Fight against the brave and the Menrion.

Sacrificing the fans had made the front a lot more stable, so Janjanbari, MC, was pulling behind the scenes.

"What does this mean?!? The stone thrown at Master Zepuros was supposed to be a fake stone that wouldn't hurt to hit!? But I don't care what you think, it's the same as being thrown by a wild dog... a real stone!?

"I don't know! I had no problem with it when I last checked......!? After that, only that someone switched stones......!

"There must have been 100,000 rounds of stone stock to replace after the final check!? I can't believe I'm replacing that at all......! Even the dead in this Immortal King's kingdom have to mobilize, it's impossible!? But the dead can't do that!?

"Yes, I can only say it's completely strange...! Ahhh!? Look, Master Zepuros, eat the stone again...! Zura is coming off!?

The monitor for confirming progression had a photo of Zepuros, who had just taken about 19 shots in a row.

Djangian Bali screams so that he can't hide his frustration.

"Ah, what are you doing!? Another ugly state of Master Zepuros......! Switch to the wild dogs now! Why are you so flirtatious?!?

The wipe reflected a mothballed figure, which was turned into a mothballed tree.

Besides, the opponent is a charismatic model sister to whom every man admires, every woman admires, and a girl as adorable as a child.

If you switch the movie now, you'll be hustling wild dog hotties all over the country, which is too much to regret and very much to do.

"If this happens, Dear Gianjan Bali, with your live arms, follow Master Zepuros! As soon as I'm done flirting with wild dogs, I'll switch......! Until then, I hope!

The staff aligned him and lowered his head, and Djangian Bali roared as if he had bitten every bitter bug from nest to nest.

For him, this was the first troublesome event.

But there's no such thing as a lost hippo.

If we allow the event to fail more than we have undertaken MC, it will also involve his progress as a guide.

"Gu......! Shit, you can't help it! If this happens, we'll have to do it. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Jungian burly screaming like a rash and jumping out onto the stage.

Yes, he was also a brave man.

Without knowing it, he was a sad brave man (emotion) driven by the howl of a demon wolf...!

And the other brave man, like a boxer with a finish blow, was dancing through the universe.

He knew.

That there is a Menrion trick.

That's why I was careful.

Dance hard in "Zepuros Live," so you can't take the wig.

And... I was planning on finally.

Girl from the Spirit Soldier (Pointman), who provided me with the hair to be a wig.

For Zepuros, it's only a pig that's finished shaving meat, an unknown female.

I had already used that, but I thought that keeping it alive would have a negative effect later on.

So let's pretend to be a coincidence and get rid of it...!

"Zepuros Live" starts shortly afterwards, so if it was some accident, I would have been able to wipe it out...!

Everything was as Midnight Sugar reasoned.

The pieces of the puzzle are collected by her hand and are about to be assembled.

But only the last piece was missing.

Evidence that the brave man is Zura...!

And Zepuros was anticipating the existence of a magic device capable of throwing stones.

At the rehearsal, it was a mock stone, but in the past, I suspected that maybe a real stone would fly.

That's why Zura was stuck more in mind.

He said not to come off in "A Little Stone Throwing".

But no way......

I don't care if the superhuman stone throwing tech is on the wild dog side.

If it was up to sixteen consecutive shots of the celebrity class, Zura would have been snubbed.

But I do...!

Before the nineteen consecutive shots the predecessor did not step, sink abruptly......!

...... Zdogashahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

After being slapped, Zepuros slips through the floor like a sentence for pulling around.

I nearly fell into Menlion's nest, but the brakes were critical.

"Ohhhhhhhh!? Dear Zepuros, after flying brilliantly like Tobiuo, gorgeous head sliding like your son on ice! Yes, the stone is on the brink, it's fried! I can't believe you put all that stone away, Master Zepuros. Bye! I'm sure you'll rise magnificently to flow from here, and start fighting back. Bye. Uh-huh!

"Ugh...! What...! Ugh......!

But Zepuros stood up like water, but gasped as he fell on his back like mud.

My body doesn't know what to do as if I was forced to exercise beyond my limits.

Muscles, joints and even guts were screaming.

My stomach fluids come up and mix with the iron odor that has fallen from the back of my nose to my mouth.

"Ugh...! Yep......!

It leaks like a frog that has been struck.

"Yikes... Yikes! Before that, extra vocal practice! This is where the real, Zepuros Live begins. Bye!

Zepuros realizes that he is seriously wounded dying.

No, the only person who got stoned is his face, so he won't die any time soon.

Still, it's a serious injury, but for him, who values his beauty more than anything else, he was in the same line of life and death.

Originally, put the hand you're supposed to ask your fans for help on your face first.

First, the warm liquid hits my fingers, and I lukewarmly...

And slipped as the skin peeled off.

Moist, smooth skin is not there, instead it feels like a balloon stretched on bread.

Approximately, I'll explore the center of my face.

Also known as' Snowy Ridge ', the proud nose is......

It was distorted, as if it were in crust fluctuations......!

"HI...... HI!?

Jumps up with screams.

It was so important to him.

"Ki... Kiki Kiki Kiki! It's coming! This is what Master Zepuros meant! The true appearance of Master Zepuros! Until now, it's all pretended before it was epic. Bye. Uh-huh! Oh, the beginning of a true 'Zepuros Live'. Bye! Oh, one two! One Two Three Forewoo!! '

And it begins, true Liv.

"Ah!? Ahhh!? Ahhh!? Ahhh!? Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!?"

Its monumental first voice was due to its curved nose, or as if its voice had not passed through.