"The outcome of the judgment... the support of the brave, 701! Wild dog endorsement, 329!

The retrial has increased the wild dog side by an additional 100 +...!

Nor did the tear appeal of the brave come to fruition...!

But the damage was rather insignificant.

There were actually more fans who decided to support wild dogs, but only about a hundred of them were able to move into action.

And then there were those who were inhibited by deep fans, those who even this period entrusted their hopes to enter the harem...... varied.

Either way Zepuros ends without being able to avoid judgment.

Besides, instead of reducing the punishment, they drove me to the more serious...!

'Then let's say to both of them that judgment will be given according to the number of supporters...! Let's start with the brave!

A voice that does not make you feel any pity rings during the judgment.

At the same time,

... Zun...!

Severe and painful vibrations occurred, as if giants were stepping on the earth.


Behind with screams, multiple footsteps.

Zepuros was unaware that the trial had begun.

Because I was shocked by nearly 300 fans away, stuck on the wall like a teasing child, and I was crying.

"Ugh... Ugh...! Grr......! WHY, WHY, WHY! Zepuros has never, ever, since he was born, asked...! I didn't even need that......! Moving the female pigs was easier than picking flowers......! It was my first, my first favor......! WHY...... WHY, WHY!? Female pigs just wish they were ringing back Buhibhi to what Zepuros says ~!"

... Zuzun...!

Zepuros felt a vibration of billowing and trembling on his back.

Squeezing up, looking back......

It's moving, the statue of the evil god...!

The black shadow made me look even creepier, and I was standing there...!

"Hih!? Hihi, good, good, good, good, good, good!?!?

If Zepuros was hiding in the closet, he would crook his face like a child found by a killer.

I tried to escape reflexively,

...... Zuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

The statue of the evil god extended his arms with such agility that he did not think it was made of stone that he blocked his hand following the wall.

"No!? Nooooooooooooooo!?!?

Screaming like a girl attacked by a pervert.

The audience was losing words to the tragedy to come.

but only MC's janjanjan bury squeezes wisdom and voice in an attempt to manage to perform well.

'Ah... that one! The statue of the evil god! One of Master Zepuros' sketchy depths......! "Cage of Eternal Love" Eternal Love Cage "- Zepuros Zone" Bye!?!? That means that that demon statue, Master Zepuros, has taken my heart. Bye!! I didn't know God would even captivate you, that's Lord Zepuros... '

...... Gah!

A dull impact sound is heard from the monitor, as if to strain the unreadable reality of the air.

'Ah... the whisper of love...! I'm sure it's love!? The statue of the evil god is sending an enthusiastic love call to Master Zepuros. Ahhhhhhh!

I was well aware of the difference of view. But I can't pull back anymore.

The law balls were capturing them from the angle on their backs.

From the monitor, statues and zepuros didn't look or look like a couple of wall-donning and flirting, so a giant burly trying to take it that way at all costs.

There are four hands in the statue of Parnugorne, each with a stone seal on his right hand and a stone hammer on his left.

The two arms were used for the wall dons, and the hammer in the left hand of the free one, Zepuros, swung down.

...... Gah!...... Gong!...... Gah!...... Gong!

Exactly the kind of sound that strikes the skull with stone rings in a constant rhythm from the back of the statue of the evil god.

"Gu!? heh!? Ugh!? Bye!"

Together, the screams of the brave.

From time to time, the red liquid from the soot blew out, splashing on walls and floors.

"Jeez, passionate! Crimson red...... such an unprecedented passionate kiss that the extract bursts. Awwwwwww!

...... Gah!...... Gong!...... Gah!...... Gong!

"Also, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!? Ya, stop... fuzzy!? Oh, please, higgy!? Ha, help, ha!?

Regular striking sounds like factory machinery alternate with screaming like employees who have been caught up in that machine.

Companions who can also be women employees, so to speak, just keep an eye on the far-roll, and nobody tries to get in there to help.

If you get your hands on it poorly, it's going to explode, and you're not the one who seems to be enemies with your powers.

No, more than that... they didn't think I had any more in-laws like that.

Gun! Gong! Gatsu!

"Whoo! Ohh! Guuuuuuu! Ha!

The beat engraved on the face of the brave gets a little quicker.

He used his last power to make words, other than screams, burst out of his mouth.

It is obvious that there is nothing more to be done.

My lover, on the contrary, when he's like he's dying, he... at the heart of the world, what are you screaming about...!?

"... what, why not?!? Why, why is it all Zepuros? Aah!? Oh, the female pigs over there, the female pigs. Ooh! I want you to hit me instead!! Immortal King! God! Parnugorne. Well! Zepuros...! I want you to help Zepuros!!!!

... it was the most outrageous, roaring of love in the world.

The brave man wants to be the only one who can help. Not really, he sells his fans off without a coward.

Until now, the body (Tae) of accident did not collapse, although it was completely open to deliberation.

This time, however, the same is true for making a grand statement of offense.

Besides, more so for the brave man, who leads to the evil god...

No, serious acts that are taken by humans......!

Brave man, darkness falls......!?

Of course, it wasn't even that well-dressed.

When he finds that his wishes are not heard,

"... let it be, at least! Or the face, stop the face. Yikes! Let, at least, at least not physically!! Oh, my God! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!

The beginning and end of a new prayer to the Evil God......!

But even that, I couldn't hear it......!

Gah! Gah! Gah! Gush! Gosh!

Evil god, still obstinate, face the brave man, keep raining the beating......!

"Ha, ha! Ha Ni is gone...! Meh, my eyes, my eyes. Huh!?

Blood spreading out at his feet, but by his painful, bumpy feet, he makes a sound.

One side per was stained red, as if every can of paint had been sprinkled.