The brave man, who has also lost his anger hair rushing through heaven, switches to a wipe the moment he ejects the hot air out of his head.

I thought this was a bad idea, and the management staff once again distracted me.

Instead, the situation on the wild dog side becomes a big picture.

But this one here, it was a big deal.

From the evil gods of the slaughter and plague that have moved, so much so that they cannot be compared to the brave men and so forth ahead......

I am suffering terribly, I was in the middle of it......!


From the eyes of the statue, from the mouth, from the nose, from the ear, the flames erupt from the hole called the hole in the face...

What a wild dog he was on fire...!

It was like a dragon brace with a single point concentration, dyed the area red and red by strong light.

Intensely deep red, reminiscent of the blood shed by the brave...!

Burning is one of the most painful executions.

If you were a regular person...... no, if it was something that lived and lived, it must have been painful enough to run around like crazy.

Still, Red Lotus relentlessly, adding more strength and licking (nevus) around the body of a wild dog.

The momentum was sobering, echoing all over the room as the sky roared.

But the sad screams are so annoying that even that...!


It was a terminal scream, like the owner who was incendiary disposing of his dog in front of him.

And if always, there should have been six screaming lords, but not this time.


Oh, my God, even from outside the arena...?

Besides, even from the audience at the brave side...?

No, on the contrary...!


From Gorgeous Smart all over the country......!?

Countless many more women were shouting wild dog names out loud enough to wither their voices......!!

Did the voice also reach Gordon in the underground labyrinth (dungeon)...

Or just a coincidence, he looked back and said.

"I'm fine, so don't move. If you get your hands on it poorly, the flames could go that way"

The words were directed at Blizzard Love, who was trying to neutralize the flames with ice magic he was good at.

But Gold-kun's face was captured upwards by law balls, and it was delivered all over the country as if it were a decision dialogue.

The audience was listening to him, sweating on his forehead as if he were on the spot.

"... well... well...!

"The flames are after Gordon, so if Gordon moves, he'll hit the people around him too...!

"That's why Gordo, no matter how hot and twisted you are, doesn't move! To protect the Grand Virgin and Big Bang Love......!

"But... if you don't, Gordo will burn to death!

Just like that, Blizzard Love across the monitor was also talking.

inclined at any time, never absurd her voice when she

"So, but...! Keep it up, Gordo...! Gordo's gonna burn!?

That cool gal had a big tear on the edge of her eyes and screamed hysterically...!

But Gold was quiet and loud, like a big dog in front of a fireplace.

They knew that if they disturbed themselves, they would move into action, too.

"It's okay, calm down. Until this tour is over, I will never leave you all to die. I will guide you all to the end to accomplish your goals together and deliver you to a safe place…. That's what the spirits do."

Blizzard Love was no longer the only one crying.

"Or... cool...!

"Why are you such a gentleman when you look like Gold!?

"Yeah! It's so different from some brave man!

"Right! These brave men are so cool to look at and say, but they couldn't do it when they had to!

"Yes, yes! Because you take care of yourself all the time and sacrifice us fans fine!

Brave side audiences.

I heard a voice from the wild dog side.

"That's not what I'm talking about."

"Yes! But Gordo executes silently! And my Wonderful Knights have the power to exercise their word!

"And Gold is nice to all of us! I'm a Doji, and even though I'm just bothering you, you don't abandon me to help me!"

It was several solicitations, but many seemed heartbroken by this.

Shortly after the brave man was given a rating that could not be looked down upon any more: the brand of heckling.

of wild dogs coming there, behaving like gentlemen......

Gap adorable here, superb......!?

Many fans have been hit by this, and at last they begin to declare their separation from the brave.

Anyway, some of the core fans said, "I'm a zeppelist!" Enough to say.

While doing so, the flames from the statue of the evil god finally converged.

Fellows pack together in a wild dog that gives pussy and black smoke.

"Oh, the fire is out, but stay away from it because it's still hot"

But the heroines were already the limit of patience, ignoring Gold-kun's suppression and hugging him.

"" "" "" Gold-kun!!

"Oh, you're safe, more importantly! Uncle...... Gold kun!

"Fair enough, Gold! Does it hurt? I'm not hungry!? You want to drink your mom's tits!?

"Shaomao, worried and worried......! You were about to rip your chest open! I don't want to lose anyone I love anymore!

"Gordo, don't be a jerk. No!? Why, why are you okay with all that flame!?

Blizzard Love was the only one who remained silent while everyone was screwing around.

Only she buries her face in Gold-kun's chest, pounding her like a blame.

"I'm sorry for your concern. My fur is resistant to fire without Cerberus, so it won't burn"

And another thing was revealed from the person's mouth, the function of the dressing mushroom.

There was some exaggeration, but it was about being aware of the character.

Its name is' Unburning or Mundane '......!

The principle is: Fiber resistant to fire.


Gold-kun's clothing guru has previously protected Charles Lunlot's back from fireballs, Gold-kun backpacks and...

Slumdog Mart products were made of a "fire-resistant cloth" that protected them from arson...!

It's also smelled with the finest magic, so even if you take a dragon brace......

Common in cartoons, like dogs caught in explosions, the extent to which they can coal......!

If it was meant to be, a dog with such eyes is something that the audience laughs at...

As for this dog, that pattern did not apply at all.

"Oh......! Good...! Gordo is safe...!

"I wonder why...... I couldn't wait to hear about you, Gordo!

"Yeah, me too! In the first days of the tour, I was glad to see it terrible......!

"Soon, I became supportive!

"My God, I prayed to God by accident! Hope Gordo helps, he said...!

"Hey...... hey whoa!?!? Why do you keep talking about wild dogs? Ohhhhh!?!?

"Yes! This is where you support the brave!? If you want wild dog support, go that way......! No, no! I won't let you go! Are you going to let me go?

"Let's not! Heh, when it's down, for that matter, so is our salary...! Yes, no, it's nothing! And, anyway! There must never be any more Zepuros support!

The brave side's impatience had become visible.

My mouth slipped by accident, so much that I was about to burst into pieces......!