Zepuros taught the operation so as to whisper love to Big Bang Love, who is going to be snuggly.

He seemed dissatisfied with being instructed to "behave the same way as before," but they both agree "if it's for Master Zepuros".

And while the Wizarding Sisters blush their cheeks, the brave ones are clearly...

He pretended not to be sleazy and went back to the room where everyone was.

There's Gordo... tied to a chair and rubbed into his body because he wanted to.

"Um, Mr. Shaomao, it's time to go check on the Big Bang Love guys...... Could you at least untie this restraint alone?

But standing beside him, Shaomao said, "No!" and drink one drink.

"The massage method passed on to Henry Haochie doesn't work unless you tie it to a chair like this! We're almost done, so be patient!

On Gold-kun's lap was a reincarnation of a lucid look.

Like a cat fumbling with a blanket, he was rubbing the chest plate of a mustache that he wore unconsciously.

"Oh well... I can't believe I have such a nice massage... Gol for this...... you can touch de's body all you want. Even if I go back to your mansion, I want to do it for you every day Wow."

Primla is behind Gordo and has a shoulder pad.

"Really, it's nice! This is how I've always wanted to rub Gold's shoulder!

By the way, Primla has tried to challenge your uncle's shoulder on several occasions in the past.

But all are on the brink and forbidden.

He just stared jealously at his sister's pine pack as she was happily shouldering him.

It was sudden this time, but Shaomao said he wanted to give a massage that would pass on to his hometown, so it took the form of being successfully ridden by it.

In addition, Gold was helped by the situation because he acted but remained like a guard caught by a female prisoner.

This is because Shaomao was ordered by Zepuros to stop Gordon with a lying massage.

The original purpose was to assist Zepuros in keeping Big Bang Love in his palm without being disturbed by Osama......

Then the Virgin Sisters were also assisted in indulging Osama's body.

Big Bang Love would have joined right away if he had ever been shown such a flirt.

But now, like when I just met Gold, I don't even seem to be interested.

"Ah......! Master Zepuros is back! Just about finished massaging!

Shaomao, when he admitted to the appearance of Zepuros, loosened the crease and the rope.

Gordo, who is free, takes his still clinging mother down to the side.

And I said to everyone, without any particular hesitation.

"As I explained earlier, from here Mr. Zepuros will also be accompanying us on the tour. We're all here, and it's time to go."

Gold-kun resumes leading the way as usual.

I leave the room with my hands up like a tour conductor.

Right behind you, Shaomao and Big Bang Love.

Whenever a chance comes, the boy puts his hand on the knife on his back and the girls follow him with a cane.

Continue with reincarnation and primula.

We exchange opinions on Gold's feelings until just now.

And at the end of the day, Zepuros entwines the Virgin's unparalleled gaze...!

I was thinking about tonight's victory dinner......!

- Sissi!

To the sisters of the Holly Doll family, the famous house of the Virgin......

A popular model, Big Bang Love......!

Both are impeccable vessels, Sha!

In addition to that, if you have a round roast wild dog......

As opposed to the status of Zepuros, it will be an even more nagging climb. Shh!!

And the line is, finally...

Also, I got to that place.

In "kingdom of the immortal king," just in the centre......

To the fourth 'Between Judgments'......!

Winter is probably the theme for murals that hold back the way they go.

Rounding up the deceased, it depicted the Immortal King making the snowman.

There are still statues of evil gods in the room.

This time, however, it was not central, but sitting slightly off to the north.

Black rock skin everywhere, like inhaling light.

In the hands of eight combined left and right, he poses like a dance before the battle, with fans and armaments.

The direction is north, the name of that dark god is Chow Chiltrik......!

He was a goddess of confusion and wickedness, letting giant spiders stick to his body like swimsuits...!

"Well done, you raw people...! Let's praise him for coming so far without losing his life...!

The already familiar announcement of the Immortal King.

But the voice did not come from the mural, but from a distant height.

The wild dog party in the room looks up.

Then there was no ceiling there, and the darkness of a space the same size as the room, spread everywhere.

This' Between Judgments' differed in structure from the others, as if they were inside the tower.

"In the fourth judgment that will take place here, a final judgment will be given to the brave and the wild dogs! Only one of them will survive that......! More support in this trial, let's do it as acquittal! Even if it's one difference, more is more freedom!

A majestic voice comes down echoing the sky as it buzzes about.

'And the less supportive will be sent straight between the Fifth Judgment for further judgment...! The judgment that will be handed down there is incomparable with what it has been!

Primla and Mother get scared and hug Gordo.

Gold was wrapped in both arms so as to calm them both down.

The two Big Bang Loves try to hug Zepuros.

"The plot will find out by the wild dogs," Zepuros said, kicking him with his feet and driving him away.

And Shaomao was alone...... standing behind a wild dog and even staring at his big back.

Now I can skewer it from behind, but until Zepuros signals it, I can do it all the time.

'So... let's call it a final judgment! Everyone out there, get ready! This is a serious choice, dividing the life and death of the brave and the wild dogs......! Then the same goes for a decapitated criminal! Huhahahahahahahahahahahaha!'


The shocking BGM of the orchestra behind the stage underscored the importance of the matter.