The arena's three-sided monitor showed the kind of brave men who were being hunted down by the killers.

That was pretty important, but few people cared.

Because the audience was in a riot...!

An audience of finally paralyzed brave side developed into a skirmish with the Zepurists in an attempt to head to the wild dog side.

Besides, it was the staff that put in to crack it down, so the disturbance got even bigger.

"You brave men, get back to your sides!

"Yes! Go back! You think you can betray the brave!?

"Career!? Ouch, get off me!

"Shut up! Shut up and obey the adults!

"Why!? Why are you waving violence!?

"With the forgiveness of the brave Gianjan Bali, it's decided! Here's what goes against the brave!

"Ouch, ouch, ouch! Don't pull my hair! Then you're no different than Master Zepuros!

In the midst of the confusion, a loud voice burst from overhead.

"... Yikes!! That's the brave...... and by the identity of Gorgeous Smart!!

To that brave voice, the audience looks up together.

It was higher than the stage, on the roof.

On the street of a wild dog...... put your hands on your hips and be royal, three children......!

"Your make-up skin is peeling off and you're finally strong!

"They've been waiting for this moment."

"Keh, you mustn't have a fight - Hmm!

One of the gorgeous smart staff shouted at them.

"Ko... you said you were waiting for this time!? Who the hell are you people!?

Girls in wild dog masks pose one after the other, as if they had even waited for that question.

"Atashi is the number one force!

"It's number two of the moves."

"Wow, I... erm, in luck number three!"

"" "We, the" Wow Knights "......! Here and now, look!!


The sound of effects sounds out of nowhere.

"I'm coming! Ugh!

Jump best, circle and spin.

Kimmel the golden twin tail and make a cool three-point landing number one.

"Huh, the"

Pass on the little ladder hung on the roof, number two going down normally.

"Aww!? Hi-ha!?

Out of balance, falling off the roof, talking! and number three that can be tapped to the ground by a large letter.

Number one uses a stick and number two uses a magical fire to challenge the men.

"Oh, I'm gonna help you with that, too!

The wild dog mask also descends from your seat and follows.

"Ahem... is this good? Haha!

The other wild dog mask, along with a colorful hanging voice, was unleashing the 'rusty wind' that was connected to the stall.

Hee hee hee!!

No giant horse like a chariot rushes into the men.

The rusty wind, by the way, is a monster also known as the 'Devil's World Pluto'.

If the opponent is human, even if he is one of the strongest divisions in the world, he has enough power to be wiped out with his nose.

But now he was behaving like a normal rambling horse, because he was so tough to say from the Lord.

The Wow Knights join the fight and the Arena presents exactly what the battlefield looks like.

Whoever made that kick was pulling behind the scenes.

"What do we do!? What am I supposed to do!? You've never seen an event with such a riot!? If the upper management finds out, you're demoted!? Demoted, huh!?!?

Even over this period, it should also be noted that I am only thinking about myself, Djangian Bali.

When this happens, I trick someone on the staff into taking responsibility, and I just have to turn to the position where I was desperately following it, and so on...

"Bye, Dear Janjan Bali! My God! Master Zepuros is about to be attacked by tour entourage!

I was called from one of the backs.

I checked the monitor and it did show Zepuros in a one-touch instant state.

"Hey... why not!? Why are the female pigs attacking the brave ones? You were supposed to be freaking adult, like a pig on the verge of being killed until now!?

"Wow, I don't know......! Possible possibilities are that the poison, which should have been put only in the ingredients on the wild dog side, might have been mixed in, even with the ingredients of Master Zepuros......!?

"What!? It was in the ingredients on the wild dog side, 'poison'..."

"Yes, it's a poison that acts on the spirit! It makes me feel angry and irritable when I take it!

"That's right! So you were going to break up the wild dogs and expose them to ugly strife all over this country! But why is that in Master Zepuros?!? Someone switched!?

"No, it doesn't seem so! Looks like it was in the ingredients on the wild dog side right now too! Look, check it out!

The wipes the staff indicated with their fingers have Gordo who will be hunted down just like the brave......!

"Ko... this is your chance! If a wild dog shows up to be attacked by the Grand Virgin or the Big Bang Love, everyone's eyes will wake up! You should be able to hold back the female pigs who were trying to get to the wild dog side! Oh, you're switching wipes and showing wild dog pinches big time!

That's how I scream and jump out onto the stage, jungle burly.

The ugly identity of the wild dog is finally revealed! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyyyy! Guys, pay attention to the monitor. Yikes!!

With his hanging voice, the feud stopped perfectly.

Everyone holds onto each other and gives you a face.

At the top of the hill, on the big monitor......

Surrounded by women and cornered by walls, there are wild dogs of absolute destiny......!

Gold said, looking around at them.

"Guys, have you eaten tomatoes? Mother, I told you not to lay so much hands on ingredients..."

Mother answers as she leans over to Gold, who has turned into a scary look, enough not to quit child abuse either.

"Gol, you said...? 'You'd better not get your hands on the meat, fish, and vegetables that are here'...! That's why I thought the fruit was okay, Mom, and I made it a dessert...!

Blizzard Love, who was behind it, says with a cold look like a serial killer.

"Mother... Tomatoes are vegetables...!

Burning Love next door barked all over the fire.

"I don't care, I don't care, I don't care. - Whoa! Something serious, I don't have to get annoyed - whoa!!

Shaomao comes forward, like pushing Big Bang Love.

"It's all because of Gordo...! Shaomao, the limit of patience...!

Behind their angry minds was a primula seated on the table like a celebrity.

A look like a ghost daughter-in-law who found out about her husband's affair.

Emotions shown for the first time by a mild girl, so reputed to have forgotten the emotions of 'anger' in her mother's womb......

It was scary enough to be incontinent, if it were a concurrent man.

"Uncle...... are you ready?

Only the tone was as polite as usual was applauding its creepiness.