The assault of the brave was unfolding smaller on the wipes.

At the time of swinging the spear, the back of my sensation of indifference was replacing it with a faint one, but still with considerable impact.

Women from all over the country were nailed to the sight.

Slash your fans away with your spears as the brave man makes an odd noise...!

What was applauding the anomaly was the fans trying to stick to the spear no matter how many times they were slashed.

I want to crawl out of Menrion's nest, but for, bloody eyes, bloody......!

It was no longer a picture of hell, but of hell itself.

True or reverse, however, the wild dog side that was capitalized on was peace itself.

I don't think I'm in a dangerous underground labyrinth (dungeon)...

And the coordinates were so different, it was the first time in heaven that I didn't think it was in the same space as that hell...!

"Uncle...... Gold, you annoyed me. It was so nice!

"Gordo, that's amazing! How can you move so fast!? You want Shaomao to tell you too!

In a breathtaking move like sisters, Primla and Shaomao never leave in front of Gordo.

"Oh, well. Gold, your tail's ripped off, isn't it, Itai? My mom will make it work for you, so let's do it."

Reincarnation turning around behind Gordo's back and nadenade his butt tightly.

On the side, the two Big Bang Luvs stick together perfectly, arm in arm as if they were flowers with both hands.

"Then don't massage Gold for me, Brittle! Ah, my shoulders get stiff, so I'm getting a massage for the burrito! Brie's massage, Cho, it feels so good!

"Why, a massage..."

"If you don't like it, I'll do it instead! I've never done a body massage Zenzen, but I can handle it!

"I didn't say I didn't like anyone."

That's Gold, too, is no match for a five-body-one siege net.

There was just the right stone table, about the height of the girls' breasts, so they put me to sleep there.

Gordo lays down depressed and spreads his arms like a plane.

Blizzard Love spans the waist, rubbing loose near the scapula.

As he sits with his legs open, his miniskirt expands and his white thighs are dewy to the limit.

There was reincarnation at my thighs, and I was fixing my tail.

Primla and Shaomao are standing beside the table and rubbing Gold-kun's arm.

Primla tried to dare to "connect with her lover" in a crisp manner, but was held back by a glove-like hand.

And Burning Love is...

"Hehe, uh, a facial massage, does it feel good? If you do this, dogs, cats and burritos will be trolls."

Standing on the head side of the table, Gordon's face with Munimuni......

"Um, Mr. Burning Love, it's hitting my chest"

"Yeah, does that feel better? Oh, yeah! So let's play a game!


Burning Love says, but quickly, with a ribbon taken out of his robe pocket, he blindfolds Gold Kun.

"I'm going to hug you, so I can smell you and feel you, and guess where you're hugging me! The producer taught you, didn't he? As a luv game, he says if you do it in a time of fate and two, it's Ichikoro!

"Barr, that doesn't mean anything to me."

"Ma Ma Yi! You can tell me, but there wasn't a man you wanted to do it! But I don't care if you do it with Gold. So is Brittle!?


"Ah again! Everyone wants to do it too!?" "" "YEAH!!!!

Respond to Tasteful, other members.

But only about one, he wasn't in the mood.

"I'm honored you chose to be the person for the game, but I won't. You should play that game when you have someone you really like."

"What!? Do it, Gordo! The producer also said he couldn't do it to anyone he really liked and regretted it! I've played this game a lot with the brave guys, but I couldn't do it with the spirits (pointmen) that I realized I really liked... So, uh, to Shira, be like that."

Burning Love keeps on hugging Gold's face as if it's my favorite stuffed animal.

"When you heard that story, Zenzen, you didn't know what it meant. 'Cause you're a brave man and a spikesman, right? You don't even have to compare! But... now you feel like you know! Spirits like Gold (Pointman), you can't possibly not like them! It's already Zoccon, isn't it?!?

"Beh, nothing...... But the situation could be similar to that of a producer. The producer told the spikesman many times to help him out where he was at risk."

Passionate gals who push their favors outright and cool gals who honestly don't represent them.

Gold-kun answered their thoughts in the same way.

"It's just after the fight now, so my heart rate is up. You just mistake that thrill for a favour. It's called the Suspension Bridge Effect. By the end of this tour, I don't think you're thinking about me."

But the gal doesn't screw up.

"What, you know what? Bye, bye, if this tour is over and it's gold-kun-love, will you play the game? Of course, uh, not only with the kids you think you like, but with all of them!

"If you're that peculiar, I don't think anyone"

"Hello!? He promised me! Ah, I'm confident! Ah Shi said that even after this tour, I can always like Gordo! And the burritos!

"Beh, nothing...!

Blizzard Love wandering uncommonly dyed cheeks.

To that reaction, the mother who was behind her turns a tea eye.

I was just about to sew a replacement tail on Gold, on Blizzard Love's butt, and I softly lifted it up......

... it's just me!

I didn't say I was happy, but I started shaking a lot.

When it came to Primla, she was staring at Burning Love with her intricate eyes, like a mixture of shock and envy.

- Duh... why...!? How can you be so clear......!?

Can you say the word 'like'......!?

I was before the tour began... No, long before...

My uncle was missing in Purgatory...

More to the point, I've been meaning to......

I said I admire your uncle...

Not once, not even "S" in "Suki"......!

On a more detailed note, even the 's' in 'suki' have never been able to say......!

Ah, goddess...!

My Lord God, Lord Lunarillis......!

Prayers such as' Healing 'and' Exorcism 'have been heard so much more...!

Why, why can't you just listen to me when I'm in love with you......!?

Rather, the opposite is true......!

The more I pray, the farther away I feel......!

No, I know.

Master Lunarillis is giving me this too, that it is a trial......

But, but...!

I would ask you at least not to increase your mighty love rivals any more......!

As it is, I will be 'and many others' to your uncle......!

... she hadn't noticed.

And I'm sure your uncle didn't even notice.

Burning Love offered me the suggestion, 'If you like it even after the tour, play the game,' and I accepted that would be more proof than anything else.

A rival in love, arguably an elephant...

There are so many people who want to participate in the game...

Exactly what we are about to create outside the underground labyrinth (dungeon) ….

You two hadn't noticed yet...!

"Oh, Gordo......!

"Burning Love tells me you like me so much, I can't believe I can stay calm......!

"How can you be such a gentleman......!?

"If that was Master Zepuros, you would naturally have accepted it!?

"And you just used it and you abandoned it! Like the children of the Spirit Soldier (Pointman) who accompanied you on the tour, and the Virgin and Wizard Guides!

"But Gold didn't...! I'm sure you really care about Burning Love......!

"Yikes...... nice......!

"I... I think I kind of like you about Gold...!

"Decided! I, Master Zepuros, stop being a fan and become a fan of Gold!

"What, seriously!? So... so am I!

A wild dog-wearing mushroom that is up on the projection catalyst (monitor).

Aye was unchanged, and he swung a blushing face and a hickey, tall voice all over the country.

But the viewer's impression was changing.

White pawns turn upside down, like brave whitening......

And to the pawns around us, as it affects......

The white pawns were turning upside down to black pawns like wild dogs' noses...!