Brave men and wild dogs were stepping into the next room almost simultaneously.

In the whole of "kingdom of the immortal king," on the southern end......

Yes, to where the 'Third Judgment' takes place......!

The mural of immortal King Rich, standing on his feet, was something I didn't quite understand: he was sketching the victims of Hell's suffering on campus.

And in the center of the room, still the statue of the evil god.

Cold, glowing skin, like black gemstone.

There are four hands, the stamp of the stone on the right hand, and the hammer on the left hand, all the way down.

The direction is south, the name of that dark god is Parnugorne...!

It was a goddess of killing and plague, bringing countless rats together in her body instead of her clothes......!

"Also, you should go by that side. You don't know what's going on, so whatever happens, you guys watch it there."

Gold tells his buddies that it's as light as "I have curry for lunch, so I eat for it".

And like Ocan going out to play, he traveled with Stasta in front of the statue in a way he knew on his own.

Rich the Immortal King giggles as if the lava at the bottom of the earth were blowing out.

"Huffle......! You already know...! Then why don't we skip the prefix and let's just get into the third judgment...!

The wild dogs are ready, so all you have to do is wait for the brave.

But Zepuros was just making the best kime face against the law balls on the wall.

The monitor shows a white painted face in do-up.

The audience swallows solitude and waits for the words of the brave.

"Now, outside this kingdom of immortality, I have a wonderful gift for the Reddays who support Zepuros. For the lady who supported Zepuros in this judgment, specially...... let's give her a kiss from Zepuros. Not indirectly like so far, but directly......!

This is what Zepuros was thinking by the time he reached the emergency exit, secret one.

Real Kiss Giveaway......!

Until now, I have made hundreds of thousands of purchases at Gorgeous Smart to get entry tickets and I would not have gotten them if I hadn't won hundreds of thousands of lotteries, a kiss with Master Zepuros......

No, it's Yarace to be exact, I never hit it when I bought a whale enough to go bankrupt, a kiss with Master Zepuros......

How dare you just support Zepuros and you can get...!

What a big, broken behavior......!

The brave continue in a feverish tone.

"Ready? This is Zepuros' whim. There will be no gift for Kiss at the next trial. Missing this chance is stupid enough not to wear glass shoes.

For Zepuros, only during this judgment was the problem.

As long as we can clear this place, we can get out of the emergency exit in the aisle ahead.

But the only thing that hurts here is that I wanted to avoid it at all costs.

I've had enough of those painful thoughts.

When I got out of here, I thought I'd never explore the underground labyrinth (dungeon) again.

That's why, A Big Deal (Big Deal)......!

That's why lips are sold cheap (lip bargain)......!

Of course I just got support for this, and I'm not actually going to kiss you.

I had instructed the gorgeous smart staff to purchase and distribute a thousand fish 'kisses'.

"Imagine the ladies in the arena. From this Zepuros, the moment you receive a kiss......! That must be sparkling, melting mouth away...... fluffy, light, and slightly sweet......! Everyone wants to be greedy, it's a contract...!

Glossy lips with tongue, licking up perky......

Words masterfully decorate the flavors of fish kisses.

Zepuros No way, kiss kiss scam......!

The fans ecstatic at the suggestion of an unexpected surprise present.

A prince came to the house, making a scene like Cinderella's sister.

"Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!?

"Ugh, uhhhhhhhhhhh!?

"Why, Master Zepuros and I can't believe we can kiss...!?

"Hey, you're lying!? Aren't you lying!? What!?

"I spent over $10 million (ender) on the" Dear Zepuros and Kiss "campaign! Still didn't hit......!?

"Me too! But this time, I can't believe you could just kiss me with the support of Master Zepuros...!?

"This is the only way to support Master Zepuros anymore!?

"Yeah! I can't believe Master Zepuros asked me to go this far and turn me back on the wild dog side, he's not human!

"I mean, the kids who were on the wild dog side, aren't they coming back with this!?

"Right! Because you can kiss a brave man!

"Hey! You want to come back, kids who supported the wild dogs!? But when you come back, there will be no more treachery!

"Yes, yes! Even if you come back here, your kiss with Master Zepuros will be the last!

Wild dog side to be jumped yaj.

But instead of regretting it, the Wong Knights were eager to throw up hairy balls.

"Wow, why do I have to kiss that thick makeup disgusting guy? If that's the case, it'd be better if a wild dog bite you in the face!

"Uploaded faces, they were whiter than dead people."

"I used to try makeup because I wanted to be seen more like an adult, too, but it turned out that way ~"

I never dreamed of being treated like just a makeup failure bastard, Zepuros.

I was giggling in my heart that this would definitely get all 1030 supporters.

- Sissi!

I hear this Zepuros kiss, and no female pig can move my heart, sa!

Now whoever supports wild dogs will be gone as one......

There's no doubt that a tragic trial will come to him, Sa!

And one last look at Zepuros with overwhelming support, if we close the curtain of the tour......

All previous failures have been written off......!

It all goes round and round!

Such a ventriloquism leaves a backward, refreshing grin, and Zepuros stands in front of the statue of the evil god.

'Oh, and brave men, you seem ready to be judged! Oh, come on, judgment time! For my sake, move! Move! Huhahahahahahahahahahahaha!'

Even Rich's high laughter was cozy in his ears like a triumphant kai song to him now.

And the janjanjan barricades on stage, as well as the backs of this tour......

On the contrary, the followers, scattered throughout the audience, are relieved.

Giving a kiss wasn't in the script, it was a complete add-on to Zepuros.

But we're going to give all of our supporters something that's going to be a special prize in the campaign.

Fans who don't like this... No, there can't be any women, everyone thought.

It's a one-of-a-kind opportunity to kiss Master Zepuros! You can't kiss a brave man for the rest of your life if you miss this. Bye! Other than supporting Master Zepuros anymore, it's impossible. Yikes! Come on, four seconds left! Come on, guys, no! Let it go!

"Yikes!! No! Yikes!...... LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...!!

...... zdowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

Fireworks to be launched, along with counting up.

It was a victory cannon for the brave men and their servants.