Mother Reincarnation, head of the Holly Doll family.

She is the Grand Virgin, the brave one in this world, the next in power to the king.

Having said this, he is so much of a person that he can even leave it to others to walk, but everything that concerns his family was of such a nature (tachi) that he felt sorry for not doing it.

Do the sacraments that are supposed to be busy in the morning like an honorary student's summer homework and be with the chores and family above all else.

She also bought and left to make lunch boxes and deliver them to her working family.

There are always three times as many lunches she makes compared to the general ones.

"You're not Bacca, you can't eat so much. Know your breasts and your lunches."

"I feel like a food fighter."

"I am so happy to have the rest with me!"

Wow Knights gave me a 2-on-1 rating,

"You'd have to be hungry on the way, wouldn't you?

Always with Nico's face, he pulls the crate.

And there's no way that a super-sized mom like that won't stick around when she takes dozens of offerings to the underground labyrinth (dungeon).

Here's what she said.

"Mom, I got up earlier than usual today, and with the maids, I've been making Takusan Takusan freaks!

Yes, on my way out to this tour of the kingdom of immortality......

Per person, he was rubbing a five-serving lunch box...!

There were thirty slum dog mart tour companions, but a total of nearly seventy personnel were to be mobilized for backup and rescue.

Therefore, the lunch box she prepared this time was….

Oh, my God, 350 servings......!!

Completely, it's the vendor's job.

This was also some kind of miracle.

Anyway, the audience that supports wild dogs is 329 at this time.

I just handed one out to one of them and they go over at their leisure......!

Instead of just 50 $(ender) of white rice, it's FREE...!

I was able to behave like a handmade lunch box for the Grand Virgin...!

"Hmm, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for waiting. It's a delicious lunch box. Aha, you're here for me, so of course I don't want the money"

Another wild dog mask starts handing out lunches, sounding strangely colorful.

The Wild Dog Side audience, wow! And I cheered and packed it in front of the stall.

Well, you've already noticed.

That this assault rationing operation is at the discretion of Coolaraka and Ms.

They were separated from the Gordos in the underground labyrinth (dungeon), looking for another entrance, while looking for a gorgeous smart stage event from afar.

And I notice that the Charles Lunlots are in the audience, calling for wild dog support.

If we manage to deliver this lunch to the Wonder Knights who are on the battle for food, it should lead to further support...

With that in mind, Kulalalaka uses a 'rusty wind' carriage to break into the venue.

And teased a generation of haunts on the staff who tried to seize them.

Illusion of plugging into a wild dog as an instruction from Genocide Lower......

Brilliant, we succeeded in delivering supplies to undercover operatives...!

When the Wild Dog Side audience opens the lunch box they were given......

Cheers came from all over.

For a triangular rice balls, one size sandwich......

Give it to the winner, fried shrimp in a meatball, grilled fish in a simmer... and even full of fruit...!

"Wow......! Big lunchbox!

"There's a picture of Gold on the lid! The box also follows Gold's face...... ugh, cute!

"It's amazing inside too! It's like a sports lunch box!

"The winner is Mr. Octopus, and there's Mr. Rabbit's apple in there! I can't believe you're cute to the contents, lovely!

Charles Lunlot, climbing onto the roof of the carriage, took the pronunciation toward the audience like he had returned to his childhood heart.

"Ohh! Then we'll all eat! Let's go!

"Here you go ~ SU!!!!

Lunch for the wild dogs, starting in a soothing atmosphere.

The brave side was moody as if jealousy, jealousy, and human ugly emotions had condensed.

"Why do we have to eat such frightening rice when we pay..."

"They're eating such a fancy lunch for free over there..."

"I knew I should have gone that way too..."

"Hey... what are you guys!" With Master Zepuros's bromide, you can have three glasses of white rice, "but we Zepurists were right!

"What have we been up to... such a mess... it's not like we can have dinner while watching the brave man..."

"When we have our next referee, we'll all go wild dogs!

"Right! I feel like my eyes are awake! Come to think of it, the 'gorgeous smart' way is kind of weird!

"Yes, yes! If you say anything, it's money!

"Whoa, the money...! It's something that shows our love in a visible way! Better to pay more, I love Master Zepuros more!

"That's why I lost that love already!

Those who say they are on the side of the brave but do not try to hide their flattery continue.

The confused staff panicked, and Djangian burly thought out.

"Bye, bye-bye! It's a special gift here! For everyone who bought lunch for Master Zepuros, it's a luxury gift!!

And suddenly, the staff's serving lunch box is behaved.

It was inferior to Mother's lunch box, of course, but that's where the fanatics showed their arms.

"Yay! It's so much better out of the box than being childish in the shape of a wild dog! It's not bulky because it's made of paper!

"And look! It's got a squash on it! Plus it even has Zepuros bromide!

"Ah!? And this, it's not an autograph! So this must be a surprise gift from Master Zepuros!

Its signed bromide was rapidly prepared.

It is that which gathered the abandoned bromide, and the backs parted, and desperately wrote and beat the autograph.

"I rarely get an autograph from Master Zepuros...! Master Zepuros was testing our love!

"Right! That also shows up in your lunch box! I can't believe it says LOVE in seaweed! This must have been made by Master Zepuros!

It is also what the backers partitioned and desperately messed with the valves with their hands.

"I can't believe you made lunches for as many as 700 people for us fans...! What an affectionate person Master Zepuros is...!

Furthermore, fanatics will not forget to find and contest the difference between wild dog lunches.

"And look at that! It's not in the wild dog's lunch box, it's got egg rolls in it!

"That's not all! And the salad! And the salad's not in that way!

"When it comes to lunch, egg rolls and salad are essential, but you don't know wild dogs!

"I must have made some leftovers, so I couldn't prepare them!

... Well.

Regardless of the salad, the egg roll is one of the classic menus of the lunch box.

And Charles Lott and Midnight Sugar favorites.

That's a fact that Goldwolf knows, as well as Mother and Primla.

Yet why wasn't that in the lunch box on the wild dog side......?

The answer to that is just one......!