The change first came to the Brave Side.

Zepuros made the women make the full course, but first as an appetizer, eight salads were arranged before him.

But the chief guest, the brave man, threw it all back at the women.

"I don't like either the color or the look of it. In a nutshell, excess...... By analogy, complexion is what a beautiful girl looks like wearing thick makeup... It's like you're killing yourself for good material. But I don't care, the girl's feelings are for Zepuros... the feelings are well received here."

Zepuros, who was sitting on the top of the table, so acclaimed, putting his hand around his right breast.

"I hope the ladies eat that salad."

In the lower seat, the women who carry the returned salad against their mouths.

And this kicked my ass.

The next dish on the course is soup.

Zepuros thrust back seven of the eight arranged varieties and chose a bright white potato soup.

"This soup is fine, smooth and beautifully unspoilt, as if it were this Zepuros skin. The lady who made it knows Zepuros very well. In this case, it's called compassion. … I'll have this as a pre-meal soup first."

The brave man praised it that way and tried to carry the soup into his mouth......

I was eating the returned soup, one of the women tongued "chip".

"What's with Zepuros' skin... disgusting thick makeup..."

A spoon of Zepuros stopped perfectly for a moment,

"... oh, apparently, there's a bug in my ear"

and gracefully recieve.

But every time I tried to eat, I got tongued, so in the end, I couldn't put my mouth on the soup.

That followed every time on the menu.

Meat dishes next.

"I decided on this white stew for the meat dish. Well-simmered and crumbled vegetables, melted meat...... It's perfect for Zepuros right now."

"Chip. What's the mood now... You don't think I found out anymore...? I can't eat it out of my teeth, so I'm just choosing something soft..."

"... oh? It's like there's a lot of bugs today."

And fish dishes.

"Yeah, fish dishes pretty much pass. Looks like you're all out of bones. I know very well that this Zepuros only speaks of things that are boneless, both ladies and fish. But I can't eat so much, one mouth at a time..."

It was the judgment of Zepuros, caring for the women.

But they didn't have one of their affectionate laughs, and one after the other they reached out and took the food away.

"If you can't eat, you don't have to."

"So-so, we'll eat most of it."

"We're not Zepuros' moms, so you don't have to eat them because you can't."

"And you're gonna be eating together, you boneless bastards."

Zepuros wandered as the women, who had previously frightened but obeyed, suddenly began to behave in a defiant manner.

"Shit, ladies...... what the hell is going on? You look like that, you ruin your beautiful face."



"We're not doing anything, are we?

"Isn't it Master Zepuros who's going through all this?"

"Besides, it's better than Master Zepuros' face."

"That's right, you toothless"

And there was no sniffing.

Next was a dish made with rice, but Zepuros chose risotto omelet with semi-ripe eggs.

This was a delightful dish to look at, with an omelet on top of the risotto, and when cut apart by a knife, a thick, semi-ripe egg spreads.

"Yeah, this is really good. Luxurious yet fun. Luxurious yet common. It's a wonderful dish that every lady loves, like Zepuros."

This dish was made by a certain Virgin.

When she learns about winning the tour, she wants her beloved brave man to eat, a masterpiece she made by specially training with the father of a leading chef.

His father taught her this.

"Cooking should not be made for birth or honor. The smile of the person who eats me, that's all I think about and make. That way, I'm sure it'll convey my feelings to the people who eat it."

Did that father's noble teachings and her pure feelings and efforts bear fruit......

The unnamed Virgin was finally spotted by the brave man she admired...!

But the girl was as faceless as a child who had lost her emotions after being murdered by her parents, even though she said she had put a smile in front of her that she had always wanted.

"Dear Zepuros, that dish has a final finish."

When I say that and stand up, I kneel about next to Zepuros' seat.

I had ketchup in my hand.

"You use ketchup to write a message over an egg. I give you the right words for Master Zepuros."

Girl running a ketchup brush with a flattering hand like a first-rate maid.

And so it appeared on the egg….


Example, three letters...!

Plus, it has a heart...!

The girl screamed as if she had suddenly regained herself.

"There's no cooking for a heck of a bitch like you. Yikes! But if this is how you get hexed, I'll feed you!

Zepuros, freshly screwed at once and much hardened by surprises.

The girl was in the face of the brave man, cheeks opposite the baking mark of the heckle, squeezing out the ketchup.

Thus appeared the face of the brave man….


Another example, three letters...!

Plus, it has a heart...!

Zepuros was suddenly self-inflicted, but all around him he was giving him a hearty pleasure.

"Hahahahahahahaha! Look, look, it's a mess!

"And three! Ha ha ha ha!"

"Ah, ha, ha, ha! Triple Heterae! Triple Heterae!

"But not enough yet!?

"Yes, yes! Let's do it too!

Women who arrive around Zepuros with red or yellow seasoning bottles in their hands.

Everyone has a sadistic smile like a bully...!

"Heh... what are you doing Shah!? I do this to the brave, and I just think it'll suck. Shh!?

Zepuros getting up from the chair trying to shake it off.

Exactly D (domestic) · V (violence) · S (sketchy) was also more confusing than angry.

Anyway, brave men are legally and universally generously protected beings.

Instead of being slashed and thrown away just because your shoulders have been bumped, you can erase that person even if you speak ill.

So most brave men have never been exposed to something called a man's malice.

That's why the shock when they do it is immeasurable.

Zepuros has the look of being betrayed by his parents and lags behind with enough momentum to kick his chair.

Once upon a time, the fans are approaching.

But now you're scared like a beast after prey.

Soon the hand seasoning had turned into a magic catalyst wand or knife or noodle stick.

Completely, he is a willing man to attack the brave.

"Duh... what's wrong...!? Why...... WHY!? Ladies, what's going on?!?!?

The screams of the bewildered and fearful brave were echoing all over this country.