Rideboy Zepuros has been since the moment he was born, until now......

I have treated numerous women like things and used them to throw them away.

I don't apologize to the women who made me cry, but rather shame.

"Tears make ladies more beautiful. Because ladies are flowers, and the droplets floating there are morning dew...... There can't be flowers that don't shine in the morning dew. Of course, to do so, it is essential to be illuminated by this morning sun named Zepuros…!

They are so grateful that they just whisper sweet words to him.

He got more and more on track as he was fooled by the colors and tried to do even more.

"Human life would be built on the lives of many flora and fauna, wouldn't it? It's the lady for Zepuros who falls for the flora and fauna."

The brave always trample on something.

In his case, it was just under that leg that it was called a woman.

That was normal.

An exonerator that a boy who gave birth as a descendant of Godsmile can trample on others, held by birth.

That's the 'brave'......!

That brand, which is immense, cannot be replaced by anything, absolutely.

Naturally, it inherits the genes of the great God, also known as the god of the living.

Exactly, Son of God......!

If there were any that could be said to exist, it would be certain that they were not men.

Of course, I didn't say no to Osama or anything like that.

If you are, is that God or the devil......

No, it's more like making even those celestial demons obey, a transcendent being......!?

Goddess of slaughter and plague, Parnugorne.

The seal in his hand, he says, raises all evil deeds of living and living things and burns them forever in the body of those who are pressed.

The evil god moved like some kind of hand, handled the brave man to 'one lynch' and stamped a burnt mark on Todome.

It is also the first time in this world that we have forcefully given the valiant a value other than the valiant, but also with a livestock treatment…….

The brand (Lettere) given to the brave man of the rare woman who made her cry is now exactly...!

Even this was shown on the monitor, live......!

Attention gathering, on the cheeks of a brave man covered in flesh, as if a new issue had been announced......!

Fucking, there it is...!?




Ruthless, three letters...!

Ruthless, just a bad word......!

It's like the two names that evil gods give, so everyone imagined something more formal and horrible.

Yet what is heckling......

The thread of tension broke and the world was engulfed with laughter, too, it was impossible.

"Buh......!? Buhahahahaha! Ha ha ha ha ha!! Ahhhhhhh!!!

"Ha-ha-ha! Look, look! He said it was a mess! Heckle!"

"It's exquisite to say."

Mitnight sugar on Charles Lunlot pointing and laughing.

Glass paleen as a kyoton without knowing what heckle means.

"Heh... heh heh!? Buh...! Buhhhhh...! Ko, this must be, in the words of a monster, buuuuuuuu...! Oh, 'I love you' or something, you know... that's what I mean, it's gotta be... Bye!

Bloated cheeks and desperately laughed, yet managed to follow through.

But that, in turn, wrapped the audience in a vortex of further laughter.

"Ha, ha, ha! Oh, I love you, yes!

"Stop, stop! Say no more! He's crazy and he's gonna die! He's dying! Ah, ha, ha, ha!

"Wow, don't laugh! You guys are still zepurists!?

"So, because! It's" Heckley "!? To tell you the truth, I kind of thought so, so it's kind of crazy! Besides, you thought so too!?

"Yes, yes! If you're not, take a good look at Master Zepuros! I can't wait for you to go crazy too, so that's how you're turning a blind eye!?

"Oh, no way that's happening! I just couldn't wait to see you!

"Then take a look! So if you didn't laugh, I'd believe you!

"Oh man...!... Guh... Buh! Buha! also, no more, I can't stand it! What, that face! Hahahahahahaha!

It was just as destructive as it made a strong willed fanatic look.

Anyway, the heckling brave guy across the monitor is falling apart because of the decency of those two names...!

"Gyawwwwwwwwww!?!? What the heck is this?!?!?

"Heh heh heh......! Buh... buh...!

The companions watching up close were eating up their teeth and laughing.

If you laugh, it's because the Thai kicks are waiting for you.

Never laugh Immortal King's Country Tour, Start Whoa!?

"Fuck, ladies! What are you doing? Shh!? Hurry up and get these burn marks back on track!!

"Or, uhh, I can't...!

The Virgins, lined up in a row, answered as they tided their faces, like an overinflated red balloon.

Behind us, we hang each other's butts and manage to burst into rupture.

"Bocco Bocco......! Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

"But the prayer of just healing such serious injuries already, let's see, it was offered...! Mmmm!"

"Shhhhhhhhhh!?!? Then make it up! Give me the makeup tools!!

Zepuros scratches the foundation from the women and paints it directly on their cheeks by hand without the use of puffs.

Bloody eyes as if your life were on the line, let's laugh extra.

"Heh... you're trying to hide the heck out of me...!

"Why, why are you so desperate...!?

"I can't help but say I already cared about that......!

"Ah, here, come here......!?

"No more! I can't stand it! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

"Stop, stop, don't come! With that face, don't come over here! Hih-uh!

"Ha, ha, ha! Ha, my teeth......! I fell out in tears, with my toothless face......!

"Yikes, hey, hey! Damn, then Sukkaska's, with a bald head......!

"Ugh, uh-huh! Now, even more bogged down injuries haven't healed, and my nose is bent...!

"Do it, stop it! Stop using phonetic sounds, like worn out or scurvy or bumpy! Painful, painful! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha!

... Dane!

Virgin, Outo!

"Shahhhhhhhhhh!?!? Don't laugh at this Zepuros. Uhhhhhhhh!?!?

A sorcerer who exalts and challenges the belly-held Virgins.

But it was stopped by the witches who swelled their nostrils.

"Hmph! Hmph! Oh, please don't, Master Zepuros! If you hurt the Virgin, you can't really treat her anymore!

"Guffaw! Oh, yeah! Now they are tired and can pray again with a little rest, so off we go......!

"Until then, the...! Heh... stay hectic... heh heh! also, flatter me! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Shh, shh, shh!

... Dane!

Magic Lady, Outo!

Finally all the companions twisted their bellies and finally a big laugh enough to cry.

It was for Zepuros, for the first time in his life... the first mockery he was allowed to bathe in.

For him, who has grown up being given only a sloppy trance smile, that is his first humiliation......

And so much passion that the blood boiled, it was an evocation...!


Anger, to the apex......!?