Until now, I've listened to and fallen in love with Zepuros songs and it looked as if I bought a back dancer and got out, Menrion and Menrion Arm.

But to the repeated brave NG, he began to ramble as if he had cut off his paralysis.

The live venue beyond the monitor is rough.

Brave men who lose their hips and women who run away.


"Damn, the charm has been broken!? hey...... why!?

That voice of Zepuros had not reached the audience mixed with the screams of the women.

And it was no longer where to deliver Liv.

The footage is already, monster panic movie whilst......!

Trying to get out of the room, but the entrance and exit are blocked by serpents.

It was difficult in the Virgin and the Wizard, even as it attacked and eliminated.

Unless you are a Virgin in Black who specializes in exorcism, or a Virgin who can also fight called "Nun (Monk)," none of your ability to attack monsters other than the immortal equals none.

The Magic of the Wizard's Attack Magic needs to perform a chant.

If you are a master class, that time will be infinitely shorter, but you can't help but be disturbed by serpents during chanting right now.

Then there's only one person you can count on......!

"Why, Master Zepuros, ahhhhhhh!

Once left behind and fled, the women return to the brave again.

Zepuros stood in a critical position in the abyss of Menlion's nest, where he was likely to fall to Arijgok if he took another half-step back.

I lift my silk cloak with my spread hands, trying to welcome them in.

"Come on, ladies. Let Zepuros envelop you. Inside this cloak, no one can attack you, paradise!

Its appearance, reflected on the monitor, was like a God giving salvation to a lost people.

There was a brilliant stone embedded in the wall behind him, which accidentally illuminated him like a backlight.

In the meantime, live jaunt bursts onto it.

"Phew... I can't believe we're protecting the fans...! I knew Master Zepuros was a hell of a grandpa! Idol mirror! There were only five wild dogs! But Master Zepuros has 29 more......! You can't even compare which one is great!

"Twenty-eight, to be exact," a voice flew in from somewhere, but he was silenced.

The audience was enthusiastic about the declaration of protection of the most popular idols.

This is the case with every monitor, so the joy of the women who were experiencing it raw is immeasurable.

Everyone is so joyful that they cry, Zepuros, all the way......!


"Wow... I believed in Master Zepuros!

"Wow, me! This girl did it! He wants to leave Master Zepuros and run away!

"Don't bullshit me! This kid! This kid was saying it! As it were, Master Zepuros would kill me!

The women who push each other with their elbows, and thrust them, and disturb those who walk with them.

Finally he was caught on his leg and even came out to the one who fell.

"Ha ha!? What the hell!? Oh, no! Don't leave me! Don't leave me! Zepuros...!

A girl who reaches out and calls the name of her loved one as she lays low on the ground, lifting the sky.

But the cry broke off to sink.

Because, my dear, what a...!

"Ladies, it's not safe to run that far!...... oh dear!?

Instead of accepting the women who had penetrated me, I flipped my cape on the brink and made it hilarious like a bullfighter (Matador)......!

The women who were in the lead group get over the momentum.

"What...!? Zepuros... ma...!?

It's as if the chicken lace cliffs were way ahead of us than we thought...... women looking back in incredible ways.

But what they were given was the backs of bullfighters (matadors) who were no longer turning around, like the cows they had tailed.


Soft everywhere, creepy plush, just the feel of sand, as if it had been nestled in a bottomless swamp......!

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!? Zepuros sama aahhhhhhhhh!?!?

I fell to Arijigoku...... no, five were dropped in conjunction with the Virgin and the Wizard.

I'm trying to crawl up a slope that's in a bowl shape, but I can't climb.

Rather, the more rampant you get, the more dragged into the center of the hole......!

"Oh, this is an unfortunate accident... but I can't be sad. While someone is caught in the nest, Menrion's attack will not be here. Come on, ladies, assist Zepuros in his counterattack."

Zepuros treats only the 23 remaining women as ladies.

No matter how many times they call me names from behind, they don't even give me a glimpse.

Well, it's like the tip of my arm has been drilled back in the palm of my hand...

It was a huge shock to the women across the country, especially the 1,000 women in the arena.

No, I felt the air, and the jaunty burst raised my voice.

"Ah... I'm sure that's an operation by Master Zepuros. Uh-huh! You must have great, noble thoughts that are unthinkable to ordinary people. Bye! And there are still a lot of fans left, so maybe a little...!

Charles Lunlot was grasping the fried leg.

"You finally showed yourself!? Because there are a lot of them left, we're going to use them for the"? "You think the same way about Zepuros, and you only think about your fans on your nose paper! Guys, you just saw it!? Pretend to help the women and drop them in the nest! Even when he walked into the room, he threw a woman in Menrion's nest pretending to have fallen! For mouth sealing! I knew you weren't wrong about Agent Two's reasoning!

But the Zepurists come back with momentum like a spinal reflex.

I'm sure they thought the same thing.

"No! No! Oh my... that's your speculation!?

"Yes! Besides, Master Zepuros isn't bad! You said so!" If you run, it's dangerous "! And yet I ignored it and ran, it's those women's fault!

"Let's not! I'm sure Master Zepuros thought of this! If you take them all, you will fall into the nest...! That's why I had to do it!

"So, but... The wild dog jumped from himself into the nest, didn't he...? To protect the girls..."

"Yeah, that's not all, is it? I helped Blizzard Love, who was about to be eaten by Menrion, not to mention the danger of her dying..."

Finally, among the brave side, the voice of wild dog advocacy began to rise.

Extreme zepurists panic about this, too.

"Hey......!? Ah... what are you guys talking about!? Are you going to betray Master Zepuros!?

"Ugh, I'm not betraying you. Master Zepuros was always graceful and calm and loved it..."

"But as those wild dog mask kids say, Master Zepuros on this tour kind of just seems to think about himself..."

"I think you really took the hair of the Spirit Soldier (Point Man)..."

"Become...!? What are you really taking bullshit for? That's just what they're saying, trying to discredit Master Zepuros! I can't believe Master Zepuros' hair is a wig, such proof, nowhere......!

Zepurists who will make a leap, trying to persuade them to do something.

But a mini-conto like that begins on the side of a wild dog.

"Well, I'm toying with you, Team # 3, do it!

"Thank you, Doctor."

"What? Huh? Should I press this button again? Wow, okay. Uh, uh, here's the thing?


Corpsman # 3 shows off a super streak of back bellies again with a pompous look.

The attention of the audience is taken in response by the hands that tremble at an unbearable speed in their eyes.

And the result of the series of hits would be waiting, moving to the monitor.

♪ Come on scatter, ugly! Let's get drunk, ladies!

For several times, Zepuros is in the middle of singing "Heartslash Rolling Dancer".

In the middle of that barb, the effect of the mana shield had disappeared.

But that's only a few moments away.

A witch who was nearby casts the next Mana Shield spell beforehand.

Time to be defenseless, only for a moment.

The magic shield that protects the brave should be rebuilt immediately.

but to that slight sci......

It's like a legendary sniper (sniping) achieved by a superior killer...

With miraculous precision and timing, the stone-throwing interrupted......!

Even a one-shot says it's one kill......!

If it were 19 shots unprecedented......!?

... Nineteen Kills Huh...?!?!?

"♪ Your life is trampled by this Zepuros (Gagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagaga!) Ghahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!?!?

Zepuros buzzes away with such momentum that his neck is likely to be ripped off, as if he had received a shotgun at close range with his face.

At that moment, the camera was up to see if this was still possible.

Countless stones have engulfed the faces of brave men who have deformed themselves exactly like hives......

And then it slips off my head like a scatter, a golden zura...!