An audience of wild dog-side egg rolls, shabu-shabu salads, all in one mouth.

Thank you...!

and this again simultaneously, the sound of the throat ringing, heard from the right side.

They are audiences on the side of the brave.

They no longer had their hands on their own lunches, which they boasted of.

It seems as if what we are eating right now is leftovers......

No, the fact is, the lunch handed out was a staff meal, so it could also be considered leftovers...

But more than that, another meal taking place nearby looked like a menu from a luxury restaurant.

That goes without saying, downtown boulevard.

It looked like a street childrens overlooking a luxurious restaurant from the alley.

The position of wild dogs and brave men is a moment of complete reversal......!

Snake Shabu-shabu Salad with Moist Meat and Misty Wild Grass, an Egg Grill that won't lose its sparkle and shine even if it cools.

The moments when they are carried into your mouth… the zepurists who tongue and stare like starving wild dogs.

Thank you...!

Also, my throat rang.

Now it was the sound of a wild dog-side audience swallowing what they carried in their mouths.

And then the fireworks launch.

Both the Virgin, who was properly seated and well-behaved, and the Wizard, who had broken her leg and was eating at ease......

The women warriors who were wearing the rags, the archers (archers)... and of course those who are not adventurers, all of them...

After stretching his spine all the way up, as if he were going to be fired at the sky.

"Ah... yes...! Ah...!

He was trembling with a tranced look, keeping his body against the bow.

Your eyes are moist, your cheeks are reddish, and your exhales are hot and white.

There were no more words in that space.

Just happy, just sweet breath......!

From the edge of the defocused eye, the glowing Shizuku floods, and then transmits the cheek.

The Zepurists peeled off their eyes like they had lost their eyelids and gazed back at their limbs.

From the edge of his mouth, which leaves him hanging open, his glowing muscles flood, and he drips from his jaw with a puffiness.

And... it finally exploded.

"Oops...... yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum!!!!

Like a full-blown fireworks, the delight colours the entire arena.

Anyway, Gold rice is so much so that even the Holly Doll Virgins, whose tongues are supposed to be fat, and the Big Bang Loves, fell off their chairs.

Not a single one of them, with about the middle class accounting for the majority of the economy......!

Grilled eggs with a melting taste, even if cold......

The wild grass is shaky, and when wrapped in meat and chewed up, the salad is juicy and savory......!

For the first time, they were shocking, piercing the girls' bodies and rushing through them like comfort......!

"Ahhhh!! No more, no more, really no more!

It's as if my will and body have turned true and reverse, I'm mad and gagged as I call out no......!

"Ho... Really, really, really yummy, no, no, no, no!?

"I thought both the Grand Virgin and Big Bang Love were exaggerating a bit...!

"So, dammit! My eating hand can't stop me from eating Hinooooooooo!?

"Egg grill is so plump even in lunch!? It's like hot cake!

"Ko, it's hard to believe this is a bat egg!

"And this meat! Snake meat is so juicy!?

"It looks sticky and greasy, not at all! You can eat as much as you want!

"It's this weed! Because thanks to the shaky weeds, my mouth is sappy...... Aww, I really can't stop. No, no, whoa!?

The Wild Dog Side audience seats were wrapped up in unusual enthusiasm, as if they had been subjected to mass hypnosis.

"Ugh! Ugh, you raised your arm, Goldwolf! I can't believe I've made this Atashi so obsessed!


"Say something! Squad Two! Are you crying?

"Wow!? Ha, I'm crying. Ooh! I knew I was glad to be here for something so delicious!"

"I don't mind crew number three! You won't be crying anymore!

"Shit, even Agent One!"

Charles Lunlot, who brings tears and sweat together and scatters them, Midnight Sugar, who weeps without saying anything like a rabbit, and Glass Paleen, who cries as if it were the first time.

Dreadful golden rice that also makes the Wonderful Knights fall......!

Its influence was half-hearted, and it finally brought to a conclusion those who were.

"Wow... I can't stand it! I'm going to the wild dog's right now!

"Wow, me! That lunch box, you can have a bite. Let's go!

"I mean, I want to support Gold properly! I've had enough of these breathless places!

"Let's all go to Gordo's!

And begin to disintegrate, the armies of the brave......!

Leaving those still loyal, many renegades went for the land of wild dogs at once...!

At the border of the audience, the Zepurists were blocked like borders so as not to send out this renegade.

Naturally, skirmishes erupt.

"Wait a minute! You guys are going to betray Master Zepuros with a lunch box or something!?

"Yeah, that's not all! I'm sick of this!

"Yes, yes! Dear Zepuros, Gorgeous Smart!

"Oh no... can I say that!? I heard you. I heard you! Are you guys here to stop being fans of 'Lyke Boys' already?!?

"And that's not all! Everyone will be banned from Gorgeous Smart!?

That was a lie from the mouth of a certain Zepurist, but the janjanjanbari that had heard of it rode like a hipster wipes.

"Sooo......! That's right, that's right! Supporting wild dogs is the same as saying you're a lowlife just like wild dogs, so let me say no to entering Gorgeous Smart in the future!

This is a dozen modifications......! was meant to.

Whatever the Ryke Boys fan club exit, Gorgeous Smart will be unavailable because it's deadly for adventurers.

But in a situation where such cockroach threats prevailed, they were no longer there.

"That's enough! I, stop being a fan of the brave!

"Yes, yes! Plus I don't use gorgeous smarts!

"I'm going to be a fan of Gold, and the store decided to use Slumdog Mart!

"It's cool to say what you look like, but I'm sick of being so hectic about Master Zepuros when it comes to it!

"Plus I'm sick of gorgeous smarts who just think about taking money!

"I see fans and customers only thinking about getting gold!

"In that respect, Gordo is different! The look and tone of voice are good, but what you're saying is gentleman!

"Plus, you're going to protect us all with all the lives you've had!

"I was wrong! I've always been fooled by the urban feel of Master Zepuros and Gorgeous Smart!

"Yeah! It's sophisticated and exciting... but it's cold and they can't deal with you without money!

"Yes, yes! I bought just one herb and I got hit in the tongue! I spent 100,000 yen (ender) before that!

"At that point, Slumdog Mart was different! Even the herbs alone didn't make me look bad! On the contrary, he carved it for me to use right away! For free, of course!

From the hole in the dam, when the water flows, it doesn't stop anymore.

More momentum, bigger holes, dissatisfaction erupts...!

I'm glad the overlooking view of the arena is no longer called Heaven and Hell.

Tongue drums on my lunch box like ultra-luxurious pure earth. Wild dog side, brave side with no stop yelling like Shura Road.

Djangian Bali finally strikes out to hard means to converge things.

"Shh, staff! Stuff! No more, I'm gonna hold it down hard to keep people from moving to the wild dog side. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

It turns Shura into hell, the last... and it was a forbidden hand...!