The battle with the brave and the wild dogs, both sides, was over with Menrion.

Janjan Bali, who was living it, is as sweaty as it was struck by the rain.

"Oh, whoa!? Soon the battle of Master Zepuros will be over! This insignificant settlement......! This means that for Master Zepuros, Menrion was like a miscellaneous fish! Everybody, let's celebrate the great Master Zepuros! Applause! Big applause. Bye!

Parallax and sparse applause came back from the audience.

Zepuros at the time is smiling at the monitor, like the leopard weirdness he had earlier lied about.

... He ended up not being able to activate 'Heartslash Rolling Dancer'.

Speaking of what I did,

First I tried to pick up the hat that was falling into the nest.

I tried to pick it up using a spear, but I couldn't quite pick it up.

Meanwhile, whenever Menlion's target turns to him, he throws the fan kids into the nest under the guise of an accident.

At the end of the day, he chases his escaping fans around and ends up slamming them into the nest with a deliberate act.

Of course, they want to help. I'll stick to the spear with all my heart, but each time I slash them...

And I could finally get my hat.

Yes, this brave man...

I want to hide my baldness, but just for the sake of it, what a bunch of fifteen victims I had...!

So the Menlion in question is what happened......

"Hung, you didn't defeat Zepuros better. Menlion's so full, he's pulling in."

"What, that means the girls sank in the sand, no way......!?

"It's been Menlion's brunch. And the brave side of the shepherd continues, and the rest is fourteen."


As the Wong Knights pointed out, the brave men had not defeated Menlion...!

Their protests reluctantly rewrite the scoreboard.

Dear brave man, fourteen people on the team.

06 Wild Dog Team Dust

Zepuros had made three resurrections.

Injuries take the prayers of the remaining Virgins and get back to normal.

Although the hair could be covered with a hat, there was nothing I could do about the missing incisors, so I mislead the tooth loss with a ventriloquist kind of talking.

Broken mirrors and makeup sets take away and replenish fan possessions.

He and they were no longer a pattern between idols and fans.

Yet a murderous relationship, like bandits and village daughters......


Those in the audience had already begun to stop being fans, but those nearby had already devoted their love to Zepuros.

Bandits...... No, the Brave Party leaves Menrion's big room and begins to make its way down the aisle.

Until now, Zepuros had led the way, followed by the women, but now the opposite was true.

A brave man advances to shield the women and sticks a spear behind his back continues.

This is no longer a tour or anything like that for fans.

Exactly, the death journey......!

And even for Zepuros, it was no longer a tour away.

Before exposing himself to any more ugliness, he was going to escape this pussy underground labyrinth (dungeon) and become free from the nearest emergency exit.

The route of this tour, set in the Land of the Immortal King, is embedded with law balls in most places.

The images of the brave men and wild dogs acting inside have been conveyed to all over the country through projection catalysts (monitors) ….

Only in part, as a refuge in the event of trouble, there are a number of places that can be blind spots.

For example, there are no law balls embedded in the emergency exit passage, and if you step in, the transmission will be interrupted.

Zepuros was plotting.

To be a hero of tragedy.

Fan...... no, for him it drives the female pigs to the emergency exit like livestock......

And where no one is looking, slaughter......!

"Oh, the ladies who were with Zepuros were left alone in an unfortunate accident. Must have made the evil goddess jealous......! Oh sinner, Zepuros......! I can't believe the ladies are going to bloom so beautifully again...! But don't waste the ladies' thoughts, there's only one thing this Zepuros can do: sing...! He's watching me in heaven, for the ladies...!

Zepuros was looking into it.

Using them to get more popularity.

On this tour, the nearby female pigs were seen many times not to be seen.

And I still don't know how that pattern reaches the outside world, but the fans' minds may be somewhat distant.

Then finish the witness and do one of the 'Memorial Lives' with gorgeous smart money and the female pigs will be back again......

I thought it was exactly one stone and two birds.

The only problem was that by the time we reached the emergency exit, there were several gates.

Inside that gateway is the third 'Between Judgments', but measures have already been envisaged.

That seemed like a perfect plan.

But he didn't realize it.

The emergency exit is blocked a long time ago.

And to the fact that fan separation is becoming more serious than he thinks...

Plus those factors become the fire powder......!

No, it's a hell of a fire and it's coming down on me...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Around the same time, not a single line of wild dogs had left Menrion's room and were going down the aisle.

Although the progress between the two was different due to various problems, the massage break on the wild dog side will coincidentally bring the footprint in line again.

With Gold in the lead, the women follow as they stare at his back.

Slumpy behind it.

It should soothe people's hearts if it were meant to be. That was now reflected as a more reliable being than any other.

Everyone is wooting, as if a chunk of trust is walking.

"Uncle...... Gold, let me follow you for the rest of my life......!" and Primla.

"Looking at Gordo kind of makes my chest hurt...... I've never felt this way before......!" and Shaomao.

"Gordo, you're seriously handsome, aren't you? I don't want to be with you forever!? Ah what should I do now!? That's right, Brittle, when you get home, let's have you be the manager of Ah Shira!" and Burning Love.

"Hmm, that's not bad," Blizzard Love said.

But in this there was only one quiet man.

Normally, he is the most fussy but not strange person.

"Mmmm......!? Why...? Why......!?

The Grand Virgin...... only Reincarnation Holly Doll had wrinkles between her brows and a difficult face at no time.