Shaomao looks back, there......

With the rays of madness that desire blood in my eyes, I see a brave man with a distorted face as a murderer......!

The Big Bang Loves, who were next to both of them, squeeze their voices in a half-dream.

"Please wait, Master Zepuros! I can't believe it involves Shaomao...! Impossible.

"Phew, that... you definitely can't!

Zepuros was no longer even trying to hide the tooth loss, chewing off the gums he had stripped out.

"... chip! Zepuros Touch's brainwashing is starting to unravel! I had no idea it was going to be so fast and debacle......! But the preparation for 'Heartslash Rolling Dancer' is already done, shh! If this happens...... put it together, I'll finish you off. SHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


And Zepuros begins his great spin, along with the oddities that are neither sword-pressure nor roaring.

A vacuum blade (sonic boom) that even cleaves dragon zombies strikes the gals.


But what brought them down in the face was a nostalgic feeling.

also this is soft, dusty and warm......

But now there was a lot of muscle solidity added.

... Fluffy.


......... Gashyyyyy......!!

And he hugs me forcefully, and protects me.

Once they were experiencing it, they quickly figured out who it was.

""... OH... GOLD YOU!?!?

There should have been quite a distance, but the speed as if it were instantaneous travel.

And in their eyes, too, a running lantern runs.

"No way, Mr. Goldwolf... Mr. Goldwolf!?

"Mr. Miglea's longing, of the Spirit (Pointman)......!?

"... Neither Mr. Maomao nor Mr. Miglare, I could not protect... So, that's why Mr. Shaomao, Mr. Burning Love and Mr. Blizzard Love will try to protect you, even if you turn it into this life"

Goldwolf said, "Let me protect you"......

This was not just about this occasion.

I will always be, to protect boys and girls......

I dared to cause this situation now.

That sincerity means fulfilling......!?

But before that...!

"With this' Heartslash Rolling Dancer ', there's no one alive. SHAHHHHHHHHHH!! Die! Die, die, die, die, die!! Die, hey, hey, hey, hey! Shahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!"

No longer trying to hide his own identity, he stripped away his intention to kill, laughing high at the joy of chopping him up.

Zepuros is spinning like a homicidal sesame, repeating cancer and body to Gordon.

But Gold was taking all of it with his round back.

The Shaomao and Big Bang Love I hold, as if protected by a barrier, will not have one cusli scratch on them.

... If it was meant to be, Gold would have been weird if it hadn't been catfish.

Whoever burned it in the gals' fireball was torn apart with an ice blade...

With the boy's blow, he's been pierced in the chest like a dracula, he's already dying.

In the meantime, there shouldn't have been a single big sword move far above in power.

But that's... only...

if someone inside decides to be "attacked".

If you so decide, it will itch if you get stung by a mosquito, and it will hurt if you cut too many nails and become a deep nail.

But if not......

More than a thousand magic skeletons and four dragon zombies, to the extent of an attack that buries them in an instant...

Not even one scratch on him, the Demon Wolf, is possible......!

And... I'm here, they, and they were the only ones watching.

It's like buried in the dark, Gold's......

No, Goldwolf's eyes...

...... giggyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

Blood rivers (Crimson River) shed a disastrous light...

Be a flurry of passion and a moment to swallow the whole room......!

...... Zuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

A giant spidery palm, like an alien larvae, breaks through the dressing,

...... Gwashhhhhhhhhhhh!

Turn the warped face of the brave into an eagle like an iron claw.

Zepuros was in the middle of a big spin that, once touched, would cut off every finger... but that's only if the other person is human.

If it is in the hands of the devil, it will be stopped lighter than pinching a toy pawn.


The brave man screamed like a shriek.

"Nah......!? I can't believe 'Heartslash Rolling Dancer' doesn't work......!? It can't be. SHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!?!?

...... Brave man, it's Ride Boy Zepuros......!!

A voice that sounds like an earthquake sky shakes the brave tympanic membrane, skin, and organs as well.

That is so heavy that even the pressure (pressure) of the Immortal King is not comparable......

Whilst, it's like the Great King of Hell...

It was so austere that my voice alone seemed to be able to sneeze people's bodies......!

"Hih!? Hii, good, good, good, good, good!?!?

Zepuros was overflowing his chest with yellow fluid, even though he was told it was only a word away.

... Your evil deeds are... lifelike even with death...!!

"hey...... what the heck shah!? What the hell is Sha? Sha!? also, could you be the immortal king!? hey, zepuros hasn't done anything wrong shh!? Wow, the bad news is...... I'm here now, I'm a wild dog shh!? Zepuros is just exorcising the bad guys. SHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!?!?

... even this period, do you mean to cut through Shira...!!

Then your sin...... I'll show you everything......!!


Once out of Zepuros' face, the shaken alien hand again......

What was gripped there was the law balls......!


"Guh!? Grr!? Grr!? It's painful!? It's painful. Shhhhhhhhhh!?!?

Zepuros' mouth was shoved into a golf ball large law ball.

He is being hoisted with a face hug again, slamming his legs with butterflies so he can be hanged.

Back then......

Outside the arena...... no, all over this country, there was a startling scream.

"Mi...... look!

"Ever since the duel (Duel) started, there's been some disturbing footage... back to normal!?

"But what it shows is, like, totally different...?

The sights that were reflected on the monitor were not underground labyrinths (dungeons) etc….

It was a beautifully landscaped ranch-like establishment on a certain mountain.

From the hiking trail, beautiful braves and surroundings climb.

As they knew on their own, they were entering the premises with Zukazka.

Walk around the mountain hut, trample the flowers with pleasure and vandalize......

And in the backyard, I found one panda.

"... when I heard there was a popular hot spring here for ladies, I stopped by before the Goblin exorcism... but I never thought there would be pandas."

"I've never seen a panda before! Cute!

"The joy of the ladies is blood for Zepuros. If we can bring back this panda, we'll get a hot blood tide that's not comparable to a goblin exorcism. Come on, Panda, one thought..."

"... Ha!? If Master Zepuros poked, he was angry!? Are you scared of this panda? You look cute, but you're like a bear!

"Dear Zepuros, I'm frightened! I killed him fast!

"Hey... what are you doing!? Ah, Master Zepuros!?

"Wow, what is this kid? The kid from this pension?

"He's bandaged in the face, he's got a wand... something badass!

"Hiding your face must mean you're as scrupulous as a monster! It's disgusting, don't come near Master Zepuros!

"Ya stop! Shao Mao is Mao Mao's friend! I won't allow you to be abusive!

"What, are you Maomao? You must have run for bait to attract goblins!? Why are you here?

"What, this is that maomao!? He looked like that boy!?

"You messed yourself up because your face has become a complex! Yeah, yeah, I get it!

"This Zepuros lady was a nutritional source (lifeliner)... No, should I say I was a former lady...... Either way, this Zepuros won't hesitate to kill a monster."

"Yikes! Master Zepuros!"

"Yay, I can see Master Zepuros' array!

"Hahaha! Look, look! Little ones and old ones, monsters. Something's wrong!

"They're gonna kill both of us anyway!

"Ya stop! Dear Zepuros! I don't care what happens to Maomao! So, so... only Shaomao...!

"I don't take orders from monsters...! Only Lady can move this Zepuros heart......!

"Ah! I'm finally leaving, Master Zepuros' array! Together, let it go!

...... Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

... the footage wasn't just that.

In one scene after another, I was playing Zepuros, the followers, continually......!

On Zepuros Touch, there is a moment when life is taken......!

...... Subashiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

"... Oh, finally, this female pig, too, is dead Sha. Well, that's okay, Sha. I used to kill another female pig in a mountain hut because I blackmailed this Zepuros by piggybacking it into a newspaper article...! Female pigs just have to be buhibhi ringing sha......!

Arena triple-sided monitors include….

No, it's in gorgeous smarts all over this country, even on special monitors......

A smile like Zepuros' devil's brake, even this......

It was a big picture...!