Spirit (pointman) girl Lar, who was thrown over the floor in the center of the room in Zepuros' deliberate act.

To her it was like being plunged from hell to hell.

"Shit, help me! Help me, Master Zepuros. Ahhhhhhh!

The girl was drawing a parabola and screaming as she fell... with a glimmer of hope.

But you, once admirer, will never reach out.

He was turning his white back so that he didn't even have any pity.

The moment the girl's eyes are covered in despair and sand,

...... Zuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

The monitor showed Zepuros deciding 'cool poses'.

Behind, the dust is rising, a testament to the identity of Menlion's nest.

The sand blowing up was like fireworks, and also like dry ice, coloring Zepuros.

whilst, as if it were a performance on stage.

One of the audience snapped with no one.

"Could this be...!?

Yes, the voice just came back from the monitor.

"Camon Zepuros Live! Along with the lady, it's a lady-go!


The live music of the orchestra behind the stage begins, and the audience is drawn how.

Some cared about the fate of the thrown away lal, but all its voices had been undone by the ecstasy of fanatics.

"What happened to that girl!?

"I don't care anymore! CARRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!"

"Yes, yes! It's more Zepuro Slive than that! CARRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!"

"I can't believe I can watch Zepuro Slive in this place!

"This isn't the first time we've ever lived in an underground labyrinth (dungeon)!?

"And the other guy is that powerful monster, Menrion!?

"I can't believe you're watching such an amazing live show. It's gonna be a lifetime of memories!

"I did it, I did it, I did it -! Excellent! Zepuros. Well!

Zepuros, along with his singing voice, puts up a spear that is a weapon (emon).

After the cutting-edge was as brilliant as a star, it poured down as a comet, becoming one with the white tooth glow spilling from the mouth of the brave man.

Chiralin teeth, tulun lips.

I've stuck with a lot of lady's hearts, if they can be played out of their mouths......

Of course, that song......!

♪ OH ~! Zepuros!

♪ This beautiful spear pierces everything! The heart of a monster, the heart of a lady!

♪ Come on scatter, ugly! Let's get drunk, ladies!

♪ Your life is to be trampled by this Zepuros!

♪ Lady's life is there to blossom this Zepuros!

The battle began.

Behind the brave, Menlion was ringing the Great Baba.

There are serpents around, and they're still raving all over the place.

But he was singing.

He said he was surrounded by enemies, but while turning as gorgeous as a dance, he threw a kiss at the camera.

♪ To the lady's beauty, this Zepuros is full!


An avid fan thrives all the time here.

But some sober fans, out of trivial doubt, seemed incapable of riding the Imichi stream.

"... why not? Why aren't the monsters attacking Master Zepuros?

As that pointed out, neither Menlion nor the serpent have done anything.

Instead of attacking me, I'm more like a back dancer, twisting my body with rhythm.

It's a big difference from what he was doing fiercely on the side of a wild dog, so he seems to worry about it extra.

But answering such questions is also the job of a gorgeous smart staff member pretending to be an audience.

The FAQ, which is tapped into the head beforehand, is said even to be put out of the fire.

"You've decided that! The monsters fell in love with Master Zepuros' beautiful singing voice!

"But... the monsters who were at the previous Zepuro Slive, they didn't even attack you while you were singing?

"The last time I was at Zepuro Slive, it was an undead monster named Dragon Zombie on Magic Skeleton!? They're dead, so they didn't have the heart to listen to the song!

"Oh, that's what I mean...!

Have they fallen to their hearts? More and more people fall in love with each other.

No one cares anymore about abandoned Lar Boncos, etc.

And this is what the gorgeous smart side wanted for the tour.


Zepuros begins to spin while receiving love calls from women all over the country.

♪ Beautiful man, win beautifully! That's the fight, that's the fight, that's the war! '

"... Kuru! Whirlpool! Master Zepuros' Special Attack, 'Heartslash Rolling Dancer'!

"Goosebumps, look out! Goosebumps, watch out!

"Ahhh! When that move comes out, I'm sure even Menrion will have a blow!

"What, a blow!? You're so different from the wild dogs you've been struggling with!

"Yes! If you were Master Zepuros, you'd easily defeat them without being touched by monsters!

"Ahem! If it turns out to be such an awesome thing, it's not just the monsters, it's even us!

Thanks to our followers, the audience's expectations rise.

Djangian burly bursts further toward the warmed guest seats.

"Then guys, you're ready. Huh!? To match the activation of the Special Attack, Arr, Yikes!! Let it go!

"Beautiful blooms beautifully......!!

Finally, in conjunction with Cole, Zepuros' biggest Special Attack was about to be activated.

In the last Live, as many as 1,000 Magic Skeletons and four Dragon Zombies together broke each other, a circle that destroys everything......!

Finally, even in the kingdom of the Immortal King, its fierceness was about to be wielded.

That, just before......!

It was a few milliseconds before activation, its, on the verge......!

...... Gatsung!!

A stone that flew out of nowhere struck Zepuros directly in the face.


Pity scream.

... Pussy.

A slight vacuum blade occurred at the beginning of the move….

It emits only a sole like a faint tail, and the paper doesn't seem to slash, and the brave man falls down buh.

The audience's call takes over to stunning as it is.

"... the ugly scatter ugly!! So, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!?!?

With just one stone, Zepuros has been scattered ugly.

Noisy audience seats.

"So, who is it!? Who threw a stone at Master Zepuros?!?

And that wasn't just one shot.

Fallen brave man, the stone is still pouring intermittently.

"Ahhh!? And he's still throwing it! To Master Zepuros, who is falling, oh my god!?

"Who does such a terrible thing!? I can't even keep it on the fans' wind! I'm gonna find him and I'm gonna stop him!

Followers looking around, all with the killer retrieval.

But there were no wizards.

When the red button is pressed, Zepuros' audio called "Phew, Stop, Kitten" is flowing from the device.

Only the sound, I did.

And tracing its source, how dare...!

Wild Dog Side......!?

A girl like an elementary school student with glasses on a wild dog mask has an example device in her hand......

"What is this...?" and with his neck clenched in wonder, he pressed the red button......!