It was the accompanying girls who once abandoned him, who appeared before the eyes of the brave Ride Boy Zepuros......!


They weren't dead...!

The witch slipped down the ramp trap and was kicked off Zepuros......

I was waiting at the bottom of the hole, Magic Skeletons took it in the futon......

Lar Boncos and other girls thrown into Menrion's nest......

Dropped the cavity that was connected from the bottom of the hole and was taken by Magic Skeletons in a futon...

And the girls left behind in the dining room......

Screw the Magics Skeletons with a futon......

He was imprisoned in an understatement room under this' Fifth Judgment 'room...!

At the beginning of their capture, they resisted violently.

But now I am familiar with Magic Skeletons as if they were their masters.

On the contrary, he was given a stick from the skeleton and received a "thank you"......

He walked toward the brave.

Zepuros tried to stand up with joy and courage.

But the damage in the duel (Duel) and the impact of the fall have caused most of the arc gear drive to fail and not move as the body thinks.

Still face hard and welcome the girls.

"Oh ladies......! For Zepuros, you're back...! When Zepuros thought of the ladies, he couldn't stay or not...! Now give me a hug for the reunion......!

... Zuga!

A stick shaken down like a watermelon split hits the top of his head clean.

"Gha!?," said Zepuros, hitting his forehead on the floor all buried.

"Duh... what's wrong, ladies!? To Zepuros... I was able to see this Zepuros again!? Why do you look so scared?

Zepuros lifts his packed cracked forehead and looks up bewildered.

But in reply,

...... Gash!

An intense blow by a stick, like a golf swing......!

"Huh!?," he said, shaking his head all the way through his neck, his body rolling like a misshot.

He still screams as he leans on his back.

"Mi... you're mad that you abandoned me!? Oh, that was to protect the ladies from the wild dog demons! The ladies dared to do such a terrible thing when they thought it would be in the hands of the wild dog demons! See, here's the thing now, the ladies are safe... bam!?

Zepuros, who is stuck with a stick in his mouth and suffers from it.

The girl twists the stick. When she crouches down, she whispers in a hissing voice, like whispering to a sleeping sick person.

"(Shut up already. The way Temei did it, he already found out everything. I can't believe you've been cheating on us for so long knowing nothing...)"

Incidentally, in the modem where the girls were, a monitor was set up to relay the pattern of the tour.

On the contrary, food and drinks were also available, and they watched the whole thing in relaxation on the couch.

But Zepuros doesn't know that, so he keeps raising his bad spirits.

"Fuckin '... is that true!? Lellies are being tricked by wild dogs! I'm going to teach you what a wild dog really is, so I want you to hold this hand and wake me up!...... YEAH YEAH YEAH!?

Zepuros screaming that the stick in his mouth is grittily screwed and crushed.

"(You just did that and held hands, and you're going to do Zepuros Touch, right? It doesn't work anymore)"

Brave man hah while he gets caught up in his tongue!? And I opened my eyes.

It was even more shocking to be spotted as a last resort.

But don't hesitate to use the next move, Cry Down.

"Ho... ho ho ho...! I don't like it. Hi-ha-ha! Hi-ha-ha! Hi-ha-ha! Hi-ha-ha!

Zepuros that overflows dirty tears, twisting ears and body.

"(I didn't know about Gold, but watching the relay, we became the biggest fans. If I'd known sooner, I would have gotten out of your place and let you take the tour of Gold...)"

Pep! and the spitting spit covers the eyeballs of the sniveling brave.

That is done by the replacements.

Spurned by all but one, the face of the brave became so foamy.

"Ahhh!? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Loose and lusty hiccup!"

It is fixed on the spot like it was hit by a pile, so the "Waster Mode", the last line of request, doesn't do much good either.

"(Your words don't even sound like this to us anymore. Besides, we decided to follow Gordon. Well, maybe Gordo won't deal with me... it's nothing. Because Gold taught me that loving someone isn't asking for something in return)"

"Ra, no, no, no! More, more, more! I want him!"

"(You really only think about yourself...)"

The girl gets up after sighing like she's stared down.

And I said it out loud so deliberately that I wondered what the whisper had been so far.

"Where Master Zepuros was sued for how much, it doesn't change the feelings of everyone here! We give this life for Master Zepuros! So Master Zepuros, just one of you, please help!

To a word that didn't come to mind, Zepuros said, "Heh?" I give you a voice that sounds like a mistake.

The Immortal King seemed to expect an ugly contending Battle Royal to see who would be spared the poison...

The helpful one made a smoother decision than any other.

Or there has been unanimity among the girls for a long time.

And neither did the Immortal King, nor did he look particularly sorry.

"Looks like the survivors have made up their minds for the brave! Now hold him in the arms of Lord Chaoturtect!

Zepuros still looked stuck in the fox, but suddenly regains his energy, knowing it would help.

"Ah... thank you Shah! I'll never forget that the ladies sacrificed themselves to help Zepuros. Shh! When Zepuros comes back alive, we'll do a memorial tour. Shah!

But the girls had no way of sparing their goodbyes, and now they had received a stick like a stab from the skeleton.

Grab the tip of it onto Zepuros and lift it away from touching your body.

Zepuros was a lot more anxious to treat him like a dove.

But the question came to fruition sooner,

...... Gashyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

The brave man's body was held by the evil god, as he was bound by an electric chair.

Instant flickering, leaking a voice like the Immortal King deeply felt.

'Uhm......! Instead of fighting, we didn't know we would help one brave man at the expense of our own lives......! What a honorable self-sacrifice......! I'm glad to have these Balluminte, such raw daughters...! Oh...! Then let's say with the rest of our discretion, we reverse those who are poisoned...!

The girls one after the other, grief? Raise your voice.

"Huh!? Are we saved and Master Zepuros sacrificed?!?

"No, no, no, no!

"We resolutely disagree. Well - Shh!

"Whatever happens to us, help us brave men. Come on!


This is a complete, ready race...!

Some of his companions attacked Zepuros during lunch.

Although there is a saying that this is because of poison, it is difficult to prove it when you are guilty of valiant disrespect.

Then as another piece of evidence, if this is how the 'girls tried to save their lives about the brave' is widely hustled...

Even though they themselves were trying so hard to help the brave, only the fact remains that at the end of the day the Immortal King has reversed those who are poisoned...!

A companion of the brave, the girls......

All Alive Survived!

All Not Guilty "All Knotty Gilty" Huh...!

"Hih!? Higi!? I don't like it!? I don't like it Shah!? Judgment is no longer a dust! No, I have to!! I want you to forgive me. Ahhhhhhh!?!?!?"

Zepuros ravaged every death row inmate who hated the death penalty.

But it's too late.

While he's in disappointing restraint, Archgear doesn't move as much as he thinks anymore.

Your legs hang like a half-body, your arms hang out like your joints have come off your elbows and tips.

No matter how rampant it was, it just rocked chatter and limbs, like a half-way threaded puppet.