Planned by Gorgeous Smart, "Going with Master Zepuros, The Immortal King's Country Tour" was supposed to involve Slumdog Mart and unfold as follows:

Prepare four "Between Judgements" that mimic the Goddess of Darkness, skinning the first judgment.

Sanctions are imposed there according to the support of the audience.

Brave Side always gets the audience's endorsement perfectly and no damage.

The Wild Dog Side continues to be judged, and only the Spirit (Point Man) becomes a jerk.

If we proceeded as scripted, the wild dogs were scheduled to go crazy by the fourth judgment.

Wild dogs are too bitter, they lose their sanity.

With a heart I want to help, I would offer the Grand Virgin or Big Bang Love as a sacrifice to the Immortal King.

Worst case scenario, he may be dead before he goes mad, but that's fine.

Important as the flow of the script is that "there Zepuros appears ("), refreshed (")" …!


The Brave Side and the Wild Dog Side, each tour has a different starting point and different exploration routes.

But there was a trick that would allow us to rendezvous at any time using the 'secret passage'...!

By the way, just like the emergency exit, no law balls are planted in the secret passage either.

And now, Zepuros was running.

Take that hidden passage through the emergency exit.

Zepuros thought.

If I were like this, wild dogs would be worse.

If so, the Grand Virgin and the Big Bang Loves should be in a pinch.

If we can rush there, we should be able to turn the situation upside down...

That was the big reversal he flickered...!

Arc gear steel boots and zepuros thumping and advancing to expectations.

He opened the hidden door of The Secret Passage and broke into the route on the wild dog's side.

And sneaky from here on out.

His ears flutter and he relies on faint sounds to go solo.

Then I found a sloppy shadow in the room that was poking at me.

That metabolic body shape is exactly, wild dog......!

Zepuros, at last......

And now exactly, close encounter (engagement) with a wild dog party......!

"Wait, wild dog! That's all your evil deeds are!

The brave man shouted softly and danced to his room.

"You just look like you're not telling me why Zepuros is here! But that's easy! If it's a crisis for the ladies, this Zepuros, rowing the boat of the Three Moons, crossing the Horse of the Horse of the Horse of the Horn of the Horn, it's a curse...! Come on, wild dog, call me! I won't let the ladies touch one finger!

... bah...!

and around the entrance to the room, the wild dog asked him, turning his cape cool with the decision pose.

"Um... who is it?

Gold was just washing dishes in the sink.

They were rewashing dishes that had been scattered by the poison commotion.

The women at the table are flashy.

"Oh, well, she jumped into your room all of a sudden."

"Besides, there's something on your own, you said bumps...?

"Damn, honestly...... you're scary! Menlion, you're not my eyes!

"Hmm, suspicious."

"More than that, he's got heckles in his cheeks, and his face is full of ketchup and mustard... what are you talking about!? Ha, ha, ha, ha! Seriously, Brie is right, not perverted!?!?

Big bang by Burning Love, Zepuros realizes he's not wearing a scarf.

When I pulled into the hallway I just walked in, I covered my face with a scarf and wiped the condiment on my body with a cape that said I was waxed.

And he thinks.

- Oh, that's crazy...! Are you crazy?

Although the wild dogs are a little coaly, they don't look particularly disturbed!?

The ladies don't drink tea...

What the hell is going on!?

I'm sure he's scared of wild dog terror politics!

Now, the ladies had a tight face...!

Zepuros doesn't think as much as Tsuyu that he was making the cause.

- But you can't keep exorcising wild dogs like this.

Large mountain yard......

Finally, without the definitive pinch between the Grand Virgin and Big Bang Love, the activity of this Zepuros will not stand out......!

If this happens......

Until you pull the sole out...!

I came up with a new idea, and Zepuros did it again, Nita......! and gave me a creepy grin.

But if you turn it off right away, you make the usual soft look.

And then I snuck in again, peeking into a room with a wild dog party.

"Hey, Wild Dog Kung, I'm glad to hear from this Zepuros."

Zepuros laughing with Nimmer against Gordo.

That's from the side, while the pervert's hundred facets.

Gold didn't even know that, he deliberately rested his dishwashing hands and asked, "What is it?" and opponent.

"What is it here, somewhere else? Come here for a second."

Brave men, come here and ask.

"Okay. But I'm still on tour, so it's just a little bit."

When Gordo turned to the table,

"He wants to talk to me a little more about this, so I'll only be out for a little while. Rest yourselves."

I said no to the accompanying people who looked worried, and then I left the room.

What the brave men took me to was a secret passage that was snugly vacated on the way down the hallway.

As soon as he went inside, the brave man put his arms together great and turned to the wall.

"Today, oddly enough, Gorgeous Smart is touring the land of the Immortal King."

"Yeah, I know"

"The tour of Zepuros is more successful, thanks to this Zepuros it is paradise. The ladies are working with Zepuros, and it's tough."


"So I thought I'd hem that happiness into wild dog cum. This Zepuros will accompany you on your wild dog tour from here. Now the tour, which was gray, turns to rosy."


"I wish I was happier. Wild dog Kung has earned a great deal of honor as a spiritual soldier. Come on, get down on your knees to this Zepuros."

"I refuse"

"Oh, I think I've got a bug in my ear. There seem to be a lot of bugs today, so I'll keep the bug repellent. Ride Boy Zepuros is the leader of the most popular idol group, the Rike Boys. Ride Boy Zepuros......!

"Yeah, I know. Are you trying to tell me that you can't do the courageous thing?

"It's a really unique wild dog cum. I've never had this Zepuros, this" favor "before in my life. I guess it's better to say you don't have to."


"This Zepuros is trying to accompany the pathetic tour of wild dog Kung with a bouquet of large roses... no, I'm trying to accompany you with a flower garden. It's not a favor, it's a wonderful gift for the ladies."

"I've told you many times, I refuse"

Pickle and Zepuros frowned on Gold-kun's unchanged attitude.

"You know how disrespectful it is to refuse a brave man's gift, no matter how much wild dog kung fu you don't learn? If this is the employer of wild dog kung... What happens if the owner of 'Slumdog Mart' finds out that you are as thin and dirty as you are... No matter how much wild dog kung fu you don't learn, you know just fine, right?

Say it quickly.

Zepuros who talk faster than that.

"Zepuros has only been invited to Slumdog Mart once, but it's been tough. The owner sits down and licks Zepuros' shoes velvety, and the mother is the mother, crying and following her wanting to enter Zepuros' harem... If you take that attitude toward this Zepuros, who upsets both of you, the top layer of Slam Dog Mart, the wild dog Kung will become a real wild dog. Come on, if you don't want to be, kneel in this Zepuros..."

"I refuse. If you want to tell the owner or your mother about this, you're free to do so."

Zepuros didn't know it was Goldwolf, the owner of The Slam Dog Mart, who was in the dressing.