At this time, over the kingdom of the Immortal King, there were black clouds, and the arena was covered in dark shadows like night.

And the passenger seat was wrapped up in a blur, as if it had started raining soon.

If what the Immortal King is saying is true, the higher the number of supporters will be able to survive.

The audience now felt the weight of their responsibilities.

It felt the same way about the staff who interacted with the audience.

If it had gone according to the script, the victory on the part of the brave would have been unshakeable.

But now, what happens is utterly unknown.

In the last trial, there were 701 brave supporters and 329 wild dog supporters.

If even one person wins with more support, there is a good chance of a brave victory......

After exposure to all that ugliness, further declines in support can also be considered.

Besides, because of the brawl, the brave and the wild dogs are now in a no-side state.

The two are messed up, and it's hard to build a wall to stop the detachment.

It was only survival that I came here and The Wild Dog Killer Theory suddenly surfaced for me.

Zepuros revealed it in a secret passage, uncertain as to its authenticity, but the staff leans there.

"Hey! Everybody listen up! And think about it! That wild dog is a killer!?

"Yes! Shaomao, can I forgive the very bad guy who put your sister in a terrible way!?

"And Master Zepuros said! The wild dogs are after the Holly Doll Virgin and the two Big Bang Loves!

"Supporting wild dogs is the same thing that kills the girls over there!?

"That's not all! When he is acquitted, he will be released into the wild...! It's the same thing to unchain a rabid dog!?

"I'm sure the killer will come after us next! So please, wake up!

"If this happens, we will stop all those who are now on the side of the brave!

"That's right! Whether you drag your hair or injure it... whatever it is, don't make me go wild dog side!

Finally, the staff who complain of violence.

"JANJAZEEN! Big announcement here. Ahhhhhhh! For fans who supported the brave, I'd give Dawn and the cash. JAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! Come on, come on, you can take all the cash you want. Big chance. Ahhhhhh!

And finally, a jaunty burly that brings it up to a live ammunition attack.

It's like an upper wing cake......

No, as if to feed the fish, he's sprinkling gold with brave sideways from on stage.

The brave side of violence and gold blowing.

Once upon a time, on the wild dog side......

The Wolf Knights were screaming around like a storm, shouting their last appeal.

"Don't bullshit me!! Don't believe what such a heckly brave man has to say!!

Charles Lunlot was squeezing his voice from the bottom of his belly, annoyed but not flipped.

"Rather, the killer belongs to that heckly brave man! In view of what you've done to your companions, it's obvious! Gorgeous Smart is suing violence and money because it's about to be found out! I'm doing the same thing as a heckling brave man!

Midnight Sugar, who never roughed up her voice, was also screaming with her emotions stripped out.

"Ahhh! Please! Please!!! Gold is my loved one!! When that person is gone, I... I...! I can't live. Hey, hey, hey!

Glasparene had collapsed and was crying all the time making a pond of tears.

Their voices are completely withered.

Once upon a time, serenity, calmness and cuteness have no shadow to see.

As it was, the adults worried that they would lose their voices.


"Ugh!! What's with the voice!! Some mermaids sacrificed their voices to meet people they love!! If I can help you, I'll give you every throat!!

"That hectic brave man is absolutely lying! No, it's more of a fat, fat pig with a lie and a vanity! He who lies about making people unhappy, even brave men and pigs, can't be forgiven!

"Wow! Please!! Please!! I'll do anything in the dungeon. Ah!! Please help!! I'm going to help. Come on!!!

The withered voice burns up violently, like an exhausted candle......!

And finally, the adults were inspired too.

"Please! Support me Gordo!! If I lose, I'm hungry!!

"Haha!! I will do anything, please!! Please Shimaaaaah!!


At last, the Destiny Hammer (Hammer) is swung down in a backup match in which even the horse participated.

"Yikes!! No! Yikes!...... LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...!!

...... zdowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

............... Final Judgment "Last Judgment", Deadline (Dead Line) Huh...!!

The sky above the kingdom of the Immortal King was still surrounded by dark clouds.

There is no sunshine, and it is as deep as a book at night.

It was so empty that it was strange that no rain would come out.

There, the roaring voice of the Immortal King echoes.

'The final judgment was handed down...! Cry or laugh, this is all over......! Come on, the result is YEAH......!?

Like thunderclouds, the bikabika and the sky are bright extinct.


With the explosion, lightning strikes a nearby mountain.

But no one has stopped caring.

Everyone was shown on the monitor, nailed to the invoice results.

The support of the brave...... 516

Endorsement of wild dogs… 516

"Totally...... same number!!


The seats in the arena were divided into two parts, as if they were a sea cracking miracle...!

Most of the audience tried to move to the wild dog side.

But Kim... especially because of the violence, she was forced to stay.

"Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!?!?!?"

The announcement from the Immortal King was ecstatic.

As if it had arrived from beyond the distant sky, the voices of all the nations became one.

People start to talk to each other after they're flashy.

"I can't believe it's exactly the same number...!

"In this case, what happens!?

"It helps both of us or something......!?

"No way Rich, even called the Immortal King, would do that!?

"That means both......!?

But one notices a certain anomaly.

I'm neutral in my position, but I'm so brave I can no longer hide it, he...!

"Hey...... wait a minute. Ahhhhhhh! In total, it's 1032. Ahhhhhhh! I've always had 1030......!! There are two more of them. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

The reason for this was immediately apparent.

Because Arena Ju's gaze focused on both of them.

At the end of everyone's gaze, I stood......

On the stall, it was Kulalalaka and Miss......!

'None...... sloppy. Bye bye-bye!?!? Those two aren't invitees. Bye bye-bye!?!?

Jungian burly pointing and disputing.

The monitor switched and the immortal king of the mural went up.

'With the consent of both factions, I shall admit to jumping in!! The two of them have been in the venue since lunchtime, so we considered that there was agreement between the two sides!! If you are uncomfortable, you will not be able to jump in...!!

"Impossible! It's impossible. Ahhhhhhh!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Dear Genocide Lower! Just got the results of the final referee, Last Judgment!

"... the brave and the wild dogs were in equal numbers, weren't they?

"What!? How could you do that...!?

"Phew, if you look at the evolution of your supporters so far and your surprise, you can predict that much"

"So, then again, Master Genocide Lower predicted this would happen and gave that order......!?

"Naturally. We are not allowed to win. We need to let the world know about the overwhelming victory."

"But with that plan, you can definitely do that! Sa... that's great! That's right, Master Genocide Lower!

"Phew, it's not smart... I don't mean it."