"You know, Gordo is a hell of a killer...!

Revealed from the mouth of Zepuros is the unexpected truth (lies)......!

Among the quiet passages where only the brave man and the boy stood, a scream burst into tears.

"... Yep...!? Mmmhhhh!?!?

Zepuros held Shaomao's mouth in his hand.

"Shit! Don't shout out loud! What would you do if that killer asked you?

He keeps blocking Shaomao's mouth, which makes his eyes black and white in an incredible way, he continues.

"I can't help but be surprised. But this is true. I'm going to explain it to you, so I don't want you to make a scene, okay?

Shaomao is so shocked that his eyes are trembling in small pieces.

But he nodded with great temperament.

Zepuros gently releases his hand and begins talking.

"Actually, this Zepuros came here to exorcise that wild-dog skinned killer. Don't get any more unhappy ladies. And to save the boy."

"To save Shaomao...?

"Yes, that killer is a Sanitast. He's calling it a tour, trying to bring the innocent into the kingdom of the Immortal King and sacrifice them to Rich the Immortal King."

"What, the sacrifice, could it be...?

"Yes. It was Boy and the Holly Doll Virgin and Big Bang Love who were chosen for this sacrifice... those five. That's how the murderer got so many people in his hands."

"Oh, Gordo, you're not a man to do that!

Shaomao still looking incredible.

Zepuros makes an expression of pity even though he says "poor thing".

"Look, boy, listen carefully. Demons prefer human despair. If you are betrayed and sacrificed by someone you love, that despair reaches its pinnacle...... The killer used this tour to attract favors from the ladies and the boys."

"Ugh, no...! You're lying!"

"That's how he wants me to like him as much as he wants to shelter him. Be cool, boy. Something unnatural must have happened on this tour."

That's what they asked me, I let my eyes swim for a while, then hah......! and breathtaking shaomao.

"That... Speaking of which...! I've had a pinch of absolute desperation many times, and Gordo almost let me get over it......!

Zepuros nods back in a "still" way.

It was totally hatchy and an act to pull the next story out of Shaomao.

"I guess so. Because all the pinches that happened were set up by that killer...!


The truth of further shock (lies) pierced the boy's entire body.

"Above all, that's what supports it. There's no way I can explore the underground labyrinth (dungeon) wearing something like that. Just..."

Here Zepuros makes for.

To make a better impression of the next word.

"If you know everything that happens, it's possible...!


The boy showed a different color upset than before.

In his midst, which was full of 'surprises', 'suspicions' finally began to bring about sickles.

Zepuros, in his heart, sighs and laughs, stirring even more.

"Boy, you know what a suspension bridge effect is? It's a dirty way to mistake thrills for favors. The killer was thrilled with the pinch he had planted, and he was attracted to it by getting over it."

"Oh no...! Gordo... I can't believe he was...!

The boy snaps to bite.

He wanted to keep believing in wild dogs, but at last he couldn't do it either.

Four elements acted strongly on this.

The first is that Zepuros is a brave man.

The great principle of 'everything the brave say is right' lies at the root of this world.

And Shaomao was no exception.

The second is that Shaomao had a good impression of Zepuros.

First of all, my sister Maomao was a huge fan of Zepuros.

It worked that while there was an image of my sister's admirer, she had been spotted on her own gender as well as my sister.

"This Zepuros lady has seen what Shaomao really looks like...!

And almost the same gratitude as my sister had made her first impression of the brave, First Impression, the best.

A third thing is that I didn't know enough of Zepuros' outer roads.

If at all he knows that the brave man has been on this tour......

The words of the brave man are no longer convincing, and he may have continued to believe in Gordon, too.

And the fourth...

That's Gordo, but he was too competent.

If he were a regular spikesman, he would have survived ten more crises that were not strange to be dead, lightly enough to even make him feel spared.

It was certainly so perfect that they could not help but suspect it was a manipulation.

More of Shaomao's decisive hitting was the word he got from Gordo in a ramp trap.

"Mr. Shaomao, no matter what happens, I will not abandon you. And I will never let you die."

Shaomao was shouting at Gordon like this at this time.

"Duh, why!? Shaomao just bought herbs at Slumdog Mart!? And yet how did you get so far...!

That's right.

Impossible, such as risking your life on a customer who just bought herbs.

The question ironically made Zepuros' "Wild Dog Killer Doctrine" the biggest factor in getting the boy to believe...!

"That killer is ugly and distorted in his face and heart... That's why people don't like me if I don't do it and hide my face and do it the cowardly way. Unlike this Zepuros."

Plenty of brave truths held back even more.

But Shaomao still looked lost.

"But... you know, Gordo... you're incredible..."

Unexpectedly, the boy's shoulder is grabbed by a gut.

Ha ha I give you a face, there's... a brave man trembling in anger...!

"Boy, don't you get it yet......!? Maomao, the boy's sister, has been badly stabbed all over her body!

As a todome, Zepuros finally set foot in the forbidden realm...!

"... how could you do that!?

"This Zepuros... loved Maomao...!


Shaomao opens his mouth so wide that he has forgotten his words and his blinking eyes.

Zepuros' long lashes, with his face down, had a glowing Shizuku floating.

"Maomao, as if he had been attacked by a madman...... he made his body snarl and looked miserable that he would never see again......! That's how demon king worshippers (sanitasts) suffer sacrifices...! This Zepuros used it as a clue, looking for the killer...! And it was that wild dog who got there...!


"At the end of this tour, he tortures his comrades...! Take advantage of the favor so far and push it to the bottom......! Plenty, to offer despair to the Immortal King......! He was going to reveal it to the boy then...! He said he killed Maomao, Teng himself...! That's how I was trying to draw superb despair from the boy......!!

...... Zgahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Shaomao is like being hit by Hao Lei, vicoon!! and deceived the body.

And he starts to tremble with Wana Wana.

Zepuros held Gah his body, squeezing his tears.

"Boy......! Wake up...! And with Zepuros, I want you to fight...! As a sister brother, as a lover......! Who loved Mao Mao What...! Join forces, revenge. Wow!

At this time, the boy was feeling.

The cuddled, matching cheeks of the brave are trembling.

And the boy thought.

He said the tremor was due to anger and sadness, just like himself.

But the boy didn't know.

It's on my shoulder, the face of a brave man...

Halloween pumpkins yet, nita......! and that it is distorted......!