A lunch box sale that began suddenly, in conjunction with the lunchtime of the brave.

Operating staff had assumed that there would be a contest for the highest 100,000 ¥(ender) lunch box if it had been originally assumed.

But if you open the lid, it's miserable......!

It's usually cheaper than buying it in the store and they bought it...!

Still, Janjan Bali was relieved.

If it continues to sell, it will scratch the arm of my MC.

He was running around the stage not only saying that sold out was his handle, but screaming all over the country.

"Sold out! Sold out! Sold out. Bye!! Who made Master Zepuros' glory even more glorious? Yes! Leave it to this Janjang Bali, anytime, anywhere, whatever, Janjang, Bali Bali!!

Get on with it. Plus, Izzy the wild dog.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh? Minnah! Take a look at the wild dogs! There's no lunch sale over there! But naturally! Because lunches are what humans eat. Bye! Those bodily and minded wannabes are going to have to spend all this lunchtime whimpering! My stomach's gouging, it's so lame!

And exaggerate, ahhh! and glance with his hands on his face.

"Oh, wow! Speaking of wild dogs, leftover clams Bye! That's why we're gathering in such a dumpster, if we like. Huh! One of these days I'm gonna stick my face in that garbage pile, and to start doing gasagoso, it's gotta be, uh-huh!

It's all at the mercy of Gorgeous Smart for not selling lunch boxes or for creating a wild dog-side audience at a garbage dump.

But they stir it up as if they like it and are doing so.

Janjan Bali is delightfully painful and can't stop looking into her tongue......

It should have been.


Until one carriage shows up, coming into the audience with soot and cigarettes...!

The reed-haired giant horse was towing a carriage as big as a house.

The stand-up audience, divided into two pieces, is slammed further apart and sidelined in front of the stage, teasing so many drifts that it is likely to clash.

...... Zuhhhhhhhhhhhh!

"Uh-huh!? What the hell!? What the heck!?!?

Hikikiya-changing janjanjang bali.

The person in the carriage's passenger seat jumped onto the stage after getting up completely.

... Zuchin...!

An intruder with a large body enough to make the floorboards snap, due to the impact of the landing.

After staring down the MC like a statue of Jen Wang, he crouched down and snatched the stick, the catalyst for loud magic.

I held that stick with my pinkie finger up and looked back into the quiet audience, who is Stagejack......!?

'Supplies! I brought lunch for the wild dogs!

Rin's voice, like its stuck bow, was unmistakable.

Her face is covered in the same mask as the Wow Knights, and even dressed in knightly armor, who she is, of course......!

"Become, what are you!? So you're the rogue Slumdog Mart pointed at to screw up the stage!? How much wild dog evil is going to find out, so it's a harsh punishment thing to interrupt the brave man's event!! Stuff! I'm going to knock this slut out right now!

Musculoskeletal men come up from stage sleeves and surround the wild dog mask in no time.

Gorgeous Smart had a large number of armed men on guard for the event.

The wild dog mask is also likely to be familiar to the arms, with a supple body, but passive in many ways.

If men like Muscle Dharma jump at me, there won't be a single clump.

But she didn't break her invincible attitude.

Here's what I'm going to say to the men who are going to squeeze the siege net tight...!

"I received a secret order from one of you, and I arrived here faster on a horse than Hurlberry, the king! How dare you capture me!

From between the walls of the muscles, a jean burr with trousers on his face.

"A certain person!? Who the hell is that?

You don't have the authority to know that! But your reaction finally figured it out! That man gave his life to me... because you are unhappy and not square again!

The wild dog mask is bah! and hands, indicating the audience seats.

'Look! This event has as many as a thousand spectators! Everything you've done here today has been brought home as a souvenir story and rumored to spread throughout the country! Can't you understand that it's only bad reviews, such as pointless food attacks, that don't do us any good!

A wall that is drunk and softened.

"It is only by sending salt to our enemies to win that our feat name will roar all over the country...! That's what they want! That's why I do wild dog masks and stuff on purpose!

'Oh, you...! No, you know what you've been sent here for! So, but the instructions from Master Genocide Lower are supposed to be communicated by magical voices!?

A wild dog mask that shakes its head in a clean manner towards the devouring Djangian Bali.

"Ha...! Because you are so incompetent, the instructions given by magical voices have determined that you are unsure! I can't understand if I don't tell you how hard it is...! If you still can't believe it, check it out with its magical voice! You'll be surprised too! Your, so incompetent......! But it's also a good opportunity to get pus out! Come on, let's go!

Just behind the scenes, the staff, who were trying to give a magical voice to the genocide lore, stopped the movement in one word.

If what that rogue says is true, I'm sure he'll be pissed off at the time he checks with Genocide Lower.

Though I thought it would be a lie, I was somewhat more confident that the rogue had said it, so I got scared just before.

The backers said, "I don't like being pissed off, so make sure you check with Master Genocide Lower!" and begins to impersonate responsibility.

When this happened, Janjan Bali pulled back. There was no other way.

Because prolonging the disturbance any longer will also begin to affect the progress of the event.

The tour of the kingdom of immortality continues to be more lethargic, but if it becomes gudagda until the stage event that is relaying it, it will be blind.

The ratings of the partitioning Janjan Bali himself may become irrevocable, just like Zepuros.

I don't know if the wild dog mask really, took Master Genocide Lower's order, but if it's enough to distribute lunches, you can forgive me...

the decision is made.

... but the gorgeous smart operating staff, including Janjan Bali, did not know.

I'm just distracted by my immediate, and my assessment, and I'm just thinking about not dropping it, so I can't even...

In this one case, instead of being bitten by a wild dog......

to take so much more damage that wild dogs eat up their throats......

They hadn't even noticed...!