"Sa, saa! Get your mind back on it and start the fun tour again! From here on out, new elements are added to make it even hotter. Ahhhhhhh!

Janjan Bali's, kara cheerful shout.

"Oh, yeah, whoa!? What the heck?!?

Neither does the audience voice that responds have as much momentum as before.

I'm going to hand out this magic device to everyone!

A tiny wooden crate was heavenly in the jungle barrier.

The center of the box is painted in two colors on the border, with blue buttons on the left and pitiful wild dog illustrations.

On the right is an illustration of a red button and a girl comic book chick brave.

"If you press this blue button, you can throw stones at wild dogs! Poached!

When the jaunt burr on the stage taps the blue button, the device says, 'Cain!' The sound of a dog rings.

At the same time, the monitor's wipes were switched, and the wild dog traveling down the aisle was capitalized.

... Bash!

Injected from the wall along with the bursting sound was a ping-pong ball-sized stone.

flying almost directly from the front. That's

... Gassi!

The wild dog was caught with a glove-like hand.

It was too insignificant a behavior, and I was a little far away, so my folks don't realize it.

"Ah, that was delicious! 'and finger ringing janjang bali bali.

'But now you know how to use it!? Throw a jaunty burly stone at a wild dog with a handed out knack!

A large number of staff had already deployed to the audience at Zepurosside to distribute crates.

"So when you press the red button, you can hit that outer road brave man with a stone! Sounds great, Sole!

Charles Lunlot on the Wild Dog Side is thrilled.

I waited excitedly like a dog with an oak, but when I finished handing out the device to the brave side, the staff pulled in.

"Hey!? Give me that button, too. Yikes!?

"Ahhh!? Zanye! - We're just out of stock!

Jungian burly poses deliberately to protest from below the stage.

Charles Lunlot who regrets toothpicking.

I didn't even know there was such an interaction, and Gordon had reached a large room.

It was a seemingly unmistakable, idle indoor, but Gordon stops his legs and blocks the continuation.

"Stop, there is a 'Menrion' nest"

"Menrion" is a monster that simulates itself into an underground labyrinth (dungeon) facility, similar to "Cannibal Crate (Mimic)" or "Tentacle Oasis".

Make it look like a flat floor, and when the adventurer walks down the street, drag it into a soaking pot nest hole.

At last, it is a monster like a giant arijgok.

The colors of anxiety ran between the women because they were also quite powerful enemies.

Gold says in tones quieter than usual so as to calm him down.

"'Menrion' is attacked in pairs by a main body at the center of the nest hole and a serpent named 'Menrion Arm' that appears around it. Menrion himself is blind, but he helps the serpents around him drop it into his nest. And if you fall into the nest, Menlion will detect the movement of the sand and attack those who fall."

Fellows nodding with serious obscenities, as if they were taking school classes.

Dr. Wild Dog continues.

"Then based on its nature, it's about how we actually fight. Menlion is a pain in the ass, so I fall into the nest hole to distract you."

"What!?" and peeling students.

I was at Primla and Mother, and I said, "Well!?" and I'm surprised to hold my mouth to elegance.

"In the meantime, you all exorcise the serpent. The serpent is not a scary opponent because he has no fangs or poison. Be careful, though, as they try to fall into the nest. Mr. Shaomao attacked, and the two Big Bang Loves should put up their mana shields to protect the Virgins. Attack by magic if you can afford it, or grant magic to Mr. Shaomao."

Fluent Gold-kun's instructions continue, as if he had been thinking about it.

"Once you've cleaned up the serpent at all, you'll end up with Menrion. Hit the Great Magic with the two Big Bang Loves.... What do you say with this operation?

"You got it," he nodded honestly, Shaomao.

Big Bang Love has been the first to disagree

"Hmm, that's not bad. But it works that well?

"Oh dear! I've never seen Shira-Menrion before, but it's such a lousy monster!? That doesn't work, it's not gone!?

"You can't do that! I can't believe Gordo's going to fall for this! Mommy's gonna do it!

"No, Mother. Mother's usually just walking around. You're a jerk. Because I can't see my feet with my tits? How can you be such a fool?

"It's okay to fall! Mom, I'll be up in a minute! Sah!

"You're just saying that with your mouth"

"That's not true! If it's for Gordo, my mom will do it! And Primla, you disagree with Gordo being a pussy!?

My sister snorted at me when I was stuck with her.

But soon, I shook my head left and right.

"Yes, I'm worried too. But I'll follow what Gold said about the operation. Because I believe in Gordo."

The tone made me feel cared for, but clear.

Watch my husband travel while I do, like my wife.

Primla is the type who doesn't really claim opinions from herself.

But here I am, and I pierce the core, so I was persuasive.

My sister, who has no hearing, cannot help but be convinced of this.

"Ugh... ok. If that's what Primla says...... Be careful, Gold. I'll fill you up when I get home. I'll make you cum."

"That's fine. Shall we begin? But no matter what happens to me, you must never step into the nest. If they take my leg, I can't pull it up with strong force or get out until Menrion dies."

Sooner than my buddies realized what that meant, Gold was popping up.

... If they take my legs off, I can't pull them up with strong force or get out of here until Menrion dies...

This almost means' death '......!

Menrion means the body doesn't show its identity unless it's caught in a pseudo-nest.

It doesn't respond by throwing stones and other inorganic objects, small animals, etc., and remains simulated on the floor.

Therefore, for adventurers to pass through a room with Menrion, they will either blow up the ceiling or block the nest hole, or they will not deliberately snag it and knock down the main body.

There are ways to bridge and cross, but if it's not quite high altitude or a sturdy bridge, it shows its identity and gets swallowed up by one.

And I got caught up in Menlion, but at the end of the day, it's hard to knock him down easily.

Therefore, at least… the first person to fall into a nest hole can be said not to help first.

Gordo didn't tell me until the end of the day because he thought that if he told me about it, he would get violent opposition from his people.

I've fought with Menrion so many times in the past that I thought it would be okay if I wasn't even caught off guard.

But...... does he realize?

to lurking elements that would drive the operation wild to a large extent.

Though invisible, from as many as a thousand women...

Exactly what a malicious stone is about to be thrown at...!