"How dare you!? A brave man is lying in a chindon shop all over this country right now!? Don't pull it anymore!

"The kingdom of the Immortal King" exists in this country in the Turkulm territory, called the countryside, but also in the back of the mountains.

But even in such a secluded place, they felt clear.

At Gorgeous Smart, which is now everywhere in this country, the dementia of the brave is being admirably released.

That the female customers who are witnessing it will be pulling like a tide......!

It was easy to imagine that each store would be in a lot of panic.

But I can't do anything about it.

Zepuros didn't seem to intend to go back to being human until he attached the promise of accompanying him.

Then all you have to do is pray that Gold will accept your company.

The rears begin to worship towards the monitor.

"Quick, quick. May that wild dog shake your neck vertically"


That would end this nightmarish show too......!

It's a mystery who Gold is, but it's clear that he's a good spiritual soldier (Pointman) since he's been active so far.

This maddening underground labyrinth (dungeon) that has been geared wrong will save the brave...!

But the wild dog just stares silently at the brave man rolling at his feet.

It's as if you're trying to pull off the further ugliness of the brave......!

"Ah-ah-ah-ah! You wild dog! How can you not say un! This Zepuros has become a dog of wild dogs! So if you are wild dogs, then this is what you are...!

"Um, Gold Kun!

All of a sudden, from behind you two, there's a voice.

When Gordon turned around, there was... a peek into the secret passage from the hallway, Shaomao.

"But if that person is that brave man's... like Ride Boy Zepuros, I want you to follow him with me!

"... why is that?," asks Gordo quietly.

"Shaomao, you've come to this Halbury country by visiting Master Zepuros! You've been to the" Ryke Boys "concert and visited the modem! But the bodyguard guy kicked me back... You wanted to talk to Master Zepuros for once!... you're right!

Now Shaomao begins to bow his head all the way down to earth.

Zepuros was up when he realized.

On the contrary, leaning against the wall in a cool armband pose, a hooky nihil look.

"You can't be asking me to go that far and not say un. Especially when you're on a gray tour of wild dogs."

Where did you cry earlier, completely from the top to the eye.

Gold won't regret it or regret it.

He looked the same as usual, shaking his loose face vertically.

"... ok. If Mr. Shaomao says so, ask Mr. Zepuros to accompany you."

"Thank you, Gold!

As is perfectly normal already, Shaomao jumps all the way into Gold.

And turn to the naughty uplift.

"So, um... As soon as possible, I'd like to talk to Master Zepuros. Hopefully, both of you."

"Okay, then here you are now. I'm going back to the room where you are and I'm going to keep cleaning up."

"Ah... thank you, Gold!

Gordo left behind a secret passage, saying, "If anything happens, please shout out."

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

After Gordon leaves, Shaomao checks the hallway just in case.

When I was sure no one was there, I cut it out against the brave man who leaned against the wall.

"... well, Master Zepuros... hey, I'd like to ask you something"

The brave man stares at Shaomao with a stream and returns it like this.

"It's supposed to be like a horse chanting theory for Zepuros, like Boy's words, right to left. But only today, I'll keep a plug on your left ear."

It was full of words I took around, but I was more surprised that Shaomao was told 'Boy' than that.

"What!? Shaomao is the boy, how did you figure it out!?

"Does the boy put it in his mouth when he distinguishes between food and excrement? For Zepuros, ladies and men are the same thing."

Shaomao that keeps his eyes open.

Its adorable face is the girl herself, no matter what you think.

Until now, the boy has never been seen as a boy.

And just like his sister, he feels a great shock to the brave man who spotted him and something like trust.

"Shh, that's amazing! I knew you, Master Zepuros! Just like you spotted Maomao as a girl, you also made me spot Shaomao's gender! You mean that Mao Mao!

Shaomao starts talking to the brave.

My sister, Mao Mao, is also happy to be treated like a girl by Master Zepuros and that she has become a fan.

And to be a Zepurist, to have come from my hometown of Henry Haochee to the Hurlbury Small Country.

But...... that it was in the hands of some person and that he fell unwillingly.

My brother, Shaomao, visited this little Halbury country to avenge his sister......

The boy who spoke enthusiastically, remembering his sister, sometimes stuffed his words.

But while I congest my eyes, I manage to talk about the situation.

Zepuros was listening with his eyelids closed so as to listen to the little bird chirp.


In my heart, I was fucking laughing......!

- This is...

I can't wait for my chance to roll in. Shh!

If you take advantage of this, less than or equal to a pig buggy......

Zepuros must be back in bloom again shah......!

Bad braves walk away from the wall to the front of the boy.

And I crouched down and spoke with my gaze.

"Boy, you are so fine for a man other than Zepuros. Zepuros knows about Maomao, Boy's sister, of course. That's why I'm here to help."

"What? I've come to help Shaomao...?

Kyoton, and Shaomao rounding his eyes.

I don't even know that the mouth hidden by the scarf of the brave man now in front of me is distorted by all the tears......!

"Um, who's Gordo? He's a hell of a whore!