At that time, as many as a thousand spectators in the arena watched.

Hundreds of thousands of women, including people watching tours in gorgeous smarts all over this country...

The women attacked me, wearing a mascot...!

"Gol! How could you not call me Mom!? How can you not take a bath with me!? Why won't you let me sleep with you!? Why aren't you drinking my mom's tits?!?!?

Reincarnation is a rookie welcoming party, tangled like a drunk senior trying to force a rookie to drink.

I'm screwing my chest in Gordo's mouth all the time telling him to drink.

"Gordo, chew!

Gah, and Burning Love grabbing Gold's head and trying to drag someone inside out.

But it's okay to be wielded by the statue of the evil god. That's the only way out of the gal.

Finally, I couldn't stand it and began to rain kisses from the top of my clothes.

"Hmm, you tutsch! Mm-hmm!

On the other side is Blizzard Love, lips similarly.

But she was more ingenious.

He plugs his pointed lips into an empty hole for vision in the worn lug, making it look like a 'nymph' and deep kiss.

Finally, he imitated Burning Love, and Osama fought.

Because it was completely blocked in front of me, and because in front of me the lips of the gals were choo-choo imminent...!

"Shaomao is a boy hey!? Still good!? Is that okay?

Jumping from behind to Gordon, Shaomao doesn't leave like a child crying.

And at the heart of it, the namesake (primula)...

I grabbed the hand that Gold extended to ask for help...

"Uncle! Connect me with your hands! Look, look, guh! Geez! '

I was just obsessed with the memorial lover connection.

Four girls and one boy seemed to behave as they please, but never disturbed each other.

We didn't even show each other, but we were united in pushing Osama.

That goes without saying, as if to love one man......!

One-on-five, Harlem huh...!?

The audience who were in the arena stared at Gordo, who would be rubbed by the meat grove, over and over again with his throat ringing.

"Shh... wow..."

"The Grand Virgin can't stand it anymore..."

"I've never seen Burning Love like that..."

"It's more Blizzard Love than that, I can't believe she gives such a passionate kiss..."

"Even the always quiet Primla can be so disturbing..."

"Ohhhhhhhh!? At last, the girls who couldn't stand the tyranny of the wild dogs flipped the anti-flag. Ahhhhhh! Wild Dog, Bocco Bocco! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyy!!

And, MC just tried screaming,

"What are you talking about!? That looks like it's getting bummed out!?

"How did you see it? It's not love!

"Everyone likes Gold too much to bear it!

"That's right! Even me watching here, I love you about Gold......!

"Yeah! If I were you, I might never hug you and leave you!

"Ahem! I went over there, too.

"When this tour is over, let's all hug Gordo!


Guest seats were also eroded by Gold-kun to such an extent that they could no longer be deluded......!

"Bye..............................! of, I can't stand watching the wild dog up, so I watch the beautiful brave one, yah...!

And switched to bitterness, on the brave side......

"Stop. Shut up! Stop! Shhhhhhh! You female pig! It's unacceptable for pigs to turn their teeth on humans. Shhhhhhhhhhh!

That's what I can't really watch, the heck up......!

The eight women stood united against Zepuros.

The Wizard Guide stretches her mana shield and the Virgin squeezes her last strength to heal her companions.

Fly a fireball, slash it with a knife, beat it with a noodle stick, throw a plate......

That was so much collaboration that I didn't think I would have tried to get out if I had Sci, trying to be liked by Zepuros so far.

One-on-eight couple fights......!?

No, it's not as raw and gentle as a couple fights.

Killing the Pervert (Battle Royal).

The audience who were in the arena stared at the anger and fireballs, and Zepuros, who would be beaten down by the cookware, with the thought of his chest soaking.

"Shh... wow..."

"I can't believe you're going to stand up to Master Zepuros, the brave one...!

"I've never seen those girls before..."

"Dear Zepuros, the girl is doing this to me...! For the brave...!

"Hang in there! Do more!

"Ohhhhhhhh!? You've lost your teeth to your love for Master Zepuros, and the girls have started a fervent love call. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Love love you already. Yikes!! Master Zepuros is so jealous! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyy!!

And, MC just tried screaming,

"What are you talking about!? That looks LOVE LOVE!?

"How did you see it? It's not bumpy!

"Master Zepuros is so hectic, I can't stand it anymore!

"That's right! Even I, watching here, hate Master Zepuros so much......!

"Yeah! If I were you, I'd definitely, I'd be spitting!

"Ugh! I went over there and helped the girls too - hey!

"When this tour is over, let's all go throw stones at that heckle!


To the point that we can no longer delude ourselves, the passenger seat was full of brave Hate......!