Though there was trouble with retrial, Brave and Wild Dog Side resumed their tour together.

Once again, back to the main part of the monitor, the brave man covered his face with a scarf he had taken away, hiding his heckle branding.

He's poking a spear at his companions with such a nari, so he only looks like a complete bad guy.

And furthermore, that number was decreasing.

An angry Zepuros chased the women around in wipes, and they fled to the nest of Menrion, giving birth to new Arijgok victims.

By the way, most people didn't see that.

They were all distracted by wild dog gentlemen, but the only thing I didn't miss was Midnight Sugar.

Her pointers make the scoreboard rewrite to the mood after all.

Lady Brave, Team Kokori, 09 people.

06 Wild Dog Team Dust

The difference, which used to be more than 20, is now shrinking to 3.

Besides, on the wild dog side, there's still not a single victim.

As if it were appearing, so were the expressions of the companions, as different as the heavens and the earth.

The Wild Dog Side is a bunch of women who want to stick around and can't help but chase after the quail and the wild dog......

Brave Side is being driven away by the brave with disgust rounds, just as he has now escaped...

It was the opposite of the hero show, which took place before the tour.

But a line of brave men stepped into a room...

The women who were about to slaughter me said, "Wow...!" and the exclamation leaks.

It was such a well-equipped and ingredient cooking place that even dinner to the royal family was likely to be served there.

Colorful meats, fish, vegetables and fruits that shine like gems.

Polished cooking plates and sinks are sloppy with golden and silver-like knives, pans, plates and candlesticks.

In the back, there is a pure white tablecloth eyelid table, whose upper seat is particularly luxurious like the chair where the king sits.

Stepping on the red carpet on the floor, the brave man at the head invites the women in as if they had become the guest of honor.

"Come on, ladies, this is your chance to appeal to Zepuros for his culinary skills. I need you to wave your arms fully."

Zepuros grinned his mouth so much that he didn't think the letter "Heckle" and his crooked nose were hidden beneath it.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Around that time, Wild Dog Side was going down the main road corridor.

"Uh, not kind of belly!? So is Brittle!?


"I don't know, you're hungry."

"Ugh, then if there's a good place on the way, shall we have lunch there! Mom, I got up earlier today than usual, and with the maids, I've been making Takusan Takusan freaks! Gol also made me a lunchbox for Gold for today... So cute, I brought you a delicious lunch!

"Um, sister...... The followers had the lunch..."

"What, that means... no lunch!? Oh no!?"

I got stuck in from my sister, Gunn! and a mother who will half cry.

A line of wild dogs steps into a room….

From the women who were about to sink, they said, "Wow...!" and the exclamation leaks.

It was a simple cooking area likely to be in an outdoor camp or something.

Slightly poorly colored, meat, fish, vegetables and fruits rolling over the floor.

Slightly rusty cooking plates and sinks are cluttered with crude knives, pans, plates and candlesticks.

In the back, it's like a table made out of shitty Sunday carpenters.

For some reason, there's a run-down kennel on that seat.

Shaomao and Big Bang Love had clouded their faces a lot, but the Virgins, who did not know to doubt people before decorating them, had their eyes glowing.

"Oh well! I can't believe there's a kitchen like this...! Just fine! My mom made you a delicious meal!"

"Sister, I can help you too!

He was a sister who slept around and tried to stick it out and head to the ingredients, but Gold held it back.

"Both of you, wait a minute"

Gordo, who kept his friends where, begins to carefully examine the room.

There's no trap, I'm on guard.

Bring a drop of something like a medicine bottle removed from nowhere to meat or fish.

Then, the spot changed color to purple.

"... there is a reaction of toxins that act on the spirit. You shouldn't get your hands on meat, fish, and vegetables that are here. And the cookware might have the same trick, so don't touch it."

And then go to the back of the room and check around the table.

Remove the doghouse and check the chair.

It fell apart after just a little force on the seat surface, so I quickly repaired this again with tonkachi, which I removed from nowhere.

Build a chair that's sturdy enough to look different, quickly for the number of people.

"I will prepare the meal, gentlemen, so please sit here and wait"

It was still the Virgin Sisters who made the first difference to the proposal.

"What!? Gol...... Gol cooks!? You can't do that! My mom cooks...!

"Yes, uncle......! Gold-kun! At least help......!

But Gold swings left and right as he sifts through his scorched, drooping ears.

"No. I'll do it alone, as the cookware may be trapped as well. Please, listen to me."

"But the ingredients here, they're poisoned, aren't they? How are you going to cook when you don't have the ingredients?

It was Blizzard Love who raised more questions.

"I'll procure it. The underground labyrinth (dungeon) has something surprising to eat."

Gordo answers that, paying more attention to the Virgin Sisters, and then leaves the room.

Though slightly uneasy, the women sat in their chairs for the most part, waiting for the wild dogs to return.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

In those days, on the other hand, the brave man stood gracefully on his feet on the throne and served an aperitif.

While letting fans serve.

If it had been before, they would have fought ahead if they could serve Zepuros, and now they have no choice but to work.

"Why are you cooking for such a hectic bastard..." he complained.

If you are so dissatisfied, you have already passed through the monitor all over the country.

It was supposed to be an act of disrespect and reproach, but what was gathering was much sympathy.

With the witches and saints cooking in full view, the wipes were just returning from sourcing.

He holds meat and vegetables that look fresh and big eggs from where he's been getting them.

When placed on a cooking table, a wild dog begins cooking handily with a removed knife.

I was staring at that at the table by my side, Mother and Primla.

I was going to get my hands on it now, but the rest of us were holding me back.

And... from among the audience, the perception begins to leak, naturally.

"Master Zepuros is letting a girl do it without sitting..."

"And that, no matter how you look at it, you can't..."

"But Gordo sits the girls down and cooks for himself..."

"The Virgins rather want to help... because they need to be in danger..."

Bistro brave and bistro wild dogs.

The sight was too different for the women of the audience.