"The brave and the wild dogs, the supporters are in equal numbers! So... let's settle for a duel by both!

of the homogeneous finals made from the Immortal King, how to settle….

It's 'Duel' …!

"The companions of the brave, and the companions of the wild dogs, will be acquitted of the battle and victory on this occasion! Let all those in the losing faction go straight between the Fifth Judgment!

"That's fine with me."

Wild dogs, still more sophisticated,

"Hoo-hoo...! I don't mind Zepuros...!

The darkened brave man accepts, blowing smoke out of his mouth.

Zepuros thought there were plenty more to be swept into the field than this already.

One of the gorgeous smart tricks didn't work for Matomo, and he's been getting a lot worse.

Besides, even the plan to keep Genocide Lower ends in failure.

The only thing that works is Shaomao and Big Bang Love, which I broke my bones and took in......

Zepuros thought he had to do something on his own.

And what about the other peers......

"Oh no...! I can't believe we're fighting over this! Please don't!

"Yes! Don't fight! We're both meh, meh!

Naturally, the Holly Doll sisters disagree.

"Uh, I don't mind."

"Hmm, I agree with you"

"Shaomao, too, is where you want it!

Big Bang Love and Shaomao were in favor.

"Oh no... no!? Until all of you!?

"We can't all have a fight! My mom won't forgive me!?

The Virgin Sisters, who complain with half a cry, try to jump out of Gold-kun's chest.

But Gold, for the first time here... was holding their hips tight.

"Ohh... Uncle!?" "Gol!?

"You two, wait here. If you get injured, you'll need to be treated."

"Oh no... no! I don't like it!" "That's right! No fighting, and I don't want to leave you!

"This, for us, is what we need"

"" Necessary, what...?

My eyes, moistened by the possibility of spills, are now opened in circles.

The personality was different, and this kind of trick looked like sisters.

"That's right. Me, Mr. Shaomao and Mr. Big Bang Love...... And Mao Mao and Miglare's... to liquidate the past"

The name of an unexpected person was given by Gordon's mouth, so Shaomao and Big Bang Love both react with Pickle.

Primla, whatever it was about, was just confused,

"... okay"

Mother snorted and nodded as she accepted the journey of her son, who was opposed.


"My mom won't stop anymore, and she won't ask me what I'm going to do... But Gol, that's all I need you to promise me."

"What is it?

A clap with a closed eyelid, full of tears.

It sparkled like a diamond and transmitted its cheeks.

And his eyes, which were opened again, were as blue as his mother's planet.

"I just want you to listen to one thing my mom and Primla say... Absolutely to us, we'll all come back... promise you'll do us a favor..."

This was a mother's wish for survival.

The wish itself doesn't have to be fulfilled otherwise......

Just to hear it out, I want you to go home alive...

That was the only thing Mother ever wanted.


Gordo nodded slowly, looking the same as usual.

No more primula, no more stopping.

With his voice trembling, he buried his face in the chest of the dresser,

"Uncle, Uncle...! Absolutely, definitely come back......!

I gave him a crying face, and walked away from Gold, like he was shaking off untrained.

As they moved to the corner of the room,

...... Gaco on!!

The floor of the room rises.

This room is about to rise and fall around the center, and that's what lifted it up.

The thick strut grows and pushes up and down as much as the lift.

The missing part of the floor had no bottom and was cavity.

There is so much deep darkness everywhere that I can't see downstairs.

Only the outer peripheral floor is left behind, where the Virgin Sisters are.

On the floor rising like a special ring are Goldwolf, Shaomao, Big Bang Love...... and Zepuros......!

... If Reincarnation and Primla knew the mood of everyone going to battle, they wouldn't have dropped him off so far.

I put my body up. But I would have stopped, and I must have definitely followed you.

They still didn't know...

Shaomao and Big Bang Love are being taken in by the brave......!

Speaking of team splitting, an overwhelmingly favorable situation: four wild dog sides and one brave side.

But the truth is, vice versa...!

There is only one wild dog who has to deal with a brave man, a swordsman, and two great demon guided women...!

Those who watched the whole thing in the arena had their voices up.

"O...... GOLDULHHHHHHHHHHH!! You can't go! Don't go, hey, hey, hey! They're all going to betray you!

"The sword moves of the brave are not scary if you are alone! But while there's an avant-garde named Shaomao, there's a Big Bang Love with a Mana Shield! We have too many conditions to activate Heartslash Rolling Dancers! Don't take that big sword move... not even a bunch of dragons!

"No, ahhh!! Mr. Goldwolf!! To, run! Running away, eh, eh!

But that voice can't even reach you.

Janjan Bali became alone, but she was dancing all over the stage with her hands flickering, like a butterfly singing the spring of our world.

"Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyyyyyy!! To a brave opponent, and on a four-to-one basis, even the strongest warrior in the world, you'll never win. Ahhhhhhhhh! I knew justice would win at the end of the day! Evil, after all, is doomed to perish. Ahhhhh! Yikes! I wondered what would happen for a while, but if it was over, everything would be fine!! Now the tour, this stage, it's a huge, huge, huge success. Ahhhhhhhhh! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

On the monitor, that four-to-one diagram was already up.

Brave Side is Shaomao in the front row and Burning Love and Blizzard Love behind it.

All three of them are shooting their own wild dogs through their gaze, as if they were relative to their uncluttered enemies.

Behind the boys and girls, he makes Cook and Shoulder wave, brave Zepuros in a way he can't enjoy laughing......!

Gold hasn't changed since he entered the kingdom of this immortal king.

I've soothed everyone with a pungent look and a tall, out-of-the-box voice.

And... it still seemed the same now.

My hands hang out, my legs are big strands, my stomach is pounding......

His face was nagging, and there was a deep shadow, and he could not see.

It's like you're on death row heading to the next thirteen stairs, sitting quietly.

"So... Duel, let's go!!

The voice of the Immortal King, like the clock tower bell was sounded.

"♪ OH ~! Zepuros! This beautiful spear pierces everything! The heart of a monster, the heart of a lady!

"O Haughty Spirit of Heavy Fire, who sleeps in the Red Lotus, blasting flames, on my arm (Epi)..."

"Absolute Zero Spirit Sleeping in the Pale Blue, Who Plays Flash Ice, On My Arms (Epi)..."

At the same time, the young people began to prepare for the maximum firepower they could have.

In an effort to protect his people, Shaomao stands in front of Gordo with a song knife that is as good as his body.

But Osama still didn't move.