the advantage of that?"

"What? There's more than thirty times the difference in the number of endorsements, right? Whatever you think, Master Zepuros is overwhelming..."

"We've gathered Zepuros fans, so it's natural to have 100% support"

"Yes, indeed...! So, but, for your sake, there are only thirty..."

"Huh, that's enough. The number of supporters will clog the difference further ahead. Activate the example backup plan."

"What!? Give me that plan!?

"That's right. No matter how good the wild dogs are, no matter how stupid Zepuros is, you'll never lose, that plan."

"So, but then...! Oh, yes, no! Yes, I did! We'll arrange it right away!