I don't even eat dogs, such as monsters that are considered the extremes of Getestuff......

The time I thought so must have happened to them, too.

But now it has become a thing of the past.

Wild dog chefs cook not so much......

It glittered on the projection catalyst (monitor) as if it had been effected by object shooting (bumps)...!

"This is Army Bat's Egg Grill."

The first thing the chef showed with his big hands was egg grills, like hall cakes, that run a golden glow.

Decorated with wild strawberries and other nuts, it was written in melted chocolate, 'Going with Mother and Big Bang Love, the National Tour of the Immortal King Memorial'.

"The eggs and nuts were picked in this underground labyrinth (dungeon), but the chocolate was melted and used as an emergency meal."

Whether the chef's explanation has arrived or not, the guests at the table are peeking into the dish despite the fact that their faces are damp with hot air.

The viewers in front of the monitor also can't stop throbbing at the feeling of too much sizzle.

"That's the... egg roll!?

"Wow... looks like a fancy cake...!

"Besides... it must be a monster egg!?

"I can't believe you can cook like that from a monster...!

Everyone seemed to eat in, but some could not be honest.

"Huh...... hun! What a disgusting bat egg!

"Well... let's not! It's just the way it looks, it's definitely a mess!

"And if you eat it, you're gonna get sick! Wild dogs are trying to make the Grand Virgin and Big Bang Love look bad!

And now exactly, so are those who are badly behaved.

"Ahhh! Oops! Why did you stay away! If you'd followed me, you'd have eaten that egg roll by now. No!

I lost my purpose in life.

"To tell you the truth, I was looking forward to that egg roll, too!"

The chef's explanation continues, roughly speaking of the Wonderful Knights of Disappointment.

"And this is the Shabu-shabu Wild Grass Salad from the Menrion Arm. Menrion arm meat is low in calories and can even be eaten raw if it is fresh meat. But I'm a little queasy, so I pulled the water with the soup I made with the herbs. It's good for your skin and you can expect a relaxing effect when you wrap healthy weeds and eat them together."

"Wow! That's yummy too!

"I've never seen a salad with meat before!

"But refreshing and easy to eat!

"And I can't believe it's low calories and good for your skin...!

"Hum! What's a weed! It's the weed that grew in there anyway!

"You could be wearing dog peeves or something, oh dirty!

"I'm determined to get bumps all over my body if I eat that!

"Hey!? What's that new menu!? I won't allow you to eat without your partner's balls. Yikes!?

"I feel like I'm being made to see the end of the world."

"Oh, I'm hungry too!"

As various emotions flew, the chef tightened his explanation.

"At the end of the day, it's Krag's soup. It's delicious because it's stained with hot menrion arm dashi. Enjoy."

A crag is a type of hard bread (hard tack) that is cooked using flour as the main ingredient.

It is common as a portable food for adventurers because it can be eaten as is even if it is a little stiff but not cooked during sunshine.

The soup stains and tastes even better on top of being soft and fuzzy and easier to eat when added to the soup etc.

Gold made one more dish using the crag he was bringing and seasoning the soup with seasoning with hot water.

The face of the table was dripping yodales from the edge of his mouth, like a dog wearing an oak.

Only Primla, who has experienced Osama rice most of the time, is painfully self-preserving,

"Thank you, Gordo, for the wonderful food. So, shall I have it? Sister, pray before dinner..."

Tuntung and his poked sister clapped to the point of banging Sparn and

"Gol! I'll have it!

I screamed a sumptuous chant of everything.

"" "" "Yikes...... you're welcome. Sooo!!

Primla and Shaomao followed, and Big Bang Love.

Every one of them is on an egg roll, a shabu-shabu salad, a moment of reaching for the soup and eating a mouthful......!

... Gah...!


At the same time, I flipped every chair.

Gold was just about to go back to the cooking area to prepare his dessert after dinner, so I'm late to help.

"Are you all right, gentlemen?"

Run over quickly and wake up one chair after another to help.

The antics who were watching the monitor screamed here.

"Ahhh!? Ahhh! Ahh! Ahhh! Ahh! Ahhhhhh!? After all, wild dog food was outrageous!! I just ate one mouth and I'm dying. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

"Probably, it was sooo bad!

"Yeah, it must have been poisoned!

"I'm sure it's both! I can't believe it's so bad and poisoned, you suck!

"You're a hell of a wild dog to poison the Grand Virgin! I support wild dogs, you guys would have seen them too!?

"This time it's all about tobo. Ugh, that's not how it works! That propaganda is more proof than anything!

"Yes! No more boring intentions! That's how much I put on my shoulder in a wild dog, and Master Zepuros won't turn around!

"Yes, yes! I just supported wild dogs and all I'm waiting for is good looking, poisoned leftovers to feed them!

Janjan Bali and supporters of the Brave Side, who recruit for once and for all.

The audience on the side of the wild dog, not knowing the taste of Osama rice, was frightened, but the ones in charge could afford it.

"Hung, you can keep saying that. It's the only time I can say that."

"I just fanned the lies side by side, and it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out to light that I can move people."

"Ugh, don't lie to me ~!

'Which one of you is lying - huh!? Those who have now eaten wild dog dishes have fallen. Bye!? The next word that pops up is already decided. Bye! The truth is about to come out in the light. Bye!? Bye-bye!

There was an actual reaction, so Janjan Bali is also strong.

Stick your thumb in your nose and pat your hand, stirring it up even this.

'Ugh... Ugh!

"Ah!? Burning Love is roaring!? Stay nagging, it looks so painful......! Poor thing. Uh-huh! I'm sure it's going to be ooh!!

'Ugh... Ugh...! Ugh......!

I can't see the expression on my droopy forehead, even though I capture the gal with the law balls roaring up.

My shoulders are shaking like crabs.

And... from the tip of my jaw, the glowing drops drip...

Poop, and on the wood of the table, the moment it stains......

'Ugh...! Uhhhhhhhhh!?!?

Gale raised her face in tears.

The expression used to pass the trance a long time ago.

Reddened to the ear instead of cheeks, no eye focus......

On the contrary, let it pop out of your mouth to your tongue......!

Why both hands, piece sign......!?

'It's good, it's good, it's good!?!? UMAHI No, no, no, no, no, no!?!?

He was spilling his cheeky face all over the country...!