'Zepuros Live', which should have been a fan's wait......

That was something that could only be described as' funny '.

"Oh, my, my, my, my, my, my chin!?"

I'm searching my face like a blissful laugh, and I'm shocked, vocal Zepuros.

'Nah... oh my God! How dare you...! Shit, new song then eh!?

Arena cheers totally lurk the ringing.

Only the reality of Janjan Bali was focused on the mountains around the empty.

Zepuros is distracted, his eyes do not open, and he draws out the mirror that is planted on the wrist of the caged hand (gauntlet).

I stared in prayer it was like a spider's nest ravaged by evil kids, worn out......!

The shock that knocked me on the floor cracked me...!

When I noticed, the dresser, which was planted on the chest of the armor, was also open, with makeup tools pummeled on one side per.

"Ah!? Ahhh!? Ahhh!? Mei, mei, mei!?!?"

"Ko, this is ballad!? It crosses my mind, a sad ringing. Uh-huh!

If you're a ballad, listening quietly is manners, but that's not how it happened.

The brave man in the big picture is filled with beggar-like misery, where someone picks up all the coins he smashes on the side of the road.

I watch that in silence because I was too sad.

And begging......

No, the brave finally witness.

"Ah......!? Ahhh!? Ahhhhhhhhhh!?!?

"Oh dear!? Master Zepuros', soul shroud! I'm sure this represents sadness for fans who have fallen into the nest, but it must be. JAHHHHHHHH!

The answer to that, of course, no! is.

Screaming like the end of the world, what was in Zepuros' eyes was the tip of Menrion's Great Baba.

... Jackin! Jackin! Jackin! Jackin!

It's caught there, it was a golden zura......!

Reaching out to grab it, naturally, can't even reach it......!

"Ohhhhh!? My hair......! My hair uhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

A childlike cry that can only see the balloon you let go ascend into the sky.

No, it wasn't like inviting such sympathy.

My worn hair, my face guzzled with blood, tears and runny nose......

Not so much a child (kid), but a hungry ghost...!

If this was a reaction when you were about to lose your beloved fan, it would have struck you greatly.

But this hungry ghost is blind to the women who are about to be dragged in front of him...

Behind it, it is as numb as the leaves of a tree left in the branches….

He was crying to Zura...!

It's like if that leaf fell, my life would be over too, with sadness......!

"Wow, whoa, whoa! Hair, hair...! Hair no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!?!?

"Duh... you're crying! Master Zepuros is in tears of blood for fans! Oh my goodness......! I can't help but cry about this jaunty burly! Hey, hey, hey! '

No matter how much you try to thrive in real life, it's as if you're rubbing a match in a snowstorm, it won't catch fire.

I can't help it.

That brave man is not your name, but the name of your hair.

More so, the word alone was clearly said to be more clear than ever.

Other words, like my grandfather who lost his dentures, say he is fugafuga......

He did scream like this, holding on to his miserable hair, which would grow irregularly like a goblin...!.

"'Hair' ahhhhhhhh!? Cehiru's 'hair' uhhhhhhhhhh!? By the way, I got a hiccup. Ahhhhhh!?!?

... Audience, Don Pull...!!

But even this brave side, as miracles have happened on the wild dog side, has God's guidance.

No... would it be more right to whisper about the devil?

"Ah!? I, Bo Hi...! I have a bohi!?

A short distance from the abyss of Arijgok, Zepuros finds his adorable beret falling.

It was dropped by Lal Boncos.

There was no weight, so he didn't have to be dragged into the nest.

Reach out hard and try to grab it.

But it won't arrive anywhere else......!

"Ku, ku...! Ah! Hiccup, hiccup, hiccup!

Pull through the spear you were carrying.

A streamlined spear that has pierced the hearts of monsters and ladies is no longer treated like a stick.

But where I was about to snag and take it, it was like a spider thread, the women......!

"Oh my God, Master Zepuros! Ko, you're telling me to grab hold of this!?

Janjan Bali's, inspiring reality follows.

"Ohhhhh!? Oh, my God, Master Zepuros used his spear to rescue the fans. Uh-huh!

"Ha, I can't believe you're helping me...! Oh, thank you!

'Cause for Ride Boy, spears are sacred......! There's a strict code that says you shouldn't use it for anything other than defeating monsters! I can't believe you broke the gate from the clan if you don't keep the code...!

"Wow, I believed in Master Zepuros! I'm sure if you help me......!

"Ahhh...! How much does Master Zepuros care about his fans? Huh!?

"Ah, Master Zepuros......! I will spend the rest of my life talking about Master Zepuros!

The women reach for the spear, diligently.

If, as is true here, Zepuros had used spears to help them, there could have been a one-shot reversal.

No matter how ugly it may be, but in the end I couldn't help it, if only it were a flinch......

As an unexpected side, I might have been able to grasp the heart of the fan that was about to leave me again.

But what he did was,

"Ucaaaaaa!! Hit me, bitch, piggy! Shinny-handed, Shinny-handed, Shinny-handed, Shinny-handed!!

It was the most ugly hungry ghost threat, stripping his teeth out......!

No, I don't have any teeth anymore, so should I say I'm stripping my gums out?

It was two melons in an angry chimpanzee.

"Master Zepuros said so! Quickly, tell this spear to grab me! You're screaming that the ladies are more important, even if they're going to assume Ride Boy status!

I can no longer just think of a proper translation of exotic language, a nasty giant barrier.

And the strawy women, they still don't know.


Before the crisis in my life, maybe I just didn't want to believe it.

"Look, look! Master Zepuros is going to be so angry! Female pigs like you get their hands on me!

"Female pigs are that way, right!? Master Zepuros is trying to help me, but don't interrupt me!

"What the hell!? Kieeeeeeee!?!

The women who grabbed the spear at the same time began to pull each other.

As such, the bargain venue…!


"Uhhhhhh! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

...... Zubaaaaaaa......!!

It was a hell of a painting......!!