"The Third Judgment" was restored from judgment by the Immortal King Rich because the statue was destroyed.

Unusual events during this tour.

The audience had become noisy and the back more fussy.

"Explosion!? And a new statue!? Then start over!? Ah, what the hell is going on with the whole thing already?!?!?

Behind the stage, Janjan Bali and the staff were puzzled.

Until now, although it was the pre-set Yarase that did not work, it was progressively as scripted.

Finally, both the Brave Side and the Wild Dog Side are bee battles for equal conditions.

So if the brave man had shown his natural strength and overcome his difficulties...... he would have kept his gorgeous smart face.

But the brave Zepuros never made one show, and it finally broke.

In an attempt to mess up the tour, he extends to statue destruction.

And a blast......!

Of course, the gorgeous smart side didn't do that trick on the statue.

I wasn't expecting it to be destroyed or anything, so I wasn't even preparing a spare for the statue.

But... he just showed up.

From the fall of the stage, it has risen like a thousand actors, a new statue of the evil god......!

All the sagging of the bad guys, etc., like foresight, like a famous service......!

"Hih!? Hii, good, good, good, good, good, good, good!?!?

Zepuros had lost his hips and was crawling away.

With all the little villains until brilliant, whose radishes are like lies so far.

"What are you doing?" Female...... Yes, no, ladies! Hurry up! Quickly and magically, you're going to destroy that damn statue!

directing them toward their men,

'You can try! The next explosion will span the whole time during this judgment......! Try shooting in the magic! Along with the brave ones, if you want to be a charcoal extinguisher!

Threatened by the Immortal King, the Wizards pulled the wand in lightly.

They already knew.

That if you don't even have a bad hand, all the judgment will be directed at the brave.

Previously, my dear, I didn't have to, and I found out that the actual identity was a thick painted outer passage that just looked a little good.

He was no longer willing to risk his life for such a man.

When that happens, there's only one thing brave men can do anymore.

"kingdom of the immortal king" … set up outside it, a special arena.

Thousands of women gathered there, they had seen.

Crawling towards a projection catalyst (monitor) as huge as the backscreen, it's like it just doesn't pop up......

Full of desire and conspiracy, the face of the brave...!

"Fuck you... ladies! Hey, I said kiss the fish, but, oh, that's a joke! Beautiful and beautiful ladies deserve these Zepuros lips! Come on, let's have a really real, nice kiss......! Mutually, the pranks are no longer good! You got it, kitten!? If you get it, give me your usual reply......!

Zepuros across the monitor pushes his ear against the wall after he's finished saying it.

But all that came into his ear was the sound of the wind blowing through the labyrinth.

"Kah! Zepuros sama!

The fanatical fans of the day still kept raising their voices in support of Zepuros......

Now that we're a few, we didn't even get to cheer Zepuros, who was in the underground labyrinth (dungeon).

"Why don't you guys support Master Zepuros!?

"Are you disappointed to learn that kissing is a fish kiss!? You're telling me that's a lie! It's a little brave joke!

"Look, look at that! Master Zepuros will give you a kiss face!

Zepuros kept his face even closer toward the ball of law, lifting his lips.

The red lip sticks all over the monitor, making a noise with the munchies.

After releasing the chupon and lips, add a special wink to the Rouge trail.

Evidence that this is true, hey!?

The great service so far has been unusual.

Until a little while ago, there would have been no doubt that the fainting continued.

But the audience's reaction is filled with disgust, as if to see a lame whale stranded in glass.

"Oh... please! Ladies! Oh, yeah! If you support Zepuros, I'll put you in Harlem! Yes, no, the ladies deserve Zepuros' harem! Yu, you're a brave man!? To the brave Harlem!? It gives you the big chance of dreaming about putting it in!

The brave man finally weeps.

'Oh... please! Please! Please don't bully Zepuros any more...! I don't like it hurting any more!! Losing this beauty any more is unbearable!! Ugh...! Hiku......! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Don't throw it away......! Thanks for not throwing it away............!! There's not even one lady who once dumped this Zepuros...! So I'm sure, I'm sure, you'll regret it. Come on! Wow!

Zepuros crying despite the makeup falling off.

Tears and runny nose mix together to scatter mundane colored liquids.

It has never been more falling apart, more ugly crying faces, etc.

And doin 'it up, sprinkling it all over the country.

Besides, that rideboy Zepuros......

As the leader of the most popular idol unit, Lykeboy, he called it the ultimate beauty, that brave man...

Tooth loss, loss of hair, all over dirty liquid, difficulty breathing......

You're distorting your ugly face and gasping like a dying monster...!

The Immortal King was silently piercing, as if waiting for the brave dementia to penetrate the world.

After a while, I declare it exalted.

"Huffle......! Once again, then, let's say we will have a third judgment......! Oh, come again, Judgment time! For my sake, move! Move! Huhahahahahahahahahahahaha! '

Higher laughter than ever ran through his country and beyond.


I didn't originally plan on it, but the backband starts playing BGM with confusion.

There were skirmishes everywhere in the audience.

"Hey, I guess you're not going to the wild dog place!?

"You know what happens when you go!?

"Yes! We would be fans of 'Lyke Boys' in the first place!?

"Yes, yes! Lady Zepuros isn't the only Lyke Boys! There's Lady Gizalm, and there's Lady Halbad and Lady Partizan!

"If we betray Master Zepuros here, we'll let the other brave men know and make sure the fans can't go on!

The fanatics make a leap to prevent disobedience, and at last they even begin to make threats.

Some people neither exercised their strength nor quit, so Charles Lunlot tried to pop out first.

But it gets stopped by the members.

"Nah... what the fuck!? Get off me, Team Three! Get out of the way, Team Two!

"Keh, you mustn't have a fight - Hmm!

"You can't go. They think it's a bump when they go. Operating staff are always looking for opportunities to forcibly evict people. But I can't do that either without a reason. If I get my hands on it at all, I'm gonna give you an excuse to do that, and you're gonna get stuck out of here. If you do, you won't be able to destroy it."


To an honest argument that doesn't sound like a ghoul, Team One who bites his teeth.

While that is the case, the time of fate looms.

"Yikes!! No! Yikes!...... LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...!!

...... zdowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!