Zepuros played, many truths (lies) ….

That was a double shock to the two Big Bang Loves.

First of all, Gold helped me many times where I was in danger.

But it was all a rigged pinch.

To make the despair, when betrayed, greater...!

Thinking about it, I can snort that gentleman attitude, too.

That dreamy treat was also meant for better foie gras.

And what was even more shocking was that it was sold to Miglare.

I want to help myself, but it's what Goldwolf says......

We employ 'Slam Dogmart' gear and, on the contrary, recommend ourselves as image characters......

I even sent him on a tour that I knew would be sacrificed...!

It had so much impact on Blizzard Love that it was dumped by its parents.

Face pale enough to beat an ice-colored robe.

I'm so close to crushing myself to grief that I can no longer stand.

"Hey... Bar, what are we gonna do... Hey, what are we gonna do..."

With a lost look, he held Burning Love in his arms and buried his face in his chest.

Usually, it was something we only did when we were alone in our own room, but now we were so hunted down that we couldn't understand it.

Burning Love was gently stroking her head, killing her voice and crying.

"Hey, what do you think of the burritos?

"Duh... I don't know... that guy's got a lot of muscle to say..."

"Yeah, I'm not, and what do you think of the burritos themselves?

"I don't want to believe..."

I shake my face while I bury it, I don't like it.

"Miglare... I can't believe the admirer Miglare would do that... and I love Gordo, but I don't want to believe that..."

"Yeah, that's uh same!

It was so obvious that Blizzard Love raised his face as he peered through the heavenly rock doors.

When his eyes met, Burning Love laughed heedlessly at him.

"Uh, unlike the burrito and stupid, I didn't even know half of what the heck he was saying... Uh, same as a servant burrito, I believe you! Mr. Miglare, and Mr. Gold!

"So, but... What he's saying is that he's really passing through..."

"Muscle? The one that the burritos were good at taking? You took it beautifully and fed it to me!

"That's Micah's muscle..."

"What kind of muscle is that de perverted jerk talking about, to that extent!? So let's take care of Shira's feelings! You said that too, Mr. Miglare! I can't believe you're brave...... HA!?

...... Subashiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

Suddenly, the sound of being able to play broke in, and Burning Love glanced.

At some point I deposit my slender body with Zepuros, who stood behind me.

"Hey, what...!? What did you do to Barr!?

Blizzard Love With his tearful face, he kicked Zepuros.

The brave man is in his arms, stroking the hair of a girl with dark eyes.

"... you know the 'Suspension Bridge Effect'? Zepuros is dozens of times more exciting... Here's the thing...!

One finger of the arc gear came out, poking a ton at Blizzard Love's chest.

...... Subashiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

As soon as possible, something like a fierce current ran through the girl.

My heart starts beating rapidly and my breath gets rough.

My vision was distorted and sweat erupted more and more.

"Nah... what... this... get..."

Finally, Big Bang Love both fell into Zepuros' arms.

The brave whispers gently to the girls whose eyes are not focused.

"I love you, ladies. The ladies can't stay without Zepuros either... can they? Now, the ladies are part of Zepuros' body. Hands, feet... beating evil wild dogs with fists of love and kicking them with leg lines of love"

The words were like hypnosis, shaking the tympanic membrane comfortably and staining the body.

And the girls begin to melt into their hearts.

"Ha... Yes, Master Zepuros..." "Master Zepuros..."

Glimmered to sweetness, Zepuros smiles.

In my heart, I was laughing a lot.

- Sissi! Sheesh!

This Zepuros Special......

"As long as the courtship finger" Wonchu Finger "- Zepurostatch"......

Any strong woman is as thoughtful as she wants. Shh!

Humans are the more thrilled, the more favorable they are......!

If that's thrilling enough to put you in danger of your life...... I'm already mellow shah!

Zepuro Touch can only be done because it is the Zepuros of Arc Gear, Love Techniques......!

From the magic catalyst of arc gear's driving force, it creates a powerful electric shock and charm (charm) and sends it through your fingers to the body of a female pig......!

Female pigs have had cardiac paralysis as well and feel the biggest thrill of an imminent death experience......!

And maximize the effect of charm and reach brainwash levels. Shh!

The truth is, when I went to The Slumdog Mart, I was going to apply it to the Holy Doll family Virgin as well...

That abominable owner interrupted me. Shh!

Besides, this Zepuro Touch really stops your heart several times by repeating it to the same opponent, Sha.

Mostly then, when I'm tired of that female pig, I can finish it off with one stone and two birds......!

But no way, I never thought I'd be using this love technique for a dove kid either Sha......

Well, that's okay, Sha!

Kill the Dobkid right away, these two female pigs, plenty of them... I'll throw them away. Shh!

And now we're ready for a wild dog exorcism, Sha.

The Virgins are incapable of fighting, so there's no problem leaving them alone, Sha.

And then at the best time, to those dove kids and these female pigs, if they attack me......

It's the beginning of Zepuros' big reversal show. Shh!

Sissississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississis Sheesh............!

Sheesh sheesh sheesh............!!