... What the brave men and the women accompanying the wild dogs were saying was the same kind of poison.

The effect is to 'stimulate emotions and make them excited'.

But where driven by passion, we can't control the poisoned until what behavior they move into.

It's just like gunpowder, and we don't know what kind of bullets are fired by that explosion.

And that depends to a great extent on the emotions that the poisoned person had.

The brave man fired at me is like a tail return so far...

uncovered, hate-stripping hollowpoint bullets.

Now the brave man's body was scratched and his face was covered with bruises in everyone's attacks.

Dedicated to the wild dogs was the abundance of love that I have grown so far...

Instead of a first kiss, 101 kisses is not enough, Rouge bullets......!

Now the whole body of the wild dog was full of kiss marks for everyone.

Brave men and wild dogs were in another space in the underground labyrinth (dungeon), but ran away by chance at the same time.

"Ku......! Female pigs, don't get on with it. Shah! I'll kill you all, butch. Shhhhhhhhhh!

Zepuros jumped out of the room and into the corridor that leads between the next judgments.

From here on out was a maze, not a main road.

After the brave men who turn left to the right, the ladies like the wives follow them.

"Then you're not running away. - Whoa!

"Be as square as you end up! You hecklehead!

"I'll definitely catch you, and I'll clean you up with all the grievances I've had. Uh-huh!

"Even the fans I've been made to cry, I'm gonna bundle them up and punch them. Uh-huh!

"Kill him! Kill him, drag him around.

"I'm gonna make you look like you can't idle me again. - Whoa!

Kaya Gordo never left the room, he was only running around indoors.

Because when you jump out into the hallway, you don't know what kind of trap there is.

"Gentlemen, please calm down. I am in a state of excitement with my mouth full of poison that acts on my spirit. Don't do anything light-hearted because of the poison"

After him as he glides around the island kitchen or dives under the dining table, the women with their eyes hearts chase him.

"I don't know how you feel! I've loved my uncle ever since I was little!

"My mom too! My mom has been Gol's mom ever since she was little too!

"Ah Shira is going to have Gordo Chi become his manager and be with him forever! Uh, in the room where Shirafu and I live together!

"Oh well! Then you two Big Bang Love, stay at your mom's mansion! Of course, Shaomao! Then we can all stay together forever!

"Hmm, that's a good idea!

"Best wishes!

"Ugh! That's settled! Then just around Gol's room...... ah!?

Mother with legs and vertigo.

Unfortunately, before that, the cookware was scattered, including knives and grater money.

...... zhahhhhh!

But Gold-kun slipped in between, taking the falling mother.

The followers fall back and fall, but they are taken by Gordon's big breasts.

"... are you all right, gentlemen"

Even if you are running away, you will always help me if you have to......

It's impossible not to fall in love with Osama like this......!

"Uncle......!" "Gol......!" "Gold kun......!" "Gordo Chi......!" "Gold kun......!

The girls were full of happiness and cuddled to Gold.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Around that time, the brave...

He was standing alone in front of a buried passage.

"Ku......! Why... why is the passage to the emergency exit blocked?!?

Zepuros ran to the emergency exit after he took the chase.

Emergency exits are camouflaged and at first glance the same as normal walls, so they are only available to those who know they exist.

If you run in here and go outside, then you're free......

The female pigs that are left behind will be cramped into retreat, but I thought they deserved it.

But they inhibit my hand from going to the exact downfall.

The brave man refused even his last hope...!

"Shah! Shah! Shah! Shah! Shah! Shah! Shah!

As usual, Zepuros kicks the rubble.

Since the emergency exit is not rigged with legal balls, his appearance is not currently on the monitor.

It is rampant without covering up who it is.

"Why, why? Shh!? Why is everything not working SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!?!? Long after I was born from a dirty female pig, this Zepuros said it was extremely glorious! All the female pigs were for Zepuros! WHY, WHY SHE!?!? Why is everything on this tour, it doesn't work SHAH!!

If it had been originally planned, none of the companions would have fallen off due to the activity of Zepuros (Jarase).

The judgment was also scheduled to be all-clear by an audience of purchasing (sakura).

The wild dogs get caught up in every trap set up and expose themselves to ugliness.

He was worn out in judgment, and at the end of the day he was going to beg for his life ugly and finally sacrifice the Grand Virgin and the Big Bang Loves.

As a script, we take a big turning point there.

I'll skip the details, but the wild dogs will be slapping as many as 37 women.

They drag you around the underground labyrinth (dungeon) like a cloak and pull you outside.

And at the end of the day, he was stabbed in the todome on stage, and the hero show was a big circle.

The brave receive the blessed kiss of the Grand Virgin and the Gale Models......

Of course that's shown on gorgeous smarts across the country, so Zepuros' popularity climbs even more eels......!

And the reputation of Slumdog Mart, who became a complete villain, falls to the bottom of the earth......!

That is the whole story of this tour of the kingdom of immortality, going with Master Zepuros.

But the brave man is now, completely apoptotic.

I was all manipulated by an unscheduled trap, and somehow continued to be a renegade, and I got all the judgments.

Now he is branded a heckle, and instead of the Grand Virgin, he is driven from the female pigs as well...!

"Gu......! Grrr......! Why......!? Why... Shh...!

The collapsed Zepuros devoured his unlikely teeth critically, crying a man.

"This is all, too, Gorgeous Smart's...... no, it's Slumdog Mart's fault then......!

And then I realize that there is.

"... yes... What's going on with the wild dogs now...?

Brave and wild dogs, both tours are relayed all over the country, but the tourists don't know what's going on with each other.

This Land of the Immortal King has no projection catalysts (monitors) except some places, so we don't have the means to know in the first place.

If the other one is going according to the script, the wild dogs should be worn out by now too.

"That's right......! The chances of reversal are still there......!

Zepuros is, nita......! and made a creepy grin.