As in the cooking show, Gordo was on the main part of the biography.

The Brave Side's cooking area was badly moody, and the brave man's up for wine was not able to withstand direct vision because of the 'heckle' lettering on his cheeks.

Gold-kun takes out the cock hat like a trick and puts it on his head.

Likewise, I was about to wear an apron, but I couldn't reach my back, so Primla was helping me.

The sight is like the mascot of an educational show interacting with your sister, what a smile.

The viewer also said, "Cute -!" And so cheerful.

Primla was trying to help cook all over that crisp, but she was pushed on the back and pulled off-screen.

When you're ready, Gold stands on the cooking table.

He began cooking while manipulating the knife like a juggling.

Firstly, strain the water on the pan, which had no problems with the water quality inspection, place it on top of the stove and light it.

Begin putting the knife in the meat you have been sourcing until the water boils.

The meat was a large chunk with about a basketball, a frosty running light pink color.

"Gordo, what meat is that?

Outside the drawing angle, voices like Burning Love's intrigue fly in.

Gold replied like a chef who serves customers.

"It's meat from the Menrion Arm."

"Buh!? ♪ And there was a buzzing sound ♪

Gold brought it as a chunk of meat because he decided it would be too grotesque to whisk the serpent in the cooking table.

That was his concern, but I still couldn't wipe the impression of Getestuff, inside and outside the underground labyrinth (dungeon), on purpose......! and the blurring ran.

All I'm saying is this is a chance, and Janjan Bali wants to make a scene.

"Oh my God!? Wild dogs are trying to cook monster meat. Bye!? They say the ingredients are all in the room!? That's the wild dog you've been clamming trash for so long! I don't feel good just imagining it! Ugeyeh! Dear Reincarnation, Dear Primla! Big Bang Love! You're running away! You're breaking my stomach! I guess I'll be a gerippi. Uh-huh!

The followers also finally put it on what seemed like a wild dog loss, so it was as if they had taken a ghost's neck.

"No matter how awesome the wild dogs are, they're still wild dogs! Eating monster meat is a terrible hobby!

"Yes, yes! I feel sorry for the Virgins and Big Bang Love who can feed them like that. Wow!

"Really! Whatever you say, you're a brave man at the end of the day! The fans who accompany you can cook for Master Zepuros, so you're really happy!

The Wow Knights said, "Monsters are yummy! We support monster food! Even shouting," there were few endorsers.

I can't help it.

There's still no habit of eating monsters in this world.

Such an audience reaction, of course, has not reached the cook.

He had a brilliant knife judgment, and was going through a tequila.

Slice the meat from the menrion arm so thin that the other side looks clear.

The water boiled, so I chop it in fine and throw it into the pan like the vegetables I've been sourcing.

"What's like that grass?

"It is a wild grass that grows in this underground labyrinth (dungeon), such as Tuchino Catavilla, Mizushiva and Harmexa. Each one is bitter, smelly and difficult to eat on its own, but it tastes like lettuce and water vegetables if it is treated properly."

While the chef and wild grass were watered, the next time he broke an egg that was as good as a rugby ball and divided it into bowls.

A disgusting voice leaks into the contents like a frog's egg.

"" That, Nani...?

Anxiously hammered Big Bang Love.

But it wasn't Gold who answered.

"That's a bat egg called 'Army Bat'. It's named Bat, but they say it's a bird. Out of one egg, about 30 to 50 come, so big and packed with lots of yellow. It's delicious when it comes to egg rolls."

The attention of the table is drawn to the primula that speaks like someone's receiver or seller.

"Pritch, why are you so familiar with this? Could that egg have been eaten before?

"Yes, when I visited this underground labyrinth (dungeon) before, my uncle... made it for the president of Slumdog Mart. And that's when I told you about the eggs."

St. Girl smiling, as if she remembers her honeymoon.

Since she spoke so happily, the feeling of egg gettedness was also somewhat soothing.

"Hmm, then you're safe."

"The president, you mean Mr. Goldwolf, right? That slightly sinister Kanji's, Kowamote Ojisan"

"Shaomao, too, thought you were the snake-head boss when you first saw him. But you were so sweet when I talked to you."

"Yes! Very nice of you! I am the most honorable...... yes, no! Dear Yuru, Oh, you're here... Hey, for the rest of your life, about your soba...!

The Holy Girl glances at Gordon with her face bright red all over her tomatoes.

It was an unprecedentedly bold and courageous confession for her to purposefully replace 'I respect you' with 'I love you' and pronounce it with a 'I love you' part...

I was so nervous, I chewed it as much as I wanted.

And furthermore,

"sloppy sloppy, sloppy!!

The beginning and end of being undone by a sudden roar of my sister, who was trembling with a wannabe next door.

"Wow!? What's the matter suddenly, Mother?!?

"Hmm, you surprise me"

"Oh, calm down, sister!

"What's wrong with you!? Something bad happened!?

Shake your chest...... no, make sure you're shaken up and you don't like it all over your body, Grand Virgin of Wagamama.

Primla and Shaomao, who were sitting next to each other, were about to fall for it, but they glanced at him with a giant marshmallow on their face.

"Oh, Primla, that's sloppy! I can't believe I was eating Gol's cooked egg rolls in confidence to my mom...!

"Oh, I'm sorry, sister! 'Cause when I told your sister, I thought I'd be wasting my time like this and bother your uncle......!

Once Primla was visiting this' kingdom of the immortal king 'to help her with her promotion exam for Glasparine.

That's when Goldwolf asked me to make an army-bat egg roll.

That was excellent, but I kept it to my sister, who was protecting me from her absence.

Because when I said it, I decided that it would really be taken like bragging.

And if they find out, at the end of the day, my sister goes into rampage mode.

I thought I'd stick to Goldwolf and stay away from him until I mouthed the same egg roll.

"Hmm, I don't know...... You can eat now."

"So-so! Uh, I've been on a diet lately, and I don't really need it, so, uh, I said I'd give you a minute!

"Ah, looks like you made it!

The cooking is complete while the girls burst Girls Talk.

On both arms, Gordon comes with a number of dishes with the dishes on them, and he carefully arranges them on the table like a waiter.

and other hot air. As soon as I saw them,

"Fluffy!?... Wow...!

The opposite is true during cooking, a dreamy reaction….

I wanted to sweep the table, the audience... the country...!