The wild dog companions didn't have time for their eyes to dry after entering this kingdom of the Immortal King.

He seeped his sight several times into the crisis of life, sometimes weeping, sometimes withering his voice.

And that didn't change at mealtime.

At the dining table, it became like rain without knowing the sky, six women......

He was devouring food like a storm...!

"Ahhh, ahhh!? Why, why, why!? More than ever, very tasty......! Don't, don't...! I can't stop! I need you to bite me a lot......! I don't know! When I get your uncle's cooking, I'm stuck!

A primula that floats a pearlescent grain on the edge of the eye, moving the fork regardless, with a mixed look of confusion and creepiness.

"Ugh, ugh! I can't believe Gol was such a good cook! Mom, I wanted to gut Gol's stomach with Mom's cooking and not be able to stay without Mom. No! Conversely, Mom's, Mom's stomach just grabbed me! I can't live without Gol's cooking anymore, Mom!"

Spill large grains of pearls out of your eyes sparingly, cheeky reincarnation.

"Uhmahi, no! Magyaba Hino! What the hell, what the fuck!? This is the monster what!? This is the grass growing in its heap. Seriously!? Seriously, I have to not suck and not suck!?!?

Burning Love overflows Dovadoba and tears like waterfalls from his eyes, despite disturbing makeup.

"The egg roll flutters like a cloud and melts when you put it in your mouth... it spreads gentle sweetness...! The flavour is creamy and intense......! Yet it's not hard......! Hmm, that's the egg roll Revolution......! This snake shabu-shabu salad is the best match for the dusty texture of light yet savoury meat and the shaky feel of aromatic wild grass like flavoured vegetables...! Hmm, Burning Love in the salad world......!

Blizzard luv as if eating repo with beaded Shizukuishi on long eyelashes

The last thing I said was, did I say it myself and it lit up, I was dyeing my cheeks unwittingly.

"Yum yum! Yummy!? I've never seen anything so delicious before in my life! I can't believe I'm a superhuman spikesman and the food is so awesome... Who the hell is Gold?!?

Without even paying for the thread of tears passed down on his cheek, Shaomao raised his face and the person standing in the lower seat......

No, I stared at the wearer.

Under a bright white cock hat, a stubborn face that remains the same.

Even if it is dirty with coal, it is as if its only expression is permanent.

He has nothing to be proud of or luxurious about, just a word.

"It's just a wild dog"

That's also the heart of those who watched, cum......! and make it roar.


At the same time as the brave man made her cry, the wild dog made her cry again...!

And it's natural, so it could be extra tacky......!

"Oh... Gold...!

"Nah... I can't believe it...! What an amazing one......!?

"I saved the lives of the children I'm with over and over, and I'm in danger over and over again...!

"He said he was swinging, burning, and he was in terrible shape... and he looked fine...!

"And I can't believe I'm cooking food that looks so good for everyone...!

"I... was wrong...! I really should be there for you, not the brave one... it was that Gordo!

The devotional appearance of the wild dogs finally seemed to crack the strong faith of the Zepurists, who were thought to be absolutely undefeated.


"La, lunchtar-im!! Here you can have lunch with the brave, it's lunchtime!

A jaunty burly, disturbing yell goes in.

The monitors had already been switched and the brave men who put their feet together on the table were shown in large measure.

Zepuros was just about to score the dishes his peers were cooking for their appearance.

Its criteria are mainly beauty and softness.

'Um, this isn't a good color. I can't smell this. I'm not in the mood right now.'

He pushed the dish vessel with a spear pattern and pushed it back one after the other to the maker who was off the screen.

That was already a sight of chest feces going bad, but things are going to happen so much that even that seems cute.

At the side of the audience, a merchandising booth by Tarp Tent was set up to start selling specialty lunches.

"Saaah! For this stage, I've got a special lunch. Jaaaaah!! Plus this stage exclusive, with Zepuros Dear Goodies! I've already bought this, bought it, bought it, bought it, bought it, bought it, bought it, bought it, bought it, bought it!

There are ten kinds of lunches, the cheapest one for 5,000 $(ender).

When it was the most expensive, it cost 100,000 yen (ender).

Depending on the price, the dimension that original goods such as bromide and signed forks come on the omelet.

But there's only one type of lunch in itself, and the contents are mostly together.

So the price difference is reflected in the goods that come with it.

Besides, the only thing in the lunch box is rice, and there's nothing wrong with it.

Finally, instead of Zepuros on the monitor, we're going to eat white rice...!

If it had been before, the audience would have arrived, even if it were such a painful thing.

The illusion was that they were being tested for love, grabbed a bunch of bills, and everyone would have bought 100,000 ¥(ender) lunches.

But now, thriving...!

No one goes to the tent dealing with the highest amount of lunch......

Fans who are still awake and fans of planting......

I hated the fans that went with it and they just lined up in the lowest tent......!

Many of the guests who were on the Brave Side do not move on the spot.

No longer are those lunches equivalent to just a pack of white rice for them......

I was in the mood to pay $5,000 (ender) for the event…!

By the way, in conjunction with lunchtime, all food stalls are closed.

At last we created a state of attack on the soldiers, but Janjan Bali was in a hurry because his feet were at all dull than we thought.

"Mi...... what's wrong with you guys!? Buy lunch soon and have lunchtime with Master Zepuros!" Zepuros rice "is popular among Zepuros women, eating with posters and bromide Zepuros!? What a great opportunity to watch the moving Zepuros!!

But how many calls, many spectators didn't move like a strike.

Except for those whose hands are pulled, sometimes by the hands of fanatics, as if they could be sold even in paintings.

Janjan Bali was eye-catching with the staff.

If we can't make it extra, we burst a desperate sales talk.

"Oh, my God! Well, here's the chance, Im! For a minute from here, you can barely pull 10% off your lunch! Come on, come on! We have to buy it fast. We have to sell out. Bye!! 59, 58, 57, 56, 55...... come on! If we don't get in line soon, it's over!? It's over. Bye!!

...... shh.

"Ah, ahhh!? After thirty seconds, what a 20% discount on the price tag. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!? You're going to have to buy this now! You're gonna have to buy it! Sold out, I'm sorry. Uh-huh!

...... shh.

"Oh, my God! Courtesy of Mr. Gorgeous Smart extends service time!? That's gorgeous smart, you fat fuck!! And the price. Oh my God, 30% off. No, no, no!?!? This is your last big chance! You don't have time to get lost anymore! I'm running to the tent right now. Huh!

But immovable......!

Yet like a barrage of horses, the audience stays solidified and doesn't move there......!

Zepuros lunch box that keeps crashing.

Still, the consumer's mind couldn't move, so the last one, Giangian Bali, was completely crying down.

"Kyu...... 99% off....... 99% off...... JANG! Ugh! Mi, the store is stuck......! It's a big sale... Oh... please! Buy it! Buy it then......! So, otherwise, otherwise... you can't even escape at night... Ugh, ugh! Wow!

In addition to "Cry Down," a heirloom treasure knife for him, he finally succeeded in decursing the audience's petrification by turning it into a 99% off.

Though the waves moved a lot, almost everyone stayed to buy the cheapest 50 ¥(ender) lunch box.

Still, it must be selling all over, so Djangian Bali stops crying lies and runs around the stage again.

"Yes, yes, no, no! Full! Thanks for selling out. Ahhhhhh! That's just how popular Master Zepuros is. Huh! Oh, yeah! There are sixty different bromides attached to one lunch box, so you're going to buy a lot and complete it! That way the ladies can join the Zepurists at once. Ahhhhhhh!

... they hadn't noticed yet.

Both the brave men who are at the top of the stage and the brave men who can be selfish all they want across the monitor.

Bromide that was attached to the bought lunch, most of which was thrown away and miserably dirty at the ladies' feet......

Impenetrable among the Zepurists, which is also considered a 'stepping picture', is exactly what trash is trampled upon...

The braves had no reason to know that fan separation was progressing to trigger the Reverse Vic O Man Phenomenon...!