Time goes back just a little bit.

"Ya... oh my god! Master Genocide Lower! Something incredible happened!

"Phew... now what?

"The 2,000 staff members who were sending us to the kingdom of the Immortal King fell into a huge pit... all of them, they disappeared!!


"Oh well...!? It's not 20 or 200 people!? It's 2,000 or 2,000 people!?

"I can't help but make noise about what has happened. Results are all taken in silence. Otherwise, you'll be wrong about the next decision."

"So, but who the hell did that trick...!?

"Phew... you just misjudged me. I don't care about that now. Whoever set up the tour needs to be assigned one sooner or later, but that's not something to think about right now"

"So, how do I...!?

"Contact the Guard Bureau and make a request for a mob crackdown. And at the same time, tell the whole store to close now."

"What!? Mob crackdown!? And closing!?

"That's right. Zepuros' nature will be further exposed from now on. The women customers who used 'Gorgeous Smart' would riot for a refund. Hit the lead. Finish the relay at the store and get all the customers out. And close the store until I have my next instructions."

"So, but if I did that, I'd be open for a while...!

"Phew, I don't mind. We can't keep doing business any longer than 2,000 staff went missing."

"Wow, I get it! Ah... yes! What should we do with Master Zepuros' apology to his office!?

"I don't need that. Since he is a warrior, he is responsible for his failure in the underground labyrinth (dungeon). That is the principle of the brave. If anything happens to the office claiming damages, I'll tell Tate back. The tour failed because of the low ability of Zepuros' warrior braves, and the image of Gorgeous Smart was dramatically lost."

"Wow... I get it!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Genocide Lower's decision was really quick and there was no stray whatsoever......!

Whether you hear the news of the disappearance of a large number of staff or look through the window of the Gorgeous Smart headquarters, Zepuros Fireworks......

Never, never disturbed......!

Even on this tour, I had been hitting my hands before the big loss was decided.

The scandal of an image character is lethal in a commercial practice that puts it on the spindle.

Besides, when it comes to calling the target customer a female pig and even killing her lashes, this is no longer...

of the instant death class, super scandalous......!

But at Lower's discretion, the damage is a great scandal...

Even the non-renewable class was suppressed...!

However, this is an inherently improbable decision as a customer business.

Common sense decisions include holding apology meetings and handling refunds to customers.

Then we can charge the Zepuros side for making up for it… etc.

But the opponents are the Ride Boy clan, a major force among the brave.

Far more high-ranking faces than the Genocide family.

Unless they complained, they decided it wasn't a good idea to fight.

Instead of the brave, Lower chose to turn to the enemy......

Woman customer earned from this new brand development......!


We don't respond to refunds, and if there was anything to complain about, we treated them as thugs...!

However, this is an unlikely response as a customer business.

I treated all new customers as criminals...!

For Lower, this was synonymous with excision in the face of cancer metastasis.

Cut the entire guest that came with the image character Zepuros.

To facilitate the procedure, he had separated the store in advance.

Of course, the previous gorgeous smart won't be able to continue sales due to bad reviews.

But it's only temporary......

Even if the whole store closes, with all the money I've earned so far, I can get over it until most of it is cleared...!

That's what I decided...!

Genocide Lower gathered gorgeous smart staff from all over the country to deliver a speech at the Gorgeous Smart headquarters in King's Capital.

The following is the full text thereof:

… By this decision, Gorgeous Smart, located in Halbury, finally glances at the branch and closes for a while.

Everyone, stay at home.

But even during that period, I'll pay you better.

If anyone still wants to quit, you can ask them to quit.

There will be a lot of people who think my judgment is foolish.

But let's declare here that Slumdog Mart's victory is only temporary.

Wild dogs can never beat the brave......

Because what we've built is different.

Master Godsmile opened Gorgeous Smart's No. 1 store in Antrean territory in this small Hurlberry country.

From there, instantly, Gorgeous Smart fulfilled its global expansion.

Let us have God...

Wild dogs will have a god, I'm sure.

But remember...!

We have Dear Godsmile...!

And... that's not all!

The jerk...! There's my dick!

Working in gorgeous smart from a young age, naked and consistent, he became the head of the small country headquarters, Genocide Daddy......!

"The Legendary Salesman" is on us...!

Now Oyaji is hanging in there at the end branch of Antrea......!

At first it made me laugh in the newspapers, but now I run a fine store that says it's such a mountain back, and I make sales......!

Oyaji really came back as a 'legendary salesman'......!

Oyaji is not here right now......!

Or inherit that gene, I'm here...!

Guys.........! A little now...... just a little patience......!

Follow me on this...!

That way...... never......!

Absolutely like an immortal bird, let me try wings......!

The assembled clerks saw the Genocide Lower without sighing for the first time at this time.

And the way he so much, the way he soars up his voice...!

Many clerks were moved by this… and grabbed by Gassili.

Thus, the 'gorgeous smart' of the Hurlberry small country, led by Genocide Lower, ceases operations.

But unlike my younger brothers, I didn't mean after being pushed to the limit, but at my own discretion...

And unlike my younger brothers, I never let one of them leave...

Quiet, I put the curtain down...


It's like a lion falls asleep for a moment......!