...... zdowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

Fireworks that are a signal of settlement.

The brave man had received the vibrations of the faintly transmitted air in his usual 'Zepuros Smile'.

And a word toward the balls of law.

"... you're a good girl, kittens. Now the ladies have the memories of a lifetime. This is paid in advance of the reward."

Fly a chubby throw kiss.

After that, a word toward the Mural of the Immortal King.

"Come on, let's get you out of the way. Zephyrus is a free pass because he has zero wild dog supporters. Such as the aftermath of the lifeless, at times to this extent...... If you have the absolute charisma of Zepuros, it won't be possible."

More kicking, brave staring up, a word......!

I'm going to open my mouth wide so I can hold my mouth with my hands so I don't find out what's missing...!

"And remember, O Immortal King! This bond between Zepuros and the ladies is forever......! Even if it rains, it will always be even stronger after that...! Like a wild dog, I got it with power and gold, not in relation to deception, but in unison......! Zepuros says love is everything......! So if Zepuros is for the ladies, he'll be happy to throw out this life...! That's what this Zepuros has built......! Thousands of ladies', overwhelming support......!

But the Immortal King doesn't make it slight.

If this was a drama,

'Why, why...!? How can you leave the hearts of thousands of women alone...!? Is it true that there is such a thing as' love '...!? hey, what an immeasurable force......!? Goaaaaaaa!?!?

and the mural should blow up......

The Immortal King pronounced it, not the screaming of the Terminator, etc.


No way, big akbi......!?

'Do you want any more bullshit...? Then it's the result of the referee!... support of the brave, 874! Wild dog endorsement, 156!

8, 7, 4...? 1, 5, 6...?

The brave man heard the roar of the dead, like an empty ear.

And stand up.

"Ugh... that's a lie..."

However, I hope I went to see the acceptance announcement and found my number......

It was like when I was informed that that was the 'unsuccessful announcement'......

With an incredible, flashy face everything......!

And decimated.

"You're lying, you're lying, you're lying, you're lying! That's a lie!!!!

Zepuros barking toward heaven, not even trying to hide his toothpick.

If they were meant to be, they would have to be screaming together, as many as fourteen fellow travellers.

But it doesn't resonate, watching that screaming play with a shivering face.

"It would be more surprising to do that and still support 800 people..."

Their minds, who had been shown the identity of the brave men in various ways, had been completely separated.

And I was surprised.

"I can't believe there are 800 kids who can kiss me..."

But not so long ago, "The Kiss of the Brave" was fascinating.

Monitor Even if you see your outrage, enough to make you want it.

The vast majority of brave men in this world are violence-bodied.

Whether you're with a party or a woman in Harlem, you'll be fine and violent as if you could behave like an unspoken animal.

In that sense, human beings other than the brave ones in this world are close to being like wives who have had a belt with their DV husband.

Until I feel a danger to my life, I will devote myself to the brave as I was enchanted.

Not so long ago, what Godsmile had built had been established as an absolute existence.

Don't be afraid, the 'brave' brand......!

That's why Zepuros had absolute confidence.

If you flinch him with the gift of a kiss, he'll be able to get 100% of his fan support back.

But if you open the lid, it's disastrous...

It puts out over a hundred renegades.

The shock was immeasurable for him.

The parts of the vegetables that should not be shown, so much so that they are exposed again.

"Shhhhhh!! Liar! I'm absolutely lying, Sa! Zepuros is no longer fooled. Shh! I don't believe in Zepuros anymore. Shh!

I crawl on all fours, punching Dundan and his fist on the floor.

Roll around like a wasp and bump your legs.

"Yes! I can't believe I kissed you anyway, damn it. Just shhhhhhhhhhhhh! I was gonna throw a fish kiss at him. Shhhhh! For female pigs, that's what makes them shuffle!! Bar Cover Cut!! Booth Booth Shh!! If you want the most beautiful lips of this Zepuros, you will be as beautiful a girl as the Virgin of the Holly Doll family, or you will pay $100 million (ender) per time. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Out of nowhere leaks an endless voice that looks down "sucks..."

And he finally hung up.

Last trump card.

I set up a spear on my back, and I moved to bring justice, relative to the statue of the evil god.

"There's a lot of farce already, shh! If you break the statue, it's over, too. Shh! Zepuros doesn't do what evil monsters like you want. Shhhhhhhh!

As he headed to the emergency exit, Zepuros had two absolute plans in mind to overcome the "Between Judgments" that existed along the way.

The first one behaves like a kiss.

And the lid is just about to go...

Destruction of statues......!

This was set up by Gorgeous Smart, but that doesn't matter anymore.

We thought that if we broke the statue, even if we didn't have 100% support, we wouldn't be able to bring it to justice.

I haven't been hugged by the statue this time, so I won't even take lag.

If you are a monster of the order of "Moving Stone Statue," you don't have to use sword moves (skills) to win easily...!

The tour will be a complete mess, but have you already found out...!


Zepuros roared like a demon, speared and special attack......!

"Ahhhhhhhh!? Master Zepuros is headed for the statue of the evil god. Bye!! I didn't know you would resist Rich's judgment......! That's right, you called me a beautiful righteous messenger, Master Zepuros! Just right, worthy of the courageous, your decision......! You are a brave man among the brave!!

"Courage" in "The Brave" is "Courage" in "Courage"......!

But we haven't noticed.

That 'bravery' is to be the 'bravery' of 'barbarity'......!

Only one person knew more about it than anyone else.

From an early age, let him act with, support, and serve his purpose with a figure called the brave ancestor….

He said he had exhausted them, but at the end of the day, he was dumped, that (●) Osama......

For Osama, it was all a prospect...!

Shallow, 'barbaric', etc......!

...... Gah!!

The tip of a streamlined spear wears the heart of an evil statue.

That moment,

...... kah!!

Good flashing,

...... doh!!



The brave man's body was engulfed in flames.