...... DOGA!!!!


The roar and shock as if the meteorite had fallen shakes the darkness.

Fragments of crushed metal splash around, ear problems sounding like pan lids rolling around gallangolone.

Launched to a high altitude as fireworks, the brave man detonated along with a gunpowder packed statue of the evil god.

... or so I thought.

But he crashes into wreckage, and returns to the land of the undead.

And he was experiencing another fall of height, beaten to the hard stone floor.

No more screaming.

Only squat like a loser in the ground worn like a crater.

Even though it was like a meat mass, it was strange that it was still alive.

But physically and mentally he has demonstrated a menacing bump and eaten down too......

No longer limit, no longer rest in all......

Here and now, the lightning of the life of one brave man was about to go out.

- Oh, finally...

Finally, you'll be free from the pain......

I don't care about female pigs anymore... I don't care...

I'm tired of eating... I'm tired of eating...

So from now on, Zepuros goes to heaven......

Now we eat the angels... and the goddesses...


The light, I see the light...!

Finally, now it's really like you're here to pick me up......!

A small fluorescent light appears, shaking and approaching.

I wanted to reach out and grab that, but I'm not moving anymore.

Or if you have arms, I don't know anymore.

But I only knew that the light was steadily approaching me.

Zepuros, who crawled to the ground, has a sweet vision......

White wings are shaking, like Aurora.

- Oh......

An angel, an angel at last...

You picked up this Zepuros...

I'm tired... I'm tired...

I'm kind of very sleepy......

Take Zepuros fast, to heaven......


But the angel, after roaring like a female leopard,


It's like a dragon zombie acid brace, throwing up something.

Any number of large sputum like a giant peak lands like a Namekuji in the face of a brave man.

And with sleeves of pure white robes, wiping your mouth,

"Ha, now I'm a little refreshed. I finally found the phlegm pot.... Oh, you can hardly see anything anymore, you can't hear anything, you can't speak a word, can you? It's a sputum kettle, so it's natural..."

The person pukes and throws away the vial.

There was blue liquid in it, and he threw it over the nearby floor with it sealed.

...... Parinth!

The liquid inside splashes on the floor, and a fragment of glass stabs a meat mass named Zepuros.

When the chunks of meat were wrapped in a tumble of thin smoke, they gave a slight groan.

"Ugh... Ugh..."

"Now you can see, hear and talk a little bit, right?

"Ri...... Lin...... si...... la...... is... is... yah... ku... Yi...... noori......"

"I don't have a prayer for a phlegm pot."

The girl, who put together a white robe called Lincilla, put the lantern in her hand at her feet.

"Ha... really this time... I thought this time was the time to attract the winning brave... He said he studied hard to develop arc gear and accompanied him as a mechanic... I didn't know it was hectic..."

"Oh... yes... yes... Ah, Arc... give me the gear... Fix the arc gear... Fix it... Shh..."

"If it was enough to fix this, it would still be easier to get the diarrhea O out back in your ass. Look, there's an ass hole here."

Once again, Beh! And the spitting thing lands in the mouth of the brave man.

"But I didn't know it was this hectic...... But to tell you the truth, I've been thinking a little since I took the tour. I was wondering if he might be a douchebag. First of all, my eyes were like kio-balls, and the way I talked was like a skunk fart, and when I was listening, I almost got a guero out of my ear..."

As much as I wonder if my ears have rotted, the Virgin in front of me has been showered with dirty words about whether this is still the case.

When she has greeted "I accompany you as an Archgear mechanic, I am Lincilla," Zepuros, who thought you were a sophisticated and careful female pig, so unbeatable even by Primla, the Virgin of the Holly Doll family, is flabbergasted.

And even now, I was feeling angry that you thought of yourself that way.

"hey... what... what... and..."

But like Hedro's machine gun, Lincilla's mouth shot never stops.

"Even when I was walking ahead on the tour, the way I walked seemed to show off my ass that leaked shit... But I've been gambling so hard, I'm gonna eat chocolate coated in shit. But I can't believe it was shit to the contents... Isn't that really zero value for use, with your chi chi po?"

"Ko... I tried to... use this, Zepuros... and I was...?

"You must be shocked to think I was in a position to eat a female pig, that she was about to be used by a female pig. But that emotion is what I've felt since it was used. You're nothing worth it right now, because you're just a chi-o-pop sleeping piss doll."

"There's this... female pig..."

"But unlike you who just sleep piss, I did what I did right. At the beginning of the tour, there was a trap where the floor leaned and became a ramp, right? I threw down one of the witches there, just like the script said."

During this tour, some troubles were to be caused by Lincilla's hands.

But the first trap didn't go according to the script, so I've been watching since then.

"Besides, you were following up on the trouble properly, right? At the time of the second judgment, I would have gotten my hair grabbed and swung and bald. After that, you attacked a spikesman and took his hair, didn't you? At that time, I was using the amulet of Absolute Anti-Magic, an absolute magic defense, to prevent a whole lot of it from flowing through."

The Virgin is deep and sighs.

"Ha... A long time ago, I got a super rare amulet for Osama, who didn't seem to get along with a woman... But I put in a tiger child item in the hope of deluding the brave man's demeanor... I can't believe you're giving me more than that, one after the other... It would still have made sense to throw the amulet in the fucking stash and play with it."

Saying, she bounced the used amulet across Zepuros' mouth and pushed it further in with the sole of her shoe.

"Mmm......! Hmmm......! Ugh......!

"Now you're a fine fucking hoarder. Oh, there was another thing missing."

Thread the hem of the robe up, like just before you sit on a Japanese potty, spanning a chunk of meat,

... Bubba Bubba!

Splashed out the golden holy water.

"Oh, now I'm more refreshed. So that's about it for floor masturbation, should we go"

When Lincilla takes the prick strand that was on her back, she snags it onto Arc Gear's torso and begins to cheat and drag Zepuros' body.

"Hih......!? Hey, what...!? What are you doing?

"What, you throw away the used shit buildup? Truth be told, I, Lady Ride Boy Longinus, am telling the truth. If there's anything on this tour that would reveal the bottom of the rideboy's ascent, say," Finish it. "If you leave the fucking hoarding like this, you'll find out who came to this Immortal King's country later, won't you? There's a hole in the elevator that leads to the bottom floor, so I thought I'd throw it out there."

"Hia......! Him!? Hi-ya-ya-yay!!

"You're suddenly feeling better, like a dying jizzy chi-o-po. But where a chi-o-po grew on the fucking mountain, no lady would turn around. Besides, I can get the top rideboys to take care of me by ending this fucking mountain. A woman who cleans up shit is seen by a god of shit, and she can have a good marriage."

"Higi no!? Hi-ya! Hi-ya!? Goddamn it! Goddamn it! Hit me! Hit me!

"No one would allow you to pull into an ass hole just because you don't want how much shit to come out, would you? … well, good day"


Zepuros screams, like being dragged into the dark.

"Ha, now I'm really refreshed. It was a big piece of shit as much as I wanted to keep it true for the memorial."

The poor Virgin turned her back with such a sunny look that her constipation was relieved.