Outside the underground labyrinth (dungeon), there was a great panic over the terror caused by Gordo rice.

Of course, the faces inside don't want to know that.

Everyone has unprecedented taste in their stomach, wrapped in happiness as if they were cuddling with their beloved.

"Ha... uncle... uncle... nice..."

"Oh... Gol... Gol... Gol my mom... Gol my mom..."

"Ha hoo... Gordo, that's amazing... that's amazing... too amazing, Shaomao, no more..."

"Ahhh no... golden... golden... I definitely... want to be with you all the time..."

"Phew... Agreed, bye... And I want to change my name... to Gordon Love..."

One Osama calls everyone to let loose.

"You guys ate it all pretty. We'll make you some tea after you eat, so stay put and rest."

Osama, wearing a clothing skin, cleans out the dishes from the table.

I wiped the tabletop thoroughly, and now I arranged a teacup for the number of people.

Guests watching the handy work.

Their sight is already veiled, and all they see is Gold anymore.

Gold, who has his gaze all over him, removes the pot he left hanging on the stove.

To serve tea as a meal simmer, I first stood between the chairs where Big Bang Love was sitting.

Then the twin sisters hug each other as sweetly as they can.

And I've rubbed my face around like I smell it.

"I'm making tea, so it's dangerous," he cautioned.

"I'd much rather do this with Gold than with tea!

"Hmm, you agree with me a lot!

I couldn't get away with it.

But when tea is poured from pot to cup, they both......

No, the gaze of all the guests at the table was blinded by the overflowing light.

"Wow......!? What, what, what!? What is this tea!? You're not really pretty.

"Hmm, you're like the sun"

"Right. This is a type of herb that is often native to underground labyrinths (dungeons), called denlin. It is also known as The Hand Seeking the Sun because it stretches from the ground to the outside. There's a trick to extracting it, but when it works, it turns out to be a golden tea like the sun."

Gold explains it fluently, as if it had been transformed from a leading chef into a superior barista.

"Really, you're shining as powerful as the sun, and you're going to feel better just watching!

"Plus, the scent is lovely! It smells like a day......!

"Ugh, Mom, I've had a lot of tea, but I've never seen tea like this before!

"Denlin doesn't look a bit good, so many people don't even know it's a plant. When you become someone to fry and drink that further, I think you're hardly there. But the taste and aroma of this denlin refreshes your mood, stimulates your body, and motivates you. It also adds sugar, so I think you can get tired."

By the way, Denlin looks like the hand of a dead man who jumped out of his grave.

It is so grotesque that it was wrapped around it in oblate to explain it.

Gordo finishes pouring herbal tea into everyone's cup while the guests hang around.

"It's not a good idea to interrupt making tea," Primla said, saying it's her biggest hugging chance, restraining herself with natural seriousness and just stroking the surface of the dressing.

And born at the table, five suns.

Gordo said to the guests as if they were already bathed in its grace.

"Enjoy, then. May the tour after this be even better"

Faces that hold cups like they can't wait any longer.

Burning Love and Shaomao put their fingers on the handle and Blizzard Love as wrapped in both hands.

Primla and reincarnation are lifted per saucer for elegance.

The sun sucks into their lips at the same time.

Does it taste like...?






That was so delicious that my voice, like when I dipped in the bath in the cold winter, leaked unexpectedly......!

Gold snorts at them, both physically and mentally troubled.

"Okay, take your time. I'll clean up later, so we'll leave when it's done."

He turned his back on the still leaking exhalation and returned to the cooking area.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

As Gold was washing dishes in the sink, something fuzzy and soft stuck around his arm.

It was like slime, there seemed to be no concept other than softness. The people inside felt clear about what it was, even in the worn mess.

He didn't turn around, he didn't stop washing his hands again, and he snapped with enough voice to only pass on to her.

"... Mother, I must apologize to you. It's about the lunch you made me. There was actually a trick in the lunchbox I gave you this morning. I didn't mean to fool you..."

The girl who was holding onto her arm deposits her body with Gordon without saying anything.

"Gol loves it because when my mom does this, she always supports me properly... Soon, so splendid, so big..."

Mouthfeel like there was a time when reincarnation was bigger than goldwolf, but that's never happened.

But about that, Goldwolf didn't go in.

With a tone like a mother sweet to her son, Mommy continues.

"Besides, I can't believe he's going to be the kind of kid who keeps it to his mom and adds a little something to his lunch box..."

"Did you know?"

"Yeah. Mom, I can't wait to eat Gol's freak that put me in... I'll be patient, because it was so hard..."

And now she looked up at the ceiling like a mother thinking of my child working far away, as if looking at the same moon, she continued.

"I'm sure by now, Charles Lunlotte and the others are eating lunch. Would you like some tea?"

Denlin tea, by the way, was also put in something like a tea bottle that was attached to an old station valve and hidden at the bottom with the dish.

"I used my mother's lunch box like a horse..."

"Oh, I wouldn't mind that. It doesn't matter who made the lunch. Of course it's important that you have love, but if the people who eat it are delicious, fun, hungry, and smiling... I think that's fine. So mom, when I saw Gol's occassion, I was so happy. Wow. Plus I felt like I could make lunch with Gol and it was so much fun! That's why I've got the most tension ever!

Woohoo, Mother Reincarnation......!

What a word full of charity......!


The servant demon wolf also seems to seep his emotions into this.

But that didn't last long either.

"More than that, how about a dessert for Gol, too? I made some sassy tea to go with Gol's tea. It's my mom's special honey tomato!

On a plate offered sassy was a petite tomato that was stripped and hung like syrup.

"It looks delicious, I'll have it. What's wrong with this tomato?

Gordo asks as he pierces one petite tomato with a fork, lifts his mouth (like this), and carries it to his true mouth.

"It was all over there, see"

That's what the Grand Virgin pointed out...

It was a pile of ingredients, which I pushed not to lay my hands on so much.