Gold-kun has completed his tour safely and is leaving for the Land of the Immortal King.

Though I was hit by various happenings, I never even let one injured person out.

Originally, a heavy iron wall should be blocked, a trick activated at the start of the tour......

For some reason there, it was cut squarely to make it easy to get through, so I could get through without a problem.

Whatever, now, take a breather...

Hippo was not given to them.

Especially to him.

Gold and his men went outside through the entrance and exit on the hill, which they used when the brave line entered the underground labyrinth (dungeon)...

"Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyyyy!! Gold's the best hero out there today. Ahhhhh! Guys, applause and cheer!

The audience was raised to a packed stage and was to be interviewed by a hero.

Besides, it's already tough because it was joined by 29 girls, who came out of the kingdom of the Immortal King after that.

"We're gold-kun fans. Why sooo! Shake hands, shake hands!

"Gordo, that was super cool! Ugh, love it!

"Do the tour again! Now I'm definitely going on that tour!

That's why they screwed me up.

Gold was worn out as a stuffed animal on the verge of being thrown away at this time.

Or most of the body is exposed, and instead of wearing it, it seems like the person inside meets the bassi eyes.

Only that it is a goldwolf can be hidden through......

I don't think so, but it turns out that the person inside is Osama.

Normally there is a man in the mascot character......

Especially if you find out Osama's in there, female customers are supposed to pull a dong.

"Yay! I've got eyes on someone in Gold!

"My sinister uncle! Oh, cool!

"Wow, the wearing hands are good, but the raw hands are nice too!

I'm rather overjoyed, so I'm more confused about Osama.

And Shaomao and Big Bang Love say......

As soon as I realized, I started crying so bad that I felt sorry for myself.

"Wow! Shaomao, you stabbed Gold!! Damn...... you've done a hell of a thing - whoa!!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Sorry, Gordo kun!! I can't believe you hit the big magic!! Impossible. Impossible. No!?!?

"Ahhh......! Ugh! Sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Gold-kun!

Boys and girls who buck by mistake in automatic cars and cry down as if they've stumbled on their loved ones.

Gordo crouches down, takes three hands and says in his usual stubborn voice.

"Give me your face. I haven't done anything to you. I'm sure he had some bad dreams under the influence of Zepuros Touch."

In a blurry tone, Gordo blurted.

But they didn't quite try to believe it.

"You're lying! Indeed, Shaomao pierced Gold's chest with a sword! The feeling was not a dream... you remember it clearly!

"Ah servant! I did butch the Burning Barrage Drum Solo into Gold! That burnt smell......! Absolutely, I mean it!

"... I did hit Gold on Blizzard Blizz Pentatonic... and all bullets... Weren't you on the monitor?

Then the outfield boiled more.

"I didn't see anything from here because once the duel started, it messed up! But it was a problem before that! There's no way there's a man alive with two great magic tricks while his chest is pierced with a sword!

"With the latest magic training, full armor of arc gear, we can still live hard. But the drive system was hit, and it wasn't supposed to stop standing."

"Gold is torn, but I'm not hurt, so I knew it was a dream ~!"

Ha, ha, ha! And he laughs, and if you do say so... Shaomao and Big Bang Love.

They're looking at each other, and they're puffing their crying eyes like rabbits.

... Osama did receive an attack from the three in a duel with Zepuros.

But that's because I needed to.

The reason for one is to drag out the nature of the brave and show it to Shaomao and Big Bang Love.

At a time when he was certain of an absolute victory, Zepuros thought that at least Shaomao would end up with him.

And to inspire you to unlock the charm (charm) on your own rather than the continuum of those shocks.

Charms are easier to solve when shocked.

For example, if you have a charmed person, you have a way for your buddies to dare attack and disarm you, but you did the same thing.

Furthermore, if you experience a way to escape charm on your own, you will be able to solve charm if you have the same kick in the future.

Osama wanted Shaomao and Big Bang Love to have the nature of a brave man and his resistance to charm.

That way, again, they will not be deceived by the brave.

One experience is more important than teaching in a hundred words.

Though it was a rough cure, this is what Osama calls' protecting '......

It was a redemption for Maomao and Miglare: 'I will never repeat this tragedy again'.

There is another redemption for Osama.

The daring sword strike and, having undergone great magic, increased the number of new wounds.

But this is only self-satisfying... inpunitive.

Just because you did this doesn't mean the lost will come back.

But for Osama, one kezime, a new determination...

I didn't forget Mao Mao and Miglare, so I carved them into my body as well as my head.

But so, it doesn't make sense to plant guilt in Shaomao and Big Bang Love.

That's why I told him it was a dream.

... the stage event continued from then on until late at night.

The signs and goods of the brave are piled up high and set on fire like campfires.

Gold was driven out by fork dancing and danced with thousands of fans.

Outside the kingdom of the Immortal King, laughter never ceased.

We were all obsessed with Gold, so maybe no one noticed.

A fireball, like the end of the incense fireworks, descends from the sky...

At the top of the pyramid, in a hole that remains open, it is sucked in again......

Except for Osama, no one could have seen it.

No... just one... just one, someone I had noticed.

It's in a dark underground labyrinth (dungeon) ….

One of them was waiting for the fireball to fall.