Maybe there was a future where the wild dogs had been turned into two pieces by that big buckwheat.

If Osama had only visited the land with a wild dog mask, not a Gordo-kun outfit......

The factor is, that's not all.

If only the personnel had more stone-throwing Zepuros fans......

Osama could have thrown stones unraveled and had a future where he was rolling off.


Even the current personnel alone could have achieved a wild dog exorcism.

If we don't even 'try and shoot'......!

Yes. When the magic device for throwing stones was handed out to the audience, Janjanbari let them try and shoot.

That was only one shot...

Osama made me realize...!

the existence of a 'stone throwing trap'......!

What if...

If Janjan Bali didn't try and shoot, and a ton of stones had been thrown in the bump production......

Osama is... maybe...!?


I just told you a story that couldn't happen, and I can't help it.

Whatever it is, the future is already fixed.

Gordo-kun's One Stage (On Stage) in a future no one could have expected...!

It also fascinated the whole country.

The women in front of the monitor, as well as those on the ground, are everywhere......!

"Shh, that's amazing! You're wearing a guru, but so light......!? Unbelievable!?

"Hey, hey... You're the only one who's attacked, and you're not even kasuri? Seriously, Gordo, who...?

"Sa, come on..."

Forget the operation and be stunned, Shaomao and Big Bang Love.

"Very nice! Gordo!"

"Yikes! Hang in there! Gordo, hey!

Sisters of the Virgin who cheer for you.

I get so excited, I hug the serpent who was standing nearby.

We finally remind ourselves of what we should do to that numb feeling.

Their time moved on.

"Ah......!? Mi, gentlemen! We have to fight too!

"Oh, well, that's a big deal! If we don't get rid of Snake, Gordo, we'll be running all the time!

In one of those words, the Wizard Sisters also peeled her gaze off from Gordon so that she could be played.

There was no meeting between the two of them, but yeah's breath activated the magic.

Where the serpentine snuff attack struck primula, like a marutai swung by giants,

"... a strong iron blue shield, protect his body! Mana Shields!"

I was getting nothing from Burning Love's Mana Shield.

Shaomao is slashed by a serpent when he sets up the song knife he was in charge of on his back.

At that time,

"... Poor Huixin, turn that man's sword into a jade scattered blade! Ice Brunch!"

Immediately before impact, Blizzard Love's Granted Magic (Enchant) doubles the sharpness.

It was just one machete, turning the serpent's torso into two straight pieces.

The twin wizard leads her back together and stretches her attention in all directions.

"Hey, burrito! Ah Shira, I've never fought Menlion before, but I'm kind of not too messy weak!? If it was the usual fight, Zenzen, I can't believe you can't afford it, but this is how you get dabbed today!

"Because the attack on the Menrion body and most of the serpent's attack hasn't come this way"

Two people see the spearhead of most attacks as chilling.

Gold crouched the serpentine, jumping like an athletic, and the stone-throwing was dodged in the left and right steps.

Plus, a desperately desperate situation where numb-cut menlions are spitting mucus out of their mouths and being driven away by it.

But I'm not even cussing.

It still looks like you can afford it, coupled with the pungent look on your clothes.

"I've never seen a spiritual soldier (Pointman) wearing a mustache, but I've never seen a spiritual soldier (Pointman) wear a mustache like that..."

Burning Love leaks a voice like he was truly impressed.

But in the gap I was looking at, the bouncing of stones was looming from the blind spot

"Dangerous! Bar!?

... Dong!

Blizzard Love moves his butt vigorously and thrusts Burning Love.

I got stoned to the temples in her place, Blizzard Love.

Bad luck there, the serpent's big mouth had set a goal for him to chase...!


It was usually a loose enough attack to be prevented by Mana Shield, but in combination with stone throwing, it gets eaten decently.


Blizzard Love, which is heavenly and exposes the body.

Although Burning Love had been knocked down to the ground, she was spared a direct hit thanks to her.

I've rinsed my knee kid, but not quite.

"Ah!? Blitch!?

They flirt like insects exposed to birds, because they were witnessing each other......!

And worst of all, the serpent was headed for Arijgok, trying to drop the other side...!

The main body of Menrion, directly beneath it......!

"Bu...... brichi no no no no no no no!?!?


As if Otami would echo Gale's scream......

And now it opens wide and wide, like an insect plant, trying to eat exactly the insect.

If it is carried over Menrion, there is no longer a way to avoid it.

Because Menlion is waiting for him before he falls, even if he is freed from the serpent's eating.

A desperate situation, like an ant caught in a spider's nest above and waiting for a utubokazura downstairs......!

...... Blizzard Love Must Die......!!


At the end of the charismatic model, women from all over this country cried out.

"He's dying! Blizzard Love is dead Ugh......!?

"No, no, no, no! Blizzard luv uuuuuuuuuuu!?

"Hey, who says!? You threw a stone!? Because of that stone, Blizzard Love is......!

Until then all the stones that had descended like hail had stopped.

Those who had been hitting the buttons of the magic device so far didn't want to be blamed, so they stopped pushing.

The Zepurists, with their blue faces, impersonate each other with sin.

"Oh, it would be you!? Because of you, Blizzard Love is......!

"It's not me! He did it!

"Chi, no! This and everything, you shouldn't have that wild dog! Because that wild dog doesn't hit the stone......!

"Well... let's not! Dumb...... it's all that wild dog bad!!

Such an irrational and unilateral.

And pointless conclusions were about to be drawn, then......!

The girl with the Blizzard-colored robe, as a falling flower, fell......!

"Nooooooooooooooooo!?!? Brichi no no no no no no no no no!?!?

Coolgal's body falls to be sucked in toward the bladed dabble of the truncating table.

Only a passion (hot) gal's snort cries out empty in the underground labyrinth (dungeon).

Everyone lay down on their faces and turned a blind eye to the tragedy awaiting them.

But only the cameras were captured.

I'm only going to describe it as an ambilee bubble, a defining moment......!

Blizzard Love's, hazy willow hips were about to be amputated by the Great Sickle, at that time......!

... Shubba...!

It's like a jewel-targeting thief, exposing the girl's body, looking like someone...!

It was on the big screen...!

That was only silhouette to much speed, but it had a distinctive look, so I knew at a glance who it was.


Burning Love thought he was seeing a less shocking, unlikely hallucination.

A wild dog that chimes and slips into the school gate trying to close momentum.

If you make a mistake, put them together,


True, two......!!

However, a full and closed Oebami, among them......

The black tail of the wild dog was just pinched with chocolate.