A brave man on a projection catalyst (monitor) and a wild dog in a wipe.

The brave man is still going down the hallway because it has taken him a while to heal his injuries.

True to the opposite of that relaxed leg lift, the wild dog was kicking the ground.

Quiet versus moving.

Of course it will be noted then that wild dogs......!

The brave sweet and sweet whisper dwarfed, and instead the face of the rampant dresser was up.

"Whoa!? A wild dog runs out towards the center of the room......! Ohhhhhhh!? The ground has collapsed. Bye, whoa!!

The hot, bitter scream of janjanjan bursting traces the situation crumbly.

What seemed at first glance to be the same stone floor as the others crumbled like sugar confectionery and sank all at once.

... Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

With impact, the dust sprays up like a geyser.

Gold-kun's predictions are brilliant.

What awaited was a giant arijgok, so illusory that man became an ant.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!? This is, this is, this is!? Monster ambush! Menlion turned to the floor, lurking then uhhhhhhhhhh!

Even though the monitor said it was still covered in sand smoke and didn't look good, Djangjanbari was spotting who it was.

No... Should I say 'I knew'?

"Menrion is a monster who turns into a basement labyrinth (dungeon) floor and drags an adventurer through the top into a nest like an arijgok! Pulled in humans are supposedly helpless first, oops monster BYEEEEEEEEEE!!

He's happy to make a scene because he's finally going to get things right.

"The wild dog looked at the large room and must have mistaken it for a doggie! I can't believe I ran out without thinking and caught a monster trap in that mention......! You're an asshole! You're a douchebag! Wild Dog, J End Jaaahhhhhhhh!

"I'm not fooling around! Atashi part......! No, there's no way Gordo would get hit by such a dicky monster!

Loud magic unbeatable shout up loud and say it back Charles Lott.

But Mukade with huge scissors, who appeared scattered sand like a climbing dragon.

As soon as I saw the alien, the lady accidentally lurked her voice.

"Ugh......! Don't lose, Goldwolf...!

"Oh, hey? You suddenly lost your energy. Hmm!? I can't help it! Once caught in Menrion's nest, at the end of the day, his legs are taken by soft sand and he can't move. Bye! And the sooner you get back, the sooner you fall......! How much did you slip off where you ran and you'll never get away with it? Uh-huh! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

The event he's partitioning comes out at its culmination, "Janjang Bali Call".

But at the same time as the proclamation, every shabudai was turned upside down.

"Janjang, Bali no...... ok ok ok ok!?!?

What was reflected on the monitor was an incredible sight.

Wild dogs, what...!

I was running flat around the outer circumference of the bowl...!

That's more like slipping a skateboard half-pipe, no starch......!

At the center of the rind bowl, Menlion is waiting for his caught prey to fall.

He sensed signs of prey being rampant and would soon fall, shakin 'Shakin' Shakin 'Ozami...

There are signs, but they won't come down for long, so I finally started swinging scissors in the direction of the signs.

But it doesn't arrive......!

There is no way it will arrive......!

Because prey, out of the complete reach zone of scissors.

It's like a safety zone out of reach, like a running course at a fitness club, because it runs around loosely......!

'No!? How could you!? How come? How can you run on the sand without getting your feet taken like that!?

… it is time for him, too, to realize.

It's a function of Gordon's clothing...!

"Water Spider Amen"......!

Just as Gold-kun's hand is as big as a glove, so are his legs several times the size of a human.

That acts like a tool 'water spider' for ninjas to move over a pond, without their feet burying in the sand.

So even on the sand, you can run at the same speed...!

Menlion rotates his body as Gordon moves, and is leaping to pinch him with a scissor that won't reach him at all.

The serpents who appear on the flat are also desperate to drop Gordon and make him physically fit.

"Shh, wow......!

Someone in the audience snapped.

"The school teacher said it! If you get caught up in Menrion, he won't be able to help you anymore, so just abandon him and run!

"Yes, yes! Sometimes you might be able to help if you defeat Menrion, but the serpents around you interrupted you and said you'd be dropped! That could wipe out the party!

"But that Gordo, he's taking Menrion on his own!?

"Oh, really...! Neither Menrion nor Serpent is looking to the other party members......!

The same was true of the audience, which was not even oriented.

Everyone was watched by Gold, but one fan accidentally leaks his breath haha.

"Oh, yeah! This button! Press this button to jam him further, no matter how many of those wild dogs......!

What they had in hand was a small box with red and blue buttons.

Red is brave, blue is wild dog.

When the button was pressed, it was a devilish device: the stone was ejected from the wall with the pressed side turned...!

Some fans respond to that realization.

"Yes! Throw stones at wild dogs! That's how it's supposed to roll off!

"What!? That's pathetic!

"Yeah! No matter how many Zepuros' rivals, I don't think that's the same! Whatever you want to support Master Zepuros, I can't believe you're interfering with him...!

"With that sweet little thought, you think Master Zepuros's fans will be here!? Master Zepuros must be hoping to throw a stone at a wild dog!

"No more! If you guys don't do it, I'll do it!... whoa!

All over the passenger seat: 'Cain!' There is a howling like an abusive dog.

Proof that the blue button was pressed.

...... bash......!

Babba babba babba babba babba......!!

A stone crush shot out of a wall hole, but as a third enemy, it strikes a doggy wild dog......!

But all of a sudden, he transformed into a boxer in road work.

... Shh! Shh shh shh shh......!

Quick enough to avoid hearing such exhalation.

Unimaginable flexibility from a blurry upper body.

The wild dogs were only on their upper bodies, sending away all the impending stone throws...!

"Yep, yep, yep, yep!?!?!?"

The world is shaken by this.

If here, even if there was a God,

"Those of you who have never sinned will stone this wild dog first... Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!?!?

I must have been surprised, but it must be......!

"Ugh......!? It's just a coincidence! Throw, throw, throw, throw! Oh, my God!

"So, no!? I don't care how much you throw! No more, why not!? Eh!"

"Become... why!? Why, why don't you hit it!? Oh, my God!

"The stones are flying from behind!? How could I be avoided!? No, no, no!

Zepuros women with ghostly faces, hitting the button on the device in a row.

Gordo keeps flirting stones, as if to bruise and laugh at them hysterically.

Its light steps go hand in hand with a pungent face.

"How do you feel now? (Tong) How do you feel right now? Hey, how do you feel? (tonnes)"

and it was as if he was inciting......!