Beautiful brave man, Ride Boy Zepuros.

He called it "Zepuro Slive," and was trying to show off his streamlined Special Attack, but about a heartless stone thrown along the way, he went down.

Throwing stones at the brave is quite a mess even then.

And on the contrary, it's been disrespectful of me to throw even more stones where I fell...!

A little girl as young as elementary school, without knowing her face, had a place to work that could be described as subpar.

Moreover, it seemed to us that there was no such thing as a strong will for the revolution.

The sole, which is also equal to the firing button of the nucleus, as if to make sure that the remote control is unknown to use.

"The blue button sounded more painful to me, so let's not push anymore. I wonder what happens to the red button over here when I press it......?

Innocent tilting his neck, he begins a zero-thinking streak......!


"Phew, stop, kitty," "Phew, stop, kitty, kitty," "Phew, stop, kitty, kitty," "Phew, stop, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty."

After Zepuros' sweet kizza voice rang from the device,

Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh!

A tremendous number of stone crushes were casually slammed into the brave man's head.

Gatsu Gatsu!!

"Ghan-ghan-ghan!? Uhhhhhhh!?

Zepuros glancing at Bikun Bikun as he fell and was whipped.

It was the companions nearby who quickly noticed Rapid Fire, the eyeglass girl.

"Hey, member number three!? Why do you have a sole?

"Sixteen shots per second was crap right now. An unexpected talent discovery."

Questioned, scared!? and glasses that shrink the body. Daughter.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Come on! Oh, I won't do it again!

"I'm not mad at you! I'm asking you where you got the sole!

"If you don't confess, the Golden Gorilla's grip will crush you like an apple."

"Who's the Golden Gorilla!? Shall I crush you!?

"Hino...!? Me, I was just trying to go check on Mr. Kulalalaka. Why not! But I'm lost...! I couldn't see around so I removed my mask and was looking for it, and the staff member cautioned me not to get out of this arena...! So for some reason, they handed me this crate...!

Successors divided by the Great Iron Wall as they tried to enter the kingdom of the Immortal King.

The escorts, including Kulalalaka, were acting divided into a group that would destroy the iron wall and a group that would look for another entrance.

Charlotte and the others were looking around for another entrance, but watching the arena was intriguing and sneaking in.

Infiltration is a specialty task (operation) for the Wow Knights.

The three girls teased the eyes of the arena staff and succeeded in being duly swamped in the audience.

And be a supporter of the first wild dog side, covering wild dogs with Charles Lott's voice volume and Midnight Sugar intelligence.

Glasparine, who is supposed to be an elderly person, did not make any particular contribution such as this...

Come here and hold on. Dodgy, get lost in the audience on the Brave Side and accidentally get the Magic Device......!

Plus, with a hidden and unexpected stunt, I let him ruin the show of the brave...!

"There you go! Glass Palin!"

"I wonder how I can get lost in this arena. But I did a great job, nadenade myself as much as I wanted."

"Heh? What the hell am I...? Hiaaaaa!?

Glass paleen getting messed up by her buddies with a face that hasn't swallowed things up yet.

When it comes to Zepuros, he finally stands up and tries to sing out again with his indomitable fighting spirit.

"♪ OH ~! Zepuros! ♪ This beautiful spear is (Gun!)...... hagu!?

But once again, it was blocked by stone-throwing without malice.

… Sword moves (skills) require certain wording to be voiced before activation.

As a general rule, it is close to magic, and the same reason it takes a spell chant to use magic.

And as with magic, the more powerful it becomes, the longer its mouth grows.

In the case of Zepuros' Grand Sword move, "Heartslash Rolling Dancer," the song is the mouthpiece needed to activate your skills.

The brave man Goldwolf served as a spiritual soldier was almost a no-mark from the monster, thanks to the fact that Goldwolf had turned him into one.

I was able to buy time for my mouth and bury the monster away with one blow, as if it were my only handle.

But...... there is no such thing as that Osama in Zepuros right now.

Is it enough that the mouth will be interrupted due to the damage caused by stone throwing?

By the way, stone throwing is a mechanism that targets only Zepuros and wild dogs, supposedly the leaders of each faction.

As for the trick that Gorgeous Smart had planned, the wild dog side was supposed to be a real stone and the brave side was supposed to be a stone for a crop that wouldn't hurt to hit.

But if you open the lid,

...... Gah!


Seriously Stone!?

Zepuros tries to escape the stone by rolling around, but the stone flies precisely over his head.

But there was no wonder this happened.

Anyway, stones can fly at speeds like they were shot out of a bowgun, and they can come from blind spots.

Impossible for a normal person to engage.

I was doing it without any bitterness, that (●) wearer is just unusual......!

"That's funny! Here!" "Let them do it."

Charles Lott and Midnight Sugar, trying to take each other away and pushing the button.

"Phew, stop, kitten," "Phew, stop, kitten," "Phew, stop, stop," "Stop," "Stop,"

"You can't shoot something as good as Glass Palin."

"I'm sure if you don't push it at a certain time, it's going to be impossible to fire continuously."

"But this is so funny!

Screaming and synchronizing across the monitor when you push the button unconstructively and let it scratch.

"Do it, don't! (GANGING!) Stop, stop! (Gagging!) That's it. (Gagging!), haha!? (Gagga!) '

To the hilarious harmony of the brave, Charles Lunlot and Midnight Sugar with great joy.

Glass paleen who doesn't understand what's fun and is pompous.

Stones are thrown wanting by the children, and the brave finally shrink.

It was nevertheless a sight like bullying a turtle by the sea.

'Ugh... Ugh! Oh, ladies! What are you standing there for? Come on, come on...! Cure this Zepuros! Protect this Zepuros!

The turtle shouted in such a pitiful voice that he did not think he was wearing the most sturdy looking armor.

Until now, the women who watched Live in the VIP seat are suddenly driven out to enter the war.

The Magic Guide put up a mana shield and the Virgin offered a prayer for healing.

The opponent is just a stone, so the brave man will no longer expose his fans to disillusionment any more.

Now everything is back to normal.

Keep your mana shield up and you won't be disturbed no matter how many stones you're thrown.

Once again, Zepuro Slive begins......!

"♪ OH ~! Zepuros! ♪ This beautiful spear is (kang!), pierce everything!

Charles Lott tramples the estate with stones back.

Zepuros with camera gaze, grinning back.

But the smile didn't last long either.


The backdancers roar, filled with anger enough to undo the singing.

like rushing through angry hair heaven. It was as if he realized he had been deceived.

Menlion and the serpent suddenly began to strip the brave men of their fangs...!